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Mosaics: Focusing on Essays / Edition 1

Mosaics: Focusing on Essays / Edition 1

by Kim Flachmann, Campbell. Elizabeth, Nancy Johnson, Elizabeth Campbell, Jane Maher

ISBN-10: 0132729075

ISBN-13: 9780132729079

Pub. Date: 11/11/1997

Publisher: Pearson

Part of a three-level developmental writing series that integrates critical thinking, reading, and writing, Mosaics: Focusing on Essays, Third Edition concentrates on the essay using the processes and skills common to all good academic writing by examining a host of writing samples. An abundance of exercises and activities is included to help readers apply the


Part of a three-level developmental writing series that integrates critical thinking, reading, and writing, Mosaics: Focusing on Essays, Third Edition concentrates on the essay using the processes and skills common to all good academic writing by examining a host of writing samples. An abundance of exercises and activities is included to help readers apply the techniques and practices of good writing to their own work. This book is explored in five major parts: 1) a discussion of the writing process; 2) guidelines for writing essays in each rhetorical mode; 3) a look at writing with sources; 4) an anthology of reading selections; and 5) a complete handbook of grammar and usage. For professionals with a career in writing and/or education.

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Publication date:
Mosaics Series
Edition description:
Older Edition
Product dimensions:
7.54(w) x 9.23(h) x 0.79(d)

Table of Contents

Preface     xvii
The Writing Process     1
Writing in College     2
Why Learn How to Write Well?     2
Thinking of Yourself as a Writer     4
Keeping a Journal     6
Writing with a Computer     7
The Writing Process     9
Visualizing the Writing Process     11
Writing in Tandem with a Student     12
Writing Assignment     13
Prewriting     14
Thinking     14
Planning     21
Writing a Thesis Statement     25
Developing Body Paragraphs     30
Support for Your Thesis Statement     30
Outlining     33
Topic Sentences     34
Specific Details     39
Organizing Your Essay     45
General to Particular     45
Particular to General     47
Chronological Order     49
Spatial Order     51
One Extreme to Another     53
Writing the Introduction, Conclusion, and Title     58
Introduction     58
Conclusion     59
Title     60
Revising     63
RevisingChecklist     63
Editing     94
Editing Checklist     94
Your EQ (Editing Quotient)     95
How to Edit     104
Review of the Writing Process     109
Writing Effective Essays     113
Describing     115
Writing a Description Essay     116
"Dust Changes America"     116
How to Write a Description Essay     119
Working with a Student Essay     121
"Grandma's House"     122
Discovering How the Essay Works     122
Revising and Editing the Student Essay     124
Working with Your Own Essay     130
Revising and Editing Your Own Essay     130
Practicing Description     135
Reading Suggestions     135
Service Learning Project     136
Writing Workshop     136
Revising Workshop     137
Editing Workshop     137
Reflecting on Your Writing     138
Narrating     139
Writing a Narration Essay     140
"Girl"     140
How to Write a Narration Essay     143
Working with a Student Essay     145
"My Brother"      145
Discovering How the Essay Works     146
Revising and Editing the Student Essay     148
Working with Your Own Essay     153
Revising and Editing Your Own Essay     153
Practicing Narration     159
Reading Suggestions     159
Service Learning Project     159
Writing Workshop     159
Revising Workshop     160
Editing Workshop     161
Reflecting on Your Writing     161
Illustrating     162
Writing an Illustration Essay     163
"Hold the Mayonnaise"     163
How to Write an Illustration Essay     166
Working with a Student Essay     169
"Murphy's Law"     169
Discovering How the Essay Works     170
Revising and Editing the Student Essay     171
Working with Your Own Essay     177
Revising and Editing Your Own Essay     177
Practicing Illustration     182
Reading Suggestions     182
Service Learning Project     183
Writing Workshop     183
Revising Workshop     184
Editing Workshop     184
Reflecting on Your Writing      185
Analyzing a Process     186
Writing a Process Analysis Essay     187
"Dare to Change Your Job and Your Life in 7 Steps"     187
How to Write a Process Analysis Essay     191
Worms with a Student Essay     193
"You Too Can Procrastinate"     194
Discovering How the Essay Works     195
Revising and Editing the Student Essay     196
Working with Your Own Essay     201
Revising and Editing Your Own Essay     201
Practicing Process Analysis     206
Reading Suggestions     206
Service Learning Project     206
Writing Workshop     207
Revising Workshop     208
Editing Workshop     208
Reflecting on Your Writing     208
Comparing and Contrasting     210
Writing a Comparison/Contrast Essay     211
"Thrills and Chills"     211
How to Write a Comparison/Contrast Essay     216
Working with a Student Essay     219
"The Truth About Cats and Dogs"     219
Discovering How the Essay Works     220
Revising and Editing the Student Essay     221
Working with Your Own Essay     227
Revising and Editing Your Own Essay     227
Practicing Comparison/Contrast     232
Reading Suggestions     232
Service Learning Project     232
Writing Workshop     233
Revising Workshop     234
Editing Workshop     234
Reflecting on Your Writing     235
Dividing and Classifying     236
Writing a Division/Classification Essay     237
"The Sound of Music: Enough Already"     237
How to Write a Division/Classification Essay     239
Working with a Student Essay     242
"Won't You Be My Neighbor"     242
Discovering How the Essay Works     244
Revising and Editing the Student Essay     244
Working with Your Own Essay     250
Revising and Editing Your Own Essay     250
Practicing Division And Classification     255
Reading Suggestions     255
Service Learning Project     256
Writing Workshop     256
Revising Workshop     257
Editing Workshop     257
Reflecting on Your Writing     258
Defining     259
Writing a Definition Essay     260
"Dumpster Diving"      260
How to Write a Definition Essay     262
Working with a Student Essay     265
"True Friends"     265
Discovering How the Essay Works     266
Revising and Editing the Student Essay     267
Working with Your Own Essay     272
Revising and Editing Your Own Essay     273
Practicing Definition     278
Reading Suggestions     278
Service Learning Project     278
Writing Workshop     278
Revising Workshop     279
Editing Workshop     280
Reflecting on Your Writing     280
Analyzing Causes and Effects     281
Writing a Cause/Effect Essay     282
"Why Do Schools Flunk Biology?"     282
How to Write a Cause/Effect Essay     285
Working with a Student Essay     287
"The Budget Crisis"     288
Discovering How the Essay Works     289
Revising and Editing the Student Essay     289
Working with Your Own Essay     295
Revising and Editing Your Own Essay     295
Practicing Cause/Effect     300
Reading Suggestions     300
Service Learning Project     300
Writing Workshop     301
Revising Workshop     302
Editing Workshop     302
Reflecting on Your Writing     302
Arguing     304
Writing an Argument Essay     305
"Racial Profiling Is Unjust"     305
How to Write an Argument Essay     307
Working with a Student Essay     312
"A Call for Policies on Drinking"     312
Discovering How the Essay Works     314
Revising and Editing the Student Essay     315
Working with Your Own Essay     322
Revising and Editing Your Own Essay     322
Practicing Argument     328
Reading Suggestions     328
Service Learning Project     328
Writing Workshop     328
Revising Workshop     329
Editing Workshop     330
Reflecting on Your Writing     330
The Essay with Sources     331
Recognizing an Essay with Sources     332
"Children as Robots"     332
Avoiding Plagiarism     339
Common Knowledge     339
Original Ideas     339
Using and Synthesizing Sources     341
Direct Quotation, Paraphrase, and Summary      343
Taking Notes on Sources     345
Finding Sources     352
Credibility of Sources     352
Consulting Online Databases, Full-Text Indexes, and Electronic Journal Collections     353
Searching for Web Sites     358
Using the Library     361
How to Write an Essay with Sources     363
Service Learning     375
Thinking About Your Service Learning Project     375
Initiating Your Service Learning Project     376
Revising and Editing an Essay with Sources     381
Revising Checklist     381
Editing Checklist     382
Revising and Editing a Student Essay with Sources     382
"Space Bucks"     383
Revising and Editing Your Own Essay with Sources     392
Writing Workshop     396
Guidelines for Writing an Essay with Sources     396
Service Learning Project     397
Revising Workshop     397
Editing Workshop     398
Reflecting on Your Writing     398
From Reading to Writing     399
Describing     400
"El Hoyo"     400
"Dwellings"     404
Narrating      411
"The Sanctuary of School"     411
"Writer's Retreat"     414
Illustrating     421
"I Just Wanna Be Average"     421
"Getting to Know About You and Me"     426
Analyzing a Process     431
"Don't Be Cruel"     431
"Why We Have a Moon"     437
Comparing and Contrasting     443
"The American Family"     443
"Between Worlds"     451
Dividing and Classifying     456
"Black Music in Our Hands"     456
"What Are Friends For?"     462
Defining     466
"Ways to Ai"     466
"Healing Myself with the Power of Work"     470
Analyzing Causes and Effects     474
"A Family Dilemma: To Scout or Not to Scout?"     474
"Happiness Is Catching: Why Emotions Are Contagious"     477
Arguing     482
"We Are Training Our Kids to Kill"     482
"Anti-Loitering Laws Can Reduce Gang Violence"     492
"Anti-Loitering Laws Are Ineffective and Biased"     495
The Handbook     501
Introduction: Parts of Speech, Phrases, and Clauses     503
Parts of Speech     503
Phrases      520
Clauses     522
Subjects and Verbs     527
Fragments     535
Fused Sentences and Comma Splices     548
Unit Tests     555
Regular and Irregular Verbs     558
Verb Tense     569
Subject-Verb Agreement     585
More on Verbs     599
Unit Tests     605
Pronoun Problems     607
Pronoun Reference and Point of View     619
Pronoun Agreement     626
Unit Tests     632
Adjectives     635
Adverbs     646
Modifier Errors     660
Unit Tests     666
End Punctuation     668
Commas     674
Apostrophes     687
Quotation Marks     696
Other Punctuation Marks     705
Unit Tests     713
Capitalization     715
Abbreviations and Numbers     721
Unit Tests     728
Effective Sentences
Varying Sentence Structure     730
Parallelism     737
Combining Sentences     742
Unit Tests      752
Choosing the Right Word
Standard and Nonstandard English     754
Easily Confused Words     764
Spelling     775
Unit Tests     787
Appendixes     789
Credits     825
Index     823

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