Morning, Noon, and Night Journeys: How My Childhood Journey Began

Morning, Noon, and Night Journeys: How My Childhood Journey Began

by Raquel Deanna Johnson


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This is a true-life story of a little girl who has been through some difficulties throughout her entire life. It is full of ups and downs and memories of what happened to her since the age of fourteen months until she was seventeen. During her life she has grown to become a gracious woman of this world and able to tell her loving life journey's to the world and her loving family and friends. The author's life story will certainly have an impact on many young people, along with young and middle-aged mothers who are maturing their young children and training them to make their lives better. Mothers who are helping to secure their children to become better people in today's society with positive family values so they may learn to love their fellow beings and respect everyone that surrounds them. The author would also like to emphasize to all the readers to keep telling their young daughters, sons, family, and friends that they love them so their young adults will grow up with a sense of security knowing that their parents have shown love and kindness to them. The author has experienced great difficulties, including the misfortune of an unloving motherly relationship. She greatly stresses to all young mothers and fathers to stay close to their young ones, to give them a sense of pride, to understand their feelings, and to always show empathy toward them. They are not to resent their young sons and daughters of this world. The author is also deeply scarred from all her ups and downs and her memories of being a young girl. Growing up has affected her, but she has overcome her troubles. God has paved the way for her and set the foundations so she can tell her story and move on. And yes, the burden has been lifted to Calvary. The author would like to thank all of her loving family who has supported her in going forward in telling her story so the world could see and read. She would also like to thank her wonderful sister, Miss Hazel Anderson, who supported her and helped her grow from the age of fourteen months to seventeen years. And her eldest brother spent some of his precious time in looking after her. He is dear to her heart. And most of all, the author would also thank all her children who encouraged her in going forward with writing her autobiography, including Miss Selina M. Phillips; Miss Stephanie M. Phillips; and Mr. Joel F. Williams. Her son helped design the book cover, giving his time and effort. Mr. Tyree T. Williams gave a helping hand in negotiating the color of the book. Her loving husband, Mr. Frederick F. G. Williams, gave his undivided attention in supporting her by taking her to get her photographs done.

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ISBN-13: 9781504991551
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 09/28/2015
Pages: 48
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