More to Love

More to Love

by Alison Bliss

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This laugh-out-loud romantic comedy proves that, when enemies become lovers, all bets are off!

Jessa Gibson may be new in the little town of Granite, Texas, but in no time at all her gourmet food truck business is booming. Soon she'll have enough money to open the restaurant of her dreams. But first, she'll have to appease the hot local health inspector, no matter how strange his "violations" sound to her. No pink plastic gloves? Really?

Max Hager isn't exactly who he says he is. Pretending to be a health inspector is a (mostly) innocent mistake. A mistake made way worse by Max's immediate, electrifying attraction to the curvy, sexy, redheaded chef. Throw in a whole lot of lust, and things in Jessa's little kitchen are about to really start heating up. But can Max find a way to come clean with Jessa before his little deception turns into a recipe for disaster?

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ISBN-13: 9781455568109
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 01/30/2018
Series: A Perfect Fit Series , #3
Pages: 368
Product dimensions: 6.70(w) x 4.20(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Alison Bliss grew up in Small Town, Texas, but currently resides in the Midwest with her husband and two sons. With so much testosterone in her home, it's no wonder she writes "girl books." She believes the best way to know if someone is your soul mate is by canoeing with them because if you both make it back alive, it's obviously meant to be. Alison pens the type of books she loves to read most: fun, steamy love stories with heart, heat, laughter, and usually a cowboy or two.

To learn more, visit her at:
Twitter @AlisonBliss2

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More to Love 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
gaele More than 1 year ago
AudioBook Review Stars: Overall: 3 Narration 4 Story 2 I’d read the first in this series and really liked it – and this book brought in characters from that book, as well as a couple that were newer to me – but the premise is entirely the same. Acceptance … accepting yourself even if you aren’t the prototype of what’s popular or “hot” and the issues that surround finding that acceptance. And in this book, Bliss throws us a curveball using a completely confident, sassy and well-balanced heroine that is a ‘curvy’ girl, and gives us a hero who, after a childhood as a ‘fat kid’ still struggles with his own food issues and the remnants of the past. But, let’s get to the story. Jess is a girl that loves life, laughter, food and isn’t afraid to work hard to achieve a balance. Taking a chance and moving to Granite Texas, her dream is a restaurant, but her gourmet food truck will be the way to achieve it. She’s loving the place, and with business booming, it just may be time for her to start thinking in terms of a location for her restaurant. There’s just one problem – the health inspector and his repeated ‘violations’ and seeming eagle-eye on her business. But all is not what it seems - Max isn’t a health inspector: he’s actually acting on a half-baked idea that shutting down the food truck will help his friend’s ailing restaurant. Oh yes- he did. And this deception from Max, a deception that he continues to use even as he and Jess start to build a friendship (and more) is one of the many reasons that I can’t LOVE this book: in fact I liked about half of it. The Jess half. And those moments when Max was actually releasing some of that ironclad control and actually allows himself to enjoy Jess and her company. Even after coming ‘clean’, Max was left without a real sense of purpose or direction, and the only image I can conjure up about him borders on an eating-disorder. See, he’s so rigid and paranoid about any food that doesn’t “fit” into his idea of healthy food is not in the list of consideration, and his obsession about ‘eating healthy’ feels a bit too close to textbook definitions of people suffering with eating disorders. Sadly, when you ignore the lies and see that Max’s reasons for being so rigid are tied to his childhood, there’s not much left to enjoy in the more typical ‘romance’ sense of the word. For when Jess first finds those quirks kind of ‘cute’ in a ‘what can I do about it’ sort of way, her ability to see the best pieces of Max don’t feel like enough as we know the depths to which he’ll go to deceive. Fortunately, much of the interactions with earlier couples from the series, and some truly stellar moments where Jess’ good nature and humor shine through do help to keep listeners engaged and entertained, when they aren’t making snide comments about Max’s behavior. (Or perhaps that is just me.) Narration for this story is provided by Violet Strong, and as with the first in the series, she manages to clearly present each character with a unique tone and pace that distinguishes characters and allows listeners to gather a ‘sense’ of both mood and attitude of each. Never stepping over a line or over-reaching for a moment, she inserts plausible breaks and tone changes that mimic conversations, feeling natural and plausible. I received an AudioBook copy of the title from Hachette Audio for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
Rhodes123 More than 1 year ago
More To Love is the 3rd book in the "A Perfect Fit" series. It's a stand alone issue and does not have to be read in order. This book contains some LOL moments and is a one of a kind read. Jessa Gibson, food truck owner of the Gypsy Cantina, moves to a little town called Granite, Texas. Because of how her deceased mom talked highly of this place she hopes to call Granite her new, forever home. It doesn't take long for her gourmet food to be a hit and draw in crowds that will hopefully bring her closer to her dream of opening her own restaurant. But, raining on her parade is the "new" health inspector with his strange violations. While she tries to appease his demands she can't stop thinking about how hot he is. Max Hager, is an electrician, but pretending to be the new health inspector so he can run off the owner of the food truck that is taking business away from his good friend "Pops". Pops is a father figure to Max and if business doesn't pick up soon he will have no choice but to close up shop and with that goes Max having his "special" lunch prepared everyday. Max soon realizes that he made a drastic mistake by lying and he can't seem to figure out a way to tell her the truth. He can't seem to stay away from the curvy, redhead. The attraction is potent, the lust is off the charts, and with each dance between the sheets he just keeps digging himself a bigger hole by keeping the truth from her. Can Max find a way to break the news to her and keep her in his life or lose her when the truth comes knocking on her kitchen door?
dshutters More than 1 year ago
Loved the storyline! This is the 3rd book in the Perfect Fit Series. I love reading about how strong Jessa is and that she set the tone of the relationship with Max. I recommend this to ages 18 & up
Arys More than 1 year ago
More to Love by Alison Bliss is book 3 in the A Perfect Fit series. When Max Hanger moved to Granite he found a restaurant which would tailor to his healthy diet, coming back after a family visit he finds the restaurant on the verge of closing because of a new food truck in town. Jessa Gibson has always loved to cook and after hearing about her mothers travels she knows that Granite is the place she wants to go. The people seem to love her food truck and she can't wait to open up a real restaurant in town. When Max stalks over to the food truck, pretending to be the health inspector in order to scare the owner off, he definitely puts his foot in this mouth before finding out that Jessa is the owner. Worse yet he realizes that he likes her, but he's already lied to her. For Jessa, Max the health inspector has some pretty strange requirements, but she can't help but be attracted to him. Jessa as a character is strong, witty, thoughtful and passionate. She is a fiery as her red hair and as tasty as her food. Max is more of a stick in the mud. His issues coming from being bullied for his weight as a kid. Ms. Bliss does a good job of giving Max's back story and why he is the way he is, which is good because otherwise he would have been frustrating. Jessa's story is no less poignant and more is added to it when she learns of her mom's history in granite. Overall, More to Love by Alison Bliss was a fast paced novel, with the falsity of "Max the Health Inspector" hanging over it, but tons of passion nonetheless. I liked how the characters around them enhanced the story and Jessa sticks to what she cares about the most. (I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book I received for free from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my open and honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.)
Tilly212 More than 1 year ago
I do love me a little bit of Max! He’s been a favourite side character for me in the previous two books and I’m so happy that he got his story. Now, saying that, he’s abit of a naughty boy in this one so I did shout at him once or twice! It’s a good job he’s got a heart of gold even though he was abit dense a few times. Everything he does comes from a good place he just doesn’t always think the long term repercussions though. Jessa was really cool. I loved how normal she was, no major hang ups and a really nice girl. She became more and more sassy and she gave Max as good as she got. They were a great couple and you could really feel that they would just last forever. We got to catch up with the rest of the gang which is always fun. A great addition to this series.
LynnB888 More than 1 year ago
3 1/2 STARS! Sweet, steamy ... and fake? *sigh* I'm so conflicted about this book! With the third book in her Perfect Fit series, Alison Bliss brings us Max's story ... a fan favorite from previously in the series. This has been a great series overall ... funny, sassy, flirty and oh so sexy ... but this book just didn't hit me the same way as the first two. I adore Max, and I loved Jessa almost from the moment we met her too, but with the major lie hanging over their head, I couldn't connect with them as a couple like I did Sam and Leah in book one and Valerie and Logan in book two. I wanted to love Max's book ... but unfortunately, it let me down. Don't get me wrong, I liked it ... it has some really down-to-earth characters and life journeys and the sass and laughter is still there ... but I didn't love it like I did the first two. It's still worth a read, and the ending was an interesting twist that we weren't expecting for sure ... but if this is the first you're reading in the series, I'd advise you to go grab Size Matters and On The Plus Side to round out your love of the characters as a whole. New to Granite, Texas, Jessa Gibson's gourmet food truck business is booming and she's never been happier! She just knows that this is the town where she's going to make her drams of opening her own restaurant a reality, so the thriving food truck business is going to get here there quicker than she ever dreamed. The studly new health inspector seems to be coming up with strange violations on her though ... is she going to be able to keep her eyes off of his hot body long enough to fix the problems he's addressing ... even if they do seem crazy? Electrician Max Hager starts off trying to help out a friend by pretending to be the health inspector and pestering Jessa to get her to move her location. His not quite innocent intent snowballs and before he knows it, he's spending every day stopping by the truck pretending to be the guy ... and falling head over heals for the girl in the process! Instead of coming clean, he lets the lie ride out way too long until eventually it comes crashing down around him. Will she care enough about the guy at that point to listen to his reasoning or will she send the no good liar on his way once and for all?
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
When a new food truck sets up shop across the street from his favorite eatery and drives business away from his favorite cook, Max Hager decides to take matters into his own hands and send them packing. So, he decides to assume the identity of his buddy, the new health inspector, and convince the food truck owner that they are violating the law, but once he is standing in front of the owner he has a little trouble looking her in the face and lying to her, he was prepared to deal with a man, not a gorgeous buxom redhead. The moment their eyes meet he is smitten, and with each encounter that follows things really start to heat up, and before long he just can't stay away! But what will happen when she learns that he wasn't being completely truthful with her? Jessa Gibson's little pipe dream is starting to take shape and become a reality, her little food truck idea is really panning out, and flourishing in Granite. She is her own boss and doing what she has always wanted to do, she's taking her own unique recipes, and turning them into delectable meals, and not having to answer to anyone, or cook things off of their chosen menus. But then the Granite health inspector shows up and starts to wreak havoc on her newfound happiness... Between the pages of this delightful romance read you will find a clever story line, with well crafted characters, that are sure to have you laughing, blushing and cheering them on the whole way through!! I loved this final installment in the Perfect Fit series, it had the small town charm I have come to love about this series, the playful banter and witty comebacks that I look forward to, and the steamy love scenes that are guaranteed to leave you blushing and weak in the knees! I have to say this was my favorite pairing in the series, I connected to them right off the bat, and their amazing chemistry kept things interesting and nice and toasty!! Highly recommend you get your hands on this series, each story is exquisitely crafted, highly entertaining and filled with some very memorable characters that are sure to leave an indelible impression on your heart!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another amazing book by Mrs. Bliss. I have been waiting very impatiently for this one. Max and Jessa were fun to read. I adore Jessa. She is someone I would love to meet and hang out with. She has her insecurities like every female but she doesn’t let it run her life. She is quirky, upbeat and just seems like someone who would be fun to be around. She is running a successful food truck with a dream of opening her own restaurant someday. Max is someone I had to grow to love. I was very glad that this book allowed us to see what was inside his head so you knew that his intentions were good however misplaced they were. There were many times in the book I kept saying to myself “just tell her or come clean because this is going to get ugly.” These two were fun to read and they complemented each other very well. However, you knew that it was just a matter of time before everything came out. When it did, my heart broke for Jessa and it did for Max also but yet I kept thinking I told you so. Without giving away any spoilers, I will say I really liked the twist at the end especially how it impacted Max and Logan given their shaky friendship.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
I have nothing but love for Alison Bliss and her Perfect Fit series. She empowers women with a strength of character that is light hearted and in no way mean spirited. She proves that you don't have be a size 0 to get the most out of life. This time around, she gives the tale a surprising twist in Max Hager. He's funny, sexy, an all around stand up guy with hidden insecurities that haunt him everyday. Jessa is a go getter. She doesn't wait for life to happen to her. She makes it happen for herself. Max could learn a few things from her. More to Love is a pleasurable, humorous and heartwarming look at how the plus size live. It inspires and for that I admire her and am a fan for life.