Morality for Moderns

Morality for Moderns

by Corbin Fowler


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ISBN-13: 9789051839241
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 02/29/2000
Series: Value Inquiry Book Series
Pages: 155

Table of Contents

Foreword. Preface. ONE. Requiem for Protagoras? TWO. Some Misconceptions About Morality. 1. Is Morality a Religious Affair? 2. Intolerance and the Reverence of Authority. 3. Moral Fact: How Can We Decide? 4. Moral Fact: Who Is to Judge? THREE. How Self-Centered Should We Be? 1. What Is Selfish Behavior? 2. Can We Act Unselfishly? 3. My View of Selfishness. 4. A Critique of the Egoists' Theory of Motivation. 5. Conclusion. FOUR. Choice and Responsibility. 1. The Traditional Debate. 2. My View. 3. Pragmatic Compatibilism. 4. Conclusion. FIVE. What is Right? 1. Morality and Religion. 2. Philosopher's Views of Morality. 3. Problems With These Views. 4. Deontology. 5. Human Rights. 6. Utilitarianism. 7. Self-Realization and Justice. 8. Being Fair and Being Just. 9. Which Is More Just? 10. Health. 11. The Basis of Morality. 12. Is Morality Subjective or Relative? 13. Why Should We Act Morally? Notes.

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