Moon Struck

Moon Struck

by Donna Grant


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Years ago, Solomon LaRue's life was ripped apart when his fiancée was taken from him brutally and without cause. After, he vowed to never love again and put all of his energy into defending New Orleans from the evil Voodoo priestess out to destroy everything he held dear. Until a beautiful and maddening witch from the Quarter comes into his life and shakes everything up. Now, he thinks of nothing but her, and despite the dangers surrounding his family, he can't help but alter his plans to make sure she stays safe. At all costs.


For most of her life, Minka Verdin thought she was nothing more than a gifted fortune teller until a life-altering experience brought her into her powers. Now, honed and hardened to be the weapon she knows she can be, she has no time for lust and love in her life. Unfortunately, a certain sexy-as-sin werewolf occupies her thoughts-and her heart-day in and day out. Minka knows that the survival of many is always more important than the safety of one, and she is more than willing to sacrifice herself so that those she loves remain untouched. But Solomon is having none of that and reminds her that there is no force as strong as the magic between them

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ISBN-13: 9781942017370
Publisher: DL Grant, LLC
Publication date: 07/21/2017
Series: LaRue , #3
Pages: 166
Sales rank: 634,205
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.99(h) x 0.38(d)

About the Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant is the author of over ninety books and has been praised for her totally addictive" and "unique and sensual" stories. Her latest acclaimed series Dark Kings features a thrilling combination of dragons, fae, and immortal Highlanders who are dark, dangerous, and irresistible. She lives with her two children and an assortment of animals in Texas.

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Moonstruck 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 25 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Coalition Admiral Britasha ¿Brit¿ Bandar 'Brit is upset with the changes that impact her. The courageous warrior knows she must adapt as the Coalition has merged with Earthling and Drakken to forge a Triad she grew up believing the Drakken were the enemy who must die and now they are allies and on board. --- Brit Commands the Unity with her second in command a Drakken, Finnar ¿Scourge of the Borderlands¿ Rorkken. He is a former leader of the Drakken Horde and is proud to be on board the key example of peace the Unity although he is concerned about his superior officer as they have battled one another for years. Still Finnar also knows the assignment will include better working conditions for his crew. However, neither expected an attraction hotter than a star while they battle their unwanted feelings they also confront terrorists threatening the fragile peace. --- Expanding the Grant universe, MOONSTRUCK is a suburb military science fiction romance starring Beloved Enemies. The Jasper saga (see YOUR PLANET OR MINE, MY FAVORITE EARTHLING, and HOW TO LOSE AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL IN 10 DAYS) goes into the Borderlands of outer space with this terrific entry as the lead couple have a lifetime of combat leading to total distrust however failure to communicate will prove disastrous as many from the three sides want the Triad to fail. Fans will be ¿Star¿ struck by Susan Grant¿s extraterrestrial talent as this may be her best sci fi tale to date. --- Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
I¿m a total fan of this author¿s work. One hundred percent gaga. And yet, I did not really expect that she could further surpass my expectations and blast them completely out of the galaxy. Moonstruck embodies for me everything that is necessary when it comes to reading romance. I was in fact moonstruck in the sense it has in this book: totally in love with everything about it.***** Admiral Britasha Bandar 'Brit for short' isn¿t thrilled with the turn of events. She¿s not ready to give up the ghosts and despair that drove her to become one of the most successful women in the Coalition. However, the Coaltion is no more, but rather the Triad, a conglomerate of Coalition, Earthling and Drakken. Brit¿s been chosen to command the symbolic accord amongst all of them aboard the new ship, Unity. For a woman that believes the only good Drakken is a dead one, it¿ll be a challenge to say the least. And when she meets her new second-in-command, her emotional barriers will be stretched to the limit.***** Warleader Finnar Rorkken of the former Drakken Horde is grateful in the extreme for the opportunity that comes his way. To serve aboard the Unity, even if under one of his biggest rivals, means a better life for him and his ragtag crew. But can the former Scourge of the Borderlands assimilate successfully into such a foreign culture? Brit certainly has her doubts, but Finn is determined to prove his and his crew¿s worth, indeed the worth of the Drakken people as a whole. The beautiful woman is an incentive too like no other. As they tumble into a raging attraction, they¿ll have to deal with terrorists that threaten the new Triad efforts, Brit¿s past horrors that cripple her emotionally and Finn¿s struggle to find himself in the face of a new culture.***** This first in Grant¿s Borderlands series is a spin off of her Otherworldly Men series 'Your Planet or Mine, My Favorite Earthling, How to Lose an Extraterrestrial in 10 Days'. This book was amazing ¿ I could not put it down. It was a fast read due to pure unfiltered enjoyment. Brit and Finn were a scorching couple. Their attraction isn¿t sweet and simple rather it¿s heated, raw and conflicted due to a horrible tragedy Brit suffered. In other words, they have wonderful conflict to draw from and have to work at slowly building up and exposing their feelings for one another. Brit is as hardened a warrior as they come. She¿s known for her ruthlessness in destroying enemies, yet she works through the trials given her and earned a new respect, one on a different and deeper level than war hero. Finn was a true romance hero, strong and loyal, even in the face of a one-time enemy. He¿s the perfect person to command alongside Brit, who was laid bare and vulnerable by the new Triad circumstances at times. And he has his own set of conflicts, that of how to become Triad instead of Drakken and bind the two. The progression of their relationship was absolutely beautiful to read and it engaged me on a very emotional level. A pleasant surprise was the amount of face time given to secondary characters, most notably Brit¿s assistant, Hadley and one of Finn¿s crew, Bolivarr. The secondary plot involving them was almost as equally interesting and I couldn¿t wait to see what became of them too.***** As usual, Grant writes a tight story that doesn¿t falter from the moment it starts. I do believe she¿s stepped up quite a few notches though and seriously improved in character development with this one, and I never even thought she needed to before. There¿s a very pleasing progression for Brit and Finn, and I was kind of sad to come to the end of their book ¿ I just wanted it to keep going! The series will continue with another release in spring of `09, The Warlord¿s Daughter. Till then, I think I¿ll be rereading Moonstruck and placing alongside other keepers.
reneebooks on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
SF Romance is one of my favorite genres but I don't seem to read many of them lately. I'm glad I finally pulled this one out of my TBR pile because I found it thoroughly enjoyable. I have not read the previous series which leads up to this book and had no problem following the story.This books begins at the end of the Horde war (and the previous "Otherworldly Men" series). After being at war for hundreds of years the Coalition, Drakken Horde, and Earth have united into The Triad Alliance. The transition to peace is a difficult one for any society. Coalition Admiral Brit "Stone-Heart" Bandar has spent her career hunting and killing the hated Drakken. But now she has a new assignment - command a new diplomatic ship called "Unity" and staff it with members of all three societies. Her second in command is her former Drakken enemy, Warleader Finnar Rorkken.Brit has good reason to hate and distrust the Drakken and she has earned her nickname "Stone-Heart". But she is a complex and admirable character. I was struck by how fair she was to her former enemies trying to integrate them into her crew in leadership roles rather than relegate them to subservient roles. Finn is another well written character. He has had to struggle his whole life to advance to his present position, but he is very smart and loyal to his crew. I admired both the H/H very much. All the characters were 3 dimensional and the action adventure story was fast paced. Kind of like watching an old episode of Star Trek (one of my favorites). Someone is out to sabotage the peace and Brit and Finn must learn to trust each other as they finally explore their attraction. The spicy loves scenes and touches of light humor made this a memorable read ... you'll find yourself laughing, crying and having a hard time putting it down. I look forward to the next book in the series - The Warlord's Daughter - due out in March 2009. GRADE: A-
dkthain on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
this book is good! Brit Bandar is one of the strongest heroines I¿ve read! Think Captain Janeaway from Star Trek Voyager and you get kind of a feel for Brit. She is an admiral and the captain of a ship. She is tough when she has to be, but is still loved by her crew. She suffered a great tragedy earlier in her life and rose from the ashes to become a tremendous success. She is admired by her friends and feared by her enemies. She is unapologetic in her sexuality, though she is discreet. She is tough, but fair and doesn¿t make hasty decisions she will regret later. She has zoomed right up to the top and become one of my favourite heroines.To give a bit of the storyline, she has been the captain of her own space ship and been a very successful commander in the ongoing war between the coalition and the Horde, their enemies for years. But peace has been declared and she is given command of a much bigger ship. But much to her dismay, her second in command is Finn Rorrken, a former War Leader of the Horde. Brit hates the Horde and with good reason and is not a happy camper that she must accept Finn and his crew. But, she reluctantly agrees to take them on and as I said, she is fair in her dealings with them.Finn Rorrken is a great hero. Although he has suffered greatly himself, he is more than willing to let bygones be bygones and has actually long held great admiration for Brit, though he¿s never met her. He is grateful to be given such a great opportunity and fully sees that the truce is a good thing. The Coalition has always had a higher standard of living than the Horde. Once he meets and slowly gets to know the woman behind the mask, he is totally and completely smitten withher. I love when that happens with the hero. Despite being despised by many of the crew because of the bitterness left behind due to the war between the two races, he slowly earns their respect with his leadership qualities. Even though he is second to Brit, he is not bothered by it at all. In fact his previous admiration for grows into a deep love although Brit is most reluctant. Theirs is a great love story.And I have to mention too, how multi-dimensional the secondary characters are, in particular her assistant Hadley Keyren, a young woman who a total fangirl of Brit and Bolivar, one of Finn¿s crew. Theirs is a tender secondary story I enjoyed very much.I¿ve loved many of Ms. Grant¿s books and Moonstruck is one of the best!
rocalisa on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Moonstruck - Susan GrantBorderlands, Book 1; SF Romance; 7/10I like Susan Grant. Again, fun reads in a realistic but not overly complicated setting. This is the first in a new series that follows on from her last trilogy of books about the Jasper family. Those finished with an internal coup and peace after decades of war. Now the opposing sides have to learn to live together. In particular, Brit Bandar, starship commander and her second in command Finn Rokken. Both have past issues to get past as well as the fact they used to be on opposite sides. I liked Finn best as a character as he struggled to find a balance between fitting in and staying an individual (both for himself and for his crew) as well as loving Brit. I found Brit's attitudes and history a little over the top and so liked Finn's progression to love more than hers, but she was still a nice, strong character. Nice book. Keep up the good work, Susan.
wyvernfriend on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this story of two people in a complicated relationship. In a universe where Earth is only a minor partner in an galactic civilisation (leading to some entertaining moments from one of the few earthlings on board the ship). The Coalition starship admiral Brit Bandar lives to exact revenge on the Drakken Horde. When peace breaks out and she has to team up with Finn Rorkken, a member of that Horde, she has to adjust her thinking, and start thinking of how her life is going to be post-war. Where to from here. Things are complicated by her attraction to Finn and by the guilt that this raises in her.With a well-realised couple and some sparkling secondary characters this is a good read. I enjoyed the story and the development of the characters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Oops I wrote the review for this book on the wrong one. Anyway this story was great, just too short
BookReview4you More than 1 year ago
'Moon Struck' by Donna Grant is Book Three in the "LaRue" series. This is the story of Solomon LaRue and Minka Verdin. I have not yet read the other books in this series, so for me this was a standalone book. Although I think I would have enjoyed the story much more if I had read the previous books. But Ms. Grants writing does catch you up and there were not issues. Minka is waiting for Delphine a Voodoo priestess to come for her after she turned against her and helped the LaRue family. Minka knows she is marked for death..or worse...and does not sleep. Solomon has been fighting his feelings after being hurt by love before. Solomon has tried to stay away from Minka while others looked after and protected her. But with danger getting closer and his feelings not going away..he is loosing the battle not to claim her. This was another exciting story that I couldn't put down by Ms. Grant. "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."
Brigittehf More than 1 year ago
I haven't read the previous books in this series and I wish that I had. Although, there are some clues in certain areas of the story, I feel that I have missed a big chunk of the whole picture. It's an interesting storyline. Solomon is the alpha of the LaRue pack. He runs a restaurant with his family, and they are all responsible for the peace and safety of the paranormal world in New Orleans since they lost their parents to Delphine, an evil and powerful voodoo priestess. He suffered another loss seven years ago and has been avoiding getting involved with anyone, until now! Minka is a witch, currently living in isolation after being threatened by the same evil priestess who is after her powers. She is friendly with the Larues but, keeps them at bay as any friends of hers are in danger too. Griffin, the alpha of the Moonstone pack keeps an eye on her. Her heart really lies with Solomon who appears to dislike her. It's been six months since Minka managed to escape from Delpnine's claws and she knows that she is not completely out of the woods! The LaRues have her in high esteem, except apparently for Solomon. He is coaxed into paying her a visit which leads to a confrontation with Griffin. Alpha to alpha. Coincidentally, Minka has a vision on the same day. Her visions always come true! She contacts both packs to tell them about this vision and the LaRues persaude her to accompany them. For a break from being on her own! She ends up staying with Solomon and although they initially come to blows, she sees a different side to him. His behaviour towards her in the past was denial! He can't resist the attraction towards her any longer and the bond between them is stronger than imagined. In the meantime, Delphine is still plotting their demise and gives Minka an alternative. Everyone knows that she can't be trusted but, Minka is not prepared to put her friends in danger and Solomon doesn't want to lose her. There is a traitor among them but, he has his own reasons for betraying them. Minka is powerful and compassionate. Solomon is loyal and loves without reservations. The family dynamics is commendable. A battle is inevitable and what transpires is very likely the beginning of another intriguing story. It's a great concept but, it's advisable to read the previous books in the series. I was kindly issued with an eARC and the views expressed are my personal opinion.
Shakidog More than 1 year ago
Great Story
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I first found this book in the library, and had checked it out several times. Then I finally decided that I simply needed to own this book! I love the science fiction twist on the romance. Making it fun. And It's plenty hot too!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I did not enjoy this book. The main character was unlikeable. I did not care if she and the guy got together or not. The story was sophmoric and silly.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I could not get halfway through this book. The storyline was uninteresting and I did not care about what happened.