More Rebel Than Zen: Finding Motivation In Midlife

More Rebel Than Zen: Finding Motivation In Midlife

by Adam Senex


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We often hear or read about tales of life changing retreats and defining moments when others have achieved the state of enlightenment. Rarely is a book written without the author claiming to have risen to another level. A level above normal consciousness. Becoming enlightened has been added to many others goals lists. The goal of ordinary people where it was once considered the domain of gurus and monks isolated on a mountain top in a far off and mysterious land. Where does that leave the rest of us that need to live in the real world where genuine sanctuaries are few and far between and the turbulent world now stalks us until we sleep and is waiting to leech onto us once more at first light? Whether we choose to accept it or not we are mind controlled throughout our real world existence.Ironically there are many cases of even the most revered Buddhist monks attempting to deliver enlightenment to us in the real world only to fall victim to the very demons they seek to free us from. All too human failings. One dying from aids contracted by having sex with his followers and continuing to do so after having contracted the disease believing he was immune to the real world, with no thought for his partners. Another famously dying an alcoholic. If these fates and countless others await even the best intentioned of us, then what is our purpose in this land of plenty? We are surrounded by shadow at every turn. Under such circumstances even the busiest of communities can feel like the loneliest mountain retreat. We are all ultimately alone. My solution with the getting better series of books is more a strategy for getting better and staying motivated within the lives that we live moment to moment. One step at a time. Where might that lead us? Who knows but I do know that we have much potential that is vastly untapped and that is our inner space. Billions is spent on exploring outer space. I am suggesting that we explore inner space. A project that we can take on at whatever starting point and make progress. We are capable of changing the world simply by changing ourselves by overcoming fear and seeing through the lies that we are soaking up through the media on a day to day basis.

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ISBN-13: 9781533473561
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/26/2016
Series: Getting Better , #2
Pages: 244
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.51(d)

About the Author

I am an avid, maybe obsessive reader. Books give me the ultimate buzz of excitement and open the doors of my mind to the awe and wonder that is life.

I'm a Virgo. My birthday is 19th September.

The mythological Adam was the first man to make a non-conformist conscious choice.

Senex is a Latin word literally meaning a wise man of old age

I'm a husband to my best friend, training partner and soul-mate Julie, my psychic opposite who loves to make up the whole! A story in itself.

I'm a Father to three grown up kids, Ryan, Kerry and Shaunie.

I have four grandchildren to date, Ashleigh, Zack, Megan and Jake.

I have four dogs, Jake, Smudge, Zing and Titch.

I am introverted, I love working out, nutrition, writing, reading, studying and selectively watching awesomely deep movies and philosophising about anything including the Gilmour girls, friends and Smallville.

I have no television. Dvd's on my computer only. I detest what commercial television is doing to the human race without our full knowledge. I watch Gaiam-TV selectively.

I have a fitness & nutrition Diploma (distinction)

I use my bicycle as my primary mode of transport.

I give everything in my life a name. My car is Hermes. My bike is Tao. My PC is Percy. You get the drift.

Successfully completed 12 weeks mentor training with Greenhouse Mentoring U.K.

I have a Snow White and the seven dwarfs fetish. See book 4 of the getting better series.

I have a BA (hons) in Sports Studies.

I have a theory for everything (apparently).

I am an author of 12 books which can be found on this site by clicking the angel and devil logo.

I am a certified Infinite Possibilities trainer

I'm made of positive energy. I am up very early and out in nature at sunrise year around. I love the isolation and relative quiet of these times in nature. And small fires while the sun rises.

I am a hypnotherapist.

I'm a peaceful warrior, a spirited non-conformist and a down-to-earth guy next door all in one!

I am hungry for knowledge and to become more than I am.

I have had a very full and varied life that just gets better.

I walk my talk - been there, done that, and don't mess with me!

I have been a competitive bodybuilder, and trained for over forty years.

My life motto: The sky is not the limit...The mind is!

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