Moonshine Murder [Hawkman - Bk 14]

Moonshine Murder [Hawkman - Bk 14]

by Betty Sullivan La Pierre
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Moonshine Murder 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
beekayBK More than 1 year ago
REVIEW: MOONSHINE MURDER By Betty Sullivan La Pierre The unexpected arrival of a young boy riding a bicycle to the door of Tom Casey (Hawkman) Private Investigator and his wife, Jennifer, is the start of a number of extraordinary events. Randy, the boy, has heard of Hawkman¿s pet falcon, and is eager to see it. Although he¿s bright and friendly, both Tom and Jennifer are curious about him, and on learning that he and his family recently moved into a cabin in the remote and near inaccessible hills, they decide to investigate the family. Finally arriving at the cabin they are greeted by Randy¿s father, a belligerent, gun totting man who makes it clear they are unwelcome. In an accident, Randy is shot in the leg and Hawkman ensures he is rushed to hospital. Jennifer, along with the boy¿s mother, Beth, follow and so begins an uneasy friendship between the two women. Mystified by the family¿s behaviour Hawkman begins investigating and discovers that they are involved in an illegal operation. When a woman, Tami, a go-between in selling the family¿s products, is found murdered on their property, the family leave the cabin and disappear into the hills. It is up to Hawkman and Jennifer to investigate and solve the murder; along with resolving the illegal activities that encircle the family. Betty Sullivan La Pierre has now completed fourteen books in her Hawkman series and the latest, Moonshine Murder is an outstanding example of her writing skills. Not only does Betty convey the solid and loving relationship between Hawkman and Jennifer, the constants in the series, but with the new characters she now introduces, she applies the same skills so they become alive, living breathing individuals, with human faults and virtues. With the complex structure of the mysterious family, their background and ambitions form a mosaic against which the drama unfolds. Adventurous and tensely written, Moonshine Madness make for an enjoyable and suspenseful read. Highly Recommended. Brian Kavanagh (Author of the Belinda Lawrence mystery series.)