More than Conquerors in Cultural Clashes

More than Conquerors in Cultural Clashes

by Rick Deighton




More than Conquerors in Cultural Clashes is written to address the degeneration of morality in America over the last two generations. This book is a no-punches-pulled analysis of our rapid cultural decay. This 448 page book touches on the importance of creation but is primarily a book dealing with the need for our country to return to its Christian values.

Included are discussions of creation as a foundation for reality, Christianity as a foundation for marriage, the political homosexual agenda, the root cause of increasing violence and school shootings, the need to return to Christian purity in all areas of thinking and action, the direction America is heading, and many more topics.

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ISBN-13: 9781939456137
Publisher: Search for the Truth Ministry
Publication date: 12/01/2013
Pages: 448
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Rick Deighton is a bi-vocational missionary who works lighting business between mission trips to former Soviet Union nations. Rick’s wife, Della, is a co-owner of their business and is office manager for both their business and their ministry. With Rick, she was also co-founder of Alpine Christian Mission and Overseas Outreach. Rick and Della are co-workers with Victor and Evelyn Knowles as Northwest representatives of Peace On Earth Ministries, and Rick is an associate evangelist with Reggie Thomas (White Fields Overseas Evangelism). Rick is a graduate of Boise Bible College and later did post-graduate study at Ozark Christian College in mission strategy, expository and evangelistic preaching, personal evangelism, philosophy, and writing techniques. Rick’s articles, tracts, and booklets have been published in English, German, Korean, Georgian and Russian.

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"This book is bursting with enthusiasm for Biblical truth, and with a deep passion to see it applied as a corrective to perverted modern world culture. The author is well versed in the 'isms' that define our age and in their destructive consequences, beginning with relativism and proceeding to its various progeny, e.g., political correctness, evolutionism, secularism, immorality, and liberalism. The book is just as much exhortation as information; it reads like one get-busy sermon after another. It is filled with facts, illustrations, and quotations from a wide spectrum of sources. The material keeps bubbling out of the author's pen like an unchecked spring of refreshing water. We can either heed its message and bring life back to our nation and our world, or we can ignore it and allow everything around us to die of spiritual thirst."
•Dr. Jack Cottrell, professor of theology and apologetics

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