More C++ Gems

More C++ Gems

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Cambridge University Press

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More C++ Gems

With More C++ Gems, Robert Martin, Editor-in-Chief of C++ Report, presents the long-awaited follow-up to C++ Gems (1996). Since the publication of the first book, the C++ language has experienced many changes. The ISO has adopted a standard for the language and its library. The Unified Modeling Language has affected software development in C++, and Java has changed things as well. Through all of these developments, C++ Report has been the forum for developers and programmers to share their experience and discuss new directions for the industry. More C++ Gems picks up where the first book left off, presenting tips, tricks, proven strategies, easy-to-follow techniques, and usable source code by some of the most renowned experts in the field.

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ISBN-13: 9780521786188
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 01/28/2000
Series: SIGS Reference Library Series , #17
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 543
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 8.98(h) x 1.18(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword; Acknowledgments; Introduction; Part I. Diamonds From Deep in the Past: 1. Finite state machines: a model of behavior for C++ Immo Hüneke; 2. Abstract classes and pure virtual functions Robert C. Martin; 3. Memory management and smart pointers Cay S. Horstmann; 4. Pointers vs. references Stan Lippman; 5. Much ado about null Dr. James M. Coggins; 6. Setting the stage James O. Coplien; 7. Perspectives from the 'gang of four' John Vlissides; Part II. Present Day Industrial Diamonds: 8. The open-closed principle Robert C. Martin; 9. Large-scale C++ software design John Lakos; 10. Taskmaster: an architecture pattern for GUI applications Robert C. Martin, James W. Newkirk and Bhama Rao; 11. Monostate classes: the power of one Steve Ball and John Crawford; 12. Applying the ABC metric to C, C++, and Java Jerry Fitzpatrick; 13. Patterns for mapping OO applications to relational databases Alberto Antenangeli; 14. Designing exception-safe generic containers Herb Sutter; 15. The anatomy of the assignment operator Richard Gillian; 16. Thread-specific storage for C/C++ Douglas C. Schmidt, Nat Pryce and Timothy H. Harrison; 17. Making the world safe for exceptions Matthew H. Austern; 18. What's in a class? Herb Sutter; 19. Pimples - beauty marks you can depend on Herb Sutter; 20. External polymorphism Chris Cleeland and Douglas C. Schmidt; 21. A technique for safe deletion with object locking Jeff Grossman; 22. GPERF: a perfect hash function generator Douglas C. Schmidt; 23. Uses and abuses of inheritance Herb Sutter; 24. Review: the BOOSE programming language Herb Sutter; Index.

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