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Mostly about Books

Mostly about Books

by Emily McCormack


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A book of reviews and essays about music, poetry, history, politics, sports and movies.

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ISBN-13: 9781588202628
Publisher: Author Solutions Inc
Publication date: 01/28/2001
Pages: 376
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.84(d)

Table of Contents

Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory1
Mr. Voorhis Goes To Heaven5
Robert Burns9
The Kipling Of The Klondike13
Bonn and Beethoven15
Christopher Isherwood19
Let Me Count The Ways21
Springtime and25
Style Show27
Charles Dickens29
C. P. Snow31
Bennet Cerf, Random House - The Modern Library33
Victor Hugo37
Hendrik van Loon39
John Le Carre41
William L. Shirer43
Encyclopaedia Britannica45
On Being Irish47
Splendor - Glory - Immortality51
History According to William Manchester55
Jimmy Breslin59
Deja vu All Over Again - Somewhere Revisited61
Music Hath Charms63
Second Movements65
James Herriot67
The Spy Who Came in from the Cold War71
The (Chicago) DePaul Area Now--And Then73
A Favorite Cliche83
Whittaker Chambers85
Marcia Davenport And Mozart89
Herman Wouk93
"...And Ladies Of The Pen"95
Silent Spring97
I Heard the Owl Call My Name101
Sui Generis103
Autobiographies-Do You Really Want To Say That?107
Patrick McGillicuddy113
A Separate Peace117
Theodore Dreiser119
James Joyce In Bloom123
Once Upon A Time127
The Saturday Afternoon Movies131
Arthur Miller: A National Treasure135
The French Revolution139
The Story Of Civilization143
Moments Frozen in Time147
Russia, Romanov, Rasputin, Revolution, Remains149
Reflections On King Lear153
They Took Manhattan155
The Hound of Heaven159
Journeying with Astronomers and Other Wise Men163
A Thousand And One Poems165
Elia: The Sacrificial Lamb169
Ulysses S. Grant171
John Peter Altgeld173
The 1936 Berlin Summer Olympics175
Three Cheers For Edwin O'Connor179
Who Is Schubert?183
The Burning Of The Books187
Need I Say More?189
Herman Melville191
Past Tents193
Names--Upper-Case and lower-case199
Upton Sinclair and the 1934 Epic201
Ross Lockridge, Jr, John R. Powers, Paul Gallico, John Keats205
Long Day's Journey Into Night211
Something Happened213
On Being Organized215
Whom Is A Drag217
A Not-So-Still Life223
Private Life Of Henry James227
To Thomas Moore at Avoca (Essay)229
The Meeting Of The Waters231
To Thomas Moore at Avoca (Poem)233
Richard Wagner235
Richard B. Sewall and Emily Dickinson237
Four Writers of the Great Depression239
The Magic Mountain245
The Naked and the Dead247
Leo Tolstoy249
Silent Night, Holy Night253
Thomas Aquinas255
Cole Porter: You Are The One257
Carl Sandburg and the American Civil War259
Studs Lonigan263
Remembering World War II Veterans267
The Picture of Oscar Wilde269
Four Sleuths, Forsooth! - But Whodunit271
The Movies: Our Grecian Urn275
Is There A Doctor In The House?277
Thou Shalt Not Smoke281
Red Grange--The Galloping Ghost285
The Alphabet289
'Tis A Puzzlement291
Rambling About Books293
St. Patrick's Day297
All For The Best301
Tasting, Swallowing, Chewing And Digesting303
Stone Walls And Iron Bars305
How Green Was My Valley307
Beloved Friend309
Tom Wolfe313
Reductio Ad Absurdum315
Gordon MacRae317
The Sit Down Quicklies319
Connemara Twilight321
The New Robber Barons323
What To Listen For In Copland325
The Greatest Generation329
A Normandy Sonnet331
Mother Teresa333
Jorge Luis Borges335
Jonathan Swift337
Randall Jarrell339
Name-Dropping: John Kenneth Galbraith341
The Troubled Life of Francis Bacon343
More Buckley: The Right Word345
The Redhunter347
St. Patrick Girls' High School349
The Great and the Good351
A Useful Woman353
Fannie (Hurst)355
Reason For Hope357
In Gratitude359
The Real James Herriot363

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