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More Strange Highways

More Strange Highways

4.2 5
by Jerry D Coleman
Take another trip into the darkest corners of the unknown with Jerry Coleman as he returns to the back roads of America in search of more of the strangest cases in paranormal and Cryptozoological history! Now with nearly four decades of research into the unknown, he goes in pursuit of even larger prey, delving again into current cases of Bigfoot encounters, ghosts,


Take another trip into the darkest corners of the unknown with Jerry Coleman as he returns to the back roads of America in search of more of the strangest cases in paranormal and Cryptozoological history! Now with nearly four decades of research into the unknown, he goes in pursuit of even larger prey, delving again into current cases of Bigfoot encounters, ghosts, weird monster sightings, phantom creatures, unsolved mysteries and mysterious black panthers that should not exist --- but do! Once again, Coleman opens his case files to the public and reveals little known encounters of the unknown that have never appeared in print before. You will never look at those wooded roadways or quiet forests in the same way again!

In this second eerie collection, the author presents a new collection of ghost encounters, Bigfoot and mysterious ape sightings, evidence of anomalous panthers, Thunderbirds, strange but real creatures, exposures of a few paranormal hoaxes and even a complete how-to guide on how to became a Cryptozoological investigator! Another amazing book of carefully investigated cases and first-person accounts of the unknown!

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More Strange Highways 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It's a pretty quick read, and is divided into chapters discussing specific cryptids/paranormal topics and useful advise on procedures for any would be cryptozoologist. I think that overall the book could have used a little more editing because of the large amount of distracting typos and grammatical errors, but it was still a very good read. I especially liked the chapters about ghosts, 'black panthers', and Gerry Bacon¿s contribution, 'The Silent Woods Around Us'. I was glad to see that the chapter about the panthers focused so much on the discovering and documenting of the Cherokee cougar, and that Panthera leo atrox wasn't mentioned (this is one of my biggest pet peeves regarding the 'black panthers'). The inclusion of the stories about 'road trolls' and gnomes in the first chapter was a bit confusing. Although I don't plan to interview anyone or go on any expeditions, the chapters about cryptozoological procedure were also very interesting. I can at least use what I read to analyze data from interviews or expeditions other people have collected and present. I like how the book repeatedly emphasized the use of scientific scrutiny and carefulness in not blindly accepting what you see or hear. Overall a great book, and I think that if Jerry were to write a third Strange Highways I would probably buy it as well as the first two.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book gave me the direction that was needed to reach many down to earth conclusions and at the same time balanced the possibility that some conclusions might never be realized. I found the content of the book down right enlightening! All too often 'these' authors insult your intelligence by penning tall tales without proof. Apparently only to incite the naive or gloat in their ability to fool the impressible. Jerry D. Coleman does not do this in any form or at any time. Coleman reports the cases and researches the information and more times than not develops the investigation in a hands on approach giving the reader real places, names and events. In Chapter ten titled 'The Silent Woods Around Us' author Gerry Bacon lays out great fundamental techniques and experienced insight for the novice Cryptozoologist. Bacon warns the amateur or the gullible to be wary not to jump to false conclusions based on partial sightings, odors or strange noises. I must admit that much of what he touched on I have been guilty of however since reading 'More Strange Highways' the hikes through the woods have opened up an entirely new experience! This book is a keeper! Marie Myers
Guest More than 1 year ago
The great thing about Jerry D. Coleman's books (unlike those by some cryptozoologists, *cough* *cough*) is that they aren't a just re-hashing of the stories Bernie Heuvelmans compiled in the 50s. You'll find loads of fascinating, never-before seen reports and tons of interesting new insights. The story about the Cherokee cougar is especially interesting. Coleman also includes a little humor, as well, recruiting Robert 'McCall' Coppen to write a delightful tongue-in-cheek epilogue. Overall, then, the content is wonderful. However.....there is the issue of editing. This was a minor problem with Coleman's first book, but it becomes a serious problem in this one. You know something's not right when the first line of the book is a run-on sentence. The first two chapters, in particular, are filled with so many awkward phrases and anomalous punctuation marks that they become very difficult to read. I've seen Jerry D. Coleman's writing on cryptozoology message boards, and I know that he has a clear and eloquent style, so I suspect the culprit is someone at Whitechapel. It's a shame that the editing is so bad, because the actual content is really great. However, the editing is much better in some stretches than it is in others, and if you're interested in crypto, it shouldn't discourage you from buying the book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the author's second book and delves into more of the strange happenings of cyrptozoology and the paranormal. It is 160 pages with 12 b&w photos significant to the stories and various illustrations.It covers mainly events in the United States but parts of it are applicable to any cryptozoologist no matter where he/she lives. What is refreshing in this book as well as the first is the author allowing the reader to make his/her own conclusions while introducing the facts as the author finds them and not steering the reader into a line of thought. It includes a well rounded section on the meaning of cryptozoology, what it entails and how to go about doing your own investigating. It gives real names and places in which the reader may want to pursue his/her own investigation. I believe the reader will learn new things as most of the material is fresh and will certainly be entertained. If you have any interest in the strange happenings going on around us you will want to have this book sitting in your personal library.
Guest More than 1 year ago
When is a sequel ever as good or better than the original? Well I¿ll tell you, this time! More Strange Highways once again travels through investigations and research seldom if ever covered in this unknown field. 'More Strange Highways' visit¿s a ghostly slave wall in Virginia (with photo) and tracks hairy bipedal ¿Road Trolls¿ across the central United States (with a graph) but wait, there¿s so much more from strange but real creatures to Cryptozoological and Paranormal research methods, outlines, logic and once again actual investigative field notes and interviews made public for the first time! 'More Strange Highways' was a treat to read and a pleasure for the whole family! I take it with me when camping for reference. Highly recommended!