Mormon is Not American

Mormon is Not American

by AA Bastian


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The problem with associating Mormonism and Americanism is that people expect Mormons to behave like Americans. Of course viewing Mormonism in the context of the United States and its influences upon Mormonism is valid and enlightening. While researching in the British Library recently, I passed Patrick Hughes' optical illusionary book shelves, entitled Paradoxymoron, hanging on the wall exemplifying his invention of 'reverspectives' where what is nearest to you appears furthest away. Viewing Paradoxymoron from new angles allowed it to morph and move. Scholars of Mormonism study America and its influences, particularly under the umbrella of Christianity, which limit legitimate comparisons to other secular and religious theories and ideas. Perhaps, though, like Hughes's 'reverspectives' illusion, what seems furthest away is actually closest to us and vice versa. What if our understanding of Mormonism as American is actually an optical illusion?

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Publication date: 12/29/2016
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About the Author

The Writer's Digest 75th Annual Writing Competition awarded AA Bastian an Honorable Mention in the Memoirs/Personal Essay category for "Japanese Carp", a critical look at childhood as a military dependent in Okinawa. She also serves as an editor for the Washington Independent Review of Books.

She's working on a history of a Connecticut man who becomes Mormon and is sent on a mission to Siam in the 1850s. She taught American Sign Language and Arabic in high school and is currently a full time writer, interpreter and business owner living and working in the Washington DC metro area.

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