Mortality Statistics: Deaths Registered in 2009

Mortality Statistics: Deaths Registered in 2009

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This publication presents mortality statistics on deaths registered in 2009 in England and Wales, classified by sex and age and by other selected information collected at the time of registration. It replaces the annual reference volumes DH1, DH2 and DH4.

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Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan UK
Publication date: 11/16/2010
Edition description: 2010
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The OFFICE FOR NATIONAL STATISTICS (ONS) is the largest producer of official statistics to government. ONS is responsible for producing a wide range of key economic and social statistics which are used by policy makers across government to create evidence-based policies and monitor performance against them. The Office also builds and maintains data sources both for itself and for its business and research customers. It makes statistics available so that everyone can easily assess the state of the nation, the performance of government, and their own position.

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Table of Contents

Introduction Page
Tables in this publication
Data analysed in this publication
Associated publications and the National Statistics website
Historic data and figures for UK countries
Other ONS annual volumes
Population Trends and Health Statistics Quarterly publications
Notes and definitions
Base populations
Occurrences and registrations
Outputs review
Areal coverage
Usual residence of deceased, and place of occurrence
Usual residence of deceased
Place of occurrence
Deaths in hospices
Infant deaths
Death rates, ratios and standardisation
Standardised mortality ratios
Years of life lost
Certification of cause of death
Referral to the coroner
Coroners' inquests
Legally uncertified deaths
Registration of deaths by declaration
Coding the underlying cause of death
Selection and modification rules
Note on coding of acute rheumatic fever
Causes of death listed in this publication
ONS short list
Two codes for certain conditions xxi
The 'dagger and asterisk' system
Secondary causes
Final cause of death
Accelerated registrations
Assault and intentional self-harm
Numbers of deaths from assault (homicide)
Numbers of deaths from intentional self-harm (suicide)
Neonatal deaths
Further information
Background to mortality data Page
Redevelopment of mortality statistics xxiv
Registration practice
The deaths databases
Automated cause coding
Use of WHO Rule 3
ICD-10 implementation
Using cause of death data from 1993 to 2000
Historical changes in mortality data
Quality of mortality data
Completing medical certificates of cause of death
Registration of the death
Entry of data into Registration Service Software (RSS)
Other checks made by the Registration Service
At the time of registration
By superintendent Registrars and Inspectors of Registration
Receipt of death registration data at ONS Titchfield
Validation processes
Routine checks in Titchfield
Automated Cause Coding System (ACCS)
Checks before and after extraction of data for analysis
Checks on routine outputs
Text tables
A Presentation of main tables by age
B Deaths at ages 110 and over, 2005–09
C Deaths of non-residents, 2003–09
D Distribution of the European Standard Population
E Deaths by method of certification and registration, 2004–09
F ONS short list of cause of death codes, using ICD-10
Figure A Certification and registration of deaths registered in 2009

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