More: How to Move from Activity for God to Intimacy with God

More: How to Move from Activity for God to Intimacy with God


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God has everything waiting for you!
We start out with hearts brimming with hope and excitement. And that energy carries us for awhile, maybe even years. But one day we suddenly find ourselves like the man in the Good Samaritan story: half-dead, going through the dreaded motions hoping no one around us notices.

It’s not that we’ve stopped loving God, but it’s just that things have happened along the way that have caused us to settle for a small life, one defined primarily by activity for God. We look around and sigh: It wasn’t supposed to be this way

Author Greg Hawkins knows that reality firsthand. He also knows there is something beyond that reality if we have the courage to step out and hope once more. Far from giving us simply more stuff to do, Greg shares the necessary and doable shifts in our thought and language that lead to true intimacy with God.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

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ISBN-13: 9781601428622
Publisher: The Crown Publishing Group
Publication date: 08/02/2016
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.70(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Greg L. Hawkins is the former executive pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, where he served alongside Bill Hybels for over twenty years. He currently serves with Max Lucado and Randy Frazee on the leadership team at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas. Prior to joining the staff of Willow Creek, Hawkins was a management consultant with McKinsey & Company. Greg and his wife live in the Texas hill country with their children. Find him on Twitter @GregLHawkins.

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You know, it wasn’t supposed to be this way.”

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Table of Contents

Foreword Max Lucado xiii

Part 1

1 The Desire for More 3

2 A Search for More 13

3 The Stunning Breakthrough 33

4 The Way It's Supposed to Be 49

Part 2

5 From Inside to Outside 65

6 From Me to We 91

7 From Head to Heart 115

8 From Closed to Open 135

9 From Full to Empty 155

10 From Next to Now 171

11 Press Start for More 193

Acknowledgments 205


Q&A with Greg L. Hawkins

Q1) When you use the term "more" in regards to the Christian life, what do you mean?

Based on research I've been involved with for over a decade, it's a fact that the majority of Christians long for more from their church and more from God. They hope their efforts at spiritual growth will lead to knowing God at a deeper level and result in a life filled with peace, joy and purpose. Unfortunately, many of them give up this pursuit, finding the variety of activities they are doing for God is not delivering the outcomes they hoped for. Instead, they turn their gaze toward heaven and wait for that fuller life on the other side.

Q2) Can you briefly tell us about the research project you were a part of that led to your discovery of a life of more?

Beginning in 2004, we started surveying church attenders in over 2,000 congregations, representing a wide cross-section of church sizes, denominations, and regions of the country, to understand how people grow spiritually and what role the church plays in their growth. We heard from over 500,000 people and discovered breakthrough insights into the stages of spiritual development, how people move from one stage to the next and what churches can do to help people grow.

Q3) What was the "ah-ha" for you after studying a half-million church goers?

The biggest insight was discovering the spiritual life was not about becoming increasingly better as a person, but it was about growing increasingly closer to God. And growing closer to God means becoming increasingly intimate with God; more intimate than any of our human relationships. This, I believe, is how God wants to relate with all of us. With that insight as our base, we learned how someone actually becomes more intimate with God and it is those discoveries which have formed the basis for this book.

Q4) What was different about the lives of a subset of people in your research?

We found a group of people in the research who were experiencing very high levels of peace, joy, patience and a real sense of purpose. These individuals also had very high levels of love for God and others. They seemed to be experiencing more from life. By studying this subset of people and reflecting on the truths of the Bible, patterns emerged that instruct the rest of us how to have this "life of more" right now.

Q5) You suggest there is a group of people who experience "more" and others can have that same experience with shifts in their thinking. What shifts are required?

After studying the group "living a life of more", six patterns emerged pointing to several shifts in both how this group thinks and acts. For example, one critical question to answer every day is "Where do you want to live?" Do you want to live in your own kingdom, where you are in charge, taking care of the details of your life, with some help from God, or do you shift your thinking and decide to live in God's Kingdom, where you surrender your own agenda and let God be God over all aspects of your life.

Q6) What is the outcome from making some changes in thinking?

Changes in thinking lead to changes in behavior, which result in real transformation. Ultimately, by choosing to shift not only your thinking, but your behavior as well, you begin to experience life as it was meant to be lived, right now.

Q7) How have you integrated these shifts in your life? What is an example of the outcome from a change you made?

I have wrestled with the findings from the research for over a decade and have worked daily for the past four years to incorporate the six key shifts into my life. One change I have been very aware of is how I have gone from being a person who most mornings woke up with a chronic sense of anxiety despite having a devoted relationship with God, to becoming a person who greets most every day with a sense of adventure, looking forward to doing the day with God. Somewhere over the past few years anxiety just melted away and a deep feeling of joy has taken its place.

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