The Moralistic Bible

The Moralistic Bible

by Raymond Burt


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Inspired by his God, Burt Raymond writes in The Moralistic Bible of Jesus Christ, Satan, the Romany empire, and Nero. When time begat time, the parting of the ways destroyed the mountain. From the beginning of mankind, do we ask, are we incubus?

He writes in the Prologue:

“We read of the stoves and ovens, referring to the Holocaust. We read of turning the other cheek and fevers that consume and the pains of evil. We read of our forefathers and the Romans and often remark at the similarities of past and present.

“We read of the woes of the seed of mankind, and the layers and the seedy and the women and the wicked and the persecuted and the curser and above all, of the devil. We read of the wicked in our souls and the sheath of the women and the sleaze in the streets and the slayers and priests and find parallels of the seedy of the arcane with the rogue and many of the gunnery laws, today’s priests and yes, even brokerage firms.

“Has nothing changed in all these centuries?”

Raymond Burt lives in Victoria, Australia. He owns his own business, is newly married, writes poetry, and is a member of writing groups.

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