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Cengage Learning
More Grammar Practice 1 / Edition 2

More Grammar Practice 1 / Edition 2

by Heinle


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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781111220105
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 09/16/2010
Series: More Grammar Practice Series
Pages: 144
Sales rank: 456,583
Product dimensions: 8.30(w) x 10.70(h) x 0.20(d)

Table of Contents

1 forms and uses of Be 2 subject pronouns 3 contractions with be 4 be with location and origin 5 this, that, these and those 6 negative statements with be 7 be in yes/no questions and short answers 8 wh- questions 9 forms and uses of the simple present tense 10 negative statements with the simple present tense 11 yes/no questions and short answers with the simple present tense 12 comparing yes/no questions with be and other verbs 13 wh-questions with the simple present tense 14 wh- questions with prepositions 15 regular non plurals 16 irregular noun plurals 17 using there + be 18 questions with there 19 articles and quantity words 20 frequency words with the simple present tense and the position of frequency words 21 yes/no questions with ever 22 frequency expressions and questions ith how often 23 prepositions of time 24 possessive forms of nouns 25 possessive adjectives 26 possessive pronouns 27 subjects and objects 28 object pronouns 29 questions about the subject or about the complement 30 forms and uses of the present continuous tense 31 spelling of the -ing form 32 questions with the present continuous tense 33 contrast between the simple present and present continuous tenses 34 future tense with will 35 future tense with be going to 36 uses of will and be going to 37 questions with be going to and will 38 future tense and time/ if clause 39 simple past tense of regular verbs 40 forms and uses of the simple past tense of be 41 questions with was and were 42 simple past tense of irregular verbs 43 negative forms of simple past tense verbs 44 questions with simple past tense verbs 45 using imperatives 46 verbs followed by an infinitive 47 it+Be+Adjective+infinitive/ be + adjective + infinitive 48 using the infinitive to show purpose 49 overview of modals 50 can and should 51 must, must versus have to 52 may, might and will 53 polite commands and requests using modals 54 noncount nouns 55 a lot of, much and many 56 a few, a little, some, any, a, and an 57 adjectives 58 noun modifiers 59 adverbs of manner 60 spelling of -ly adverbs 61 uses and forms of very and enough versus too 62 comparative and superlative adjectives 63 comparive and superlative adjectives adverbs 64 superlatives and word order 65 comparisons 66 comparisons and word order 67 auxiliary verbs with too and either 68 auxiliary verbs with opposite statements 69 auxiliary verbs in tag questions 70 answering tag questions

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