by Austin Clarke
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HarperCollins Publishers
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
U here
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Four ancient Clans: BirchClan, MapleClan, PineClan, OakClan <br> Four descended Clans: BloomClan, PumpkinClan, FrostClan, FlamingClan <p> The five kits: <p> Birchkit-Birchpaw-Birchleaf <br> Story: fell from a tree and broke her hind legs early on, and they regrew twisted. She could never actually move them from then on, and was forced to the life of a kittypet. Lives in BloomClan. <br> Apearance: white with black streaks and blue eyes. <p> Maplekit-Maplepaw-Mapleflame <br> Story: he became a strong and loved warrior for defeating Ravenwing, a traitor, and banishing him. The deputy is ki<_>lled in the forest by a wolf and he becomes deputy, but disapears in the forest soon after and is found de<_>ad on the side of the thunderpath. Lives in PumpkinClan. <br> Apearance: brownish red tabby with yellow eyes. <p> Pinekit-Pinepaw-Pineclaw-Pinestar <br> Story: she grows strong and is chosen as deputy after saving the Clan by bringing back a huge abandance of prey (no one knew where) after a long day of hunting. She was chosen as deputy and became leader, d<_>ying twice to sickness, once in battle, once to wolves, again in battle, and finally disapearing after a vicious wolf attack. Lived in FrostClan. <br> Apearance: brownish grey with purple eyes. <p> Oakkit-Oakpaw-Oakstrong <br> Story: outlives all four of his siblings and becomes a legendary elder, telling stories of epic battles to the kits of FlamingClan. <br> Apearance: brownish tabby with a grey stripe down his back and a white underbelly. Yellow eyes. <p> Moonkit <br> Story: d<_>ies early on in a raid from FrostClan. Lives in StarClan. <br> Apearance: completely black except for a golden circle on her forehead. Shocking, green eyes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Gets up and walking to the other side of the room. Leans against the wall- willing you to do something exotic to me.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Padded in and laid down in her nest feeling lonely
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sorrt busy