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Mostly Monty 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Matthew Stafford IV Age: 16 Height :6'1 Appearence: Brown eyes, Dirty blond hair that's short Wears: Normally has some UA, Adidas, Or Nike shirt on, Sporting jeans or shorts with some fancy pair of shoes. Weapon: Has a pair of lazer pistols. Personality: Random, witty, meet me I dunno Theme song: The Chain Battle song: Till I Collapse- Eminem Anything else: ask
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: oh I wonder..............Age: about 16............Looks: she has long wavy hair that is usually tied up. Her eyes are blue with gold encircling her pupil. She wears blue jean shorts with a plain black T-shirt that is tucked in at the front and wears white vans..............Persona: she is usually sarcastic and can be rude or annoying to the guys she likes. Her favorite thing to do is eat pizza and sleep. She will not let a guy protect her. She cares about her dignity and if you do too then DONT protect this queen. She mostly is quick witted and fast on her feet. She will not tolerate jerks and most certainly will not listen to people complain...........Powers: she technicly has none but carries a machine gun and bullets everywhere she goes. So watch out!........Likes: she is not going to say who she likes... yet! She loves pizza and friends and Netflix...........Her type of men: if you want to get with her then be cool. Dont go saying stupid things but dont ignore her either. She will be nicer once you start to date her.........Others: hmmmm... none.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name- Lia <p> Gender- &female <p> Age- 17 years <p> Looks- She has pretty dark skin, and dark brown eyes. She has hazel colored hair with several streaks of honey color. She looks like she would be Hawaiin. She wears a pair of jeans and a black shirt usually and brown long boots. <p> Personality- Lia is usually pretty secluded from the rest. She is a hard worker. She won't stop until the job, whatever it is, is done. She is loyal, strong, kind, and caring. She is very good in fights, and you can usually find her equipped with a quarter-staff and a bow and quiver of arrows. She always keeps a hidden dagger with her. <p> Backstory- Lia was born in the region of Earth that would have been Hawaii. Her parents and possible sibligngs were killed. She grew up by herself, and hunted for her food. She never really stayed in one place~She was a traveler. She would take what she needed from one place, and then move on to the next. Now she hopes to stay with this group of other survivors which she has found. <p> Rper- CreepingShadows
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Res 1: info on rp and characters Res 2: Main Camp 4 humans Res 4: Clinic Res 5: Weaponry Res 6: 3rd level of dropship Res 7: communication with arc Res 8: woods Res 9: lake Res 10: mt. Sweyzer Res 11: bunker Rws 12: grounder entramce other res r: grounder camp. Itchi bridge. Hunting rounds and etc.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Have you ever had the pleasure of meeting a child, wise beyond his or her years, who captured your heart within an instant? Well, if not, you need to meet Montgomery Gerald Morris, the title character in Johanna Hurwitz¿s newest chapter book, Mostly Monty '2007'. Monty is a six year old making the transition from half day kindergarten to all day first grade. The anxiety of such a jump is difficult for many children, but it is especially difficult for Monty, an asthmatic, who has led a sheltered life. In an effort to prevent his asthma attacks, Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery have not allowed Monty to run around with kids in the neighborhood or own a pet. Consequently, Monty feels like an outsider as he enters first grade. And if these differences aren¿t enough, Monty is also a precocious six year old who reads at a fourth grade level. While he loves reading, his aptitude is another trait that distinguishes him from his classmates. After a few days of being a first grader Monty is left wishing ¿he was someone else and not Monty.¿ In unexpected ironic twist, the inhaler that Monty carries in his pocket to stave off asthma attacks becomes a source of strength. In the early chapters of the book when Monty is presented with potentially problematic social situations, he reaches in his pocket to be sure his inhaler is there in case he needs it. By the last chapter, however, the inhaler is presented as less of a medicinal object and more of a talisman that gives Monty courage. As Monty anxiously approaches Joey, a neighborhood classmate, and invites him to be part of the Kangaroo Club that Monty has created, Monty ¿put[s] his hand in his pocket and [holds] his inhaler for support.¿ The object that is directly related to Monty¿s feelings of difference transforms throughout the story into a source of support and courage. Young elementary school children, their parents, and their teachers are sure to fall in love with Monty as he navigates his way through first grade with a creative mind and infectious spirit. Anik McGrory¿s simply beautiful water color illustrations keep young readers engaged with Monty and his daily adventures. There are half page illustrations every 3-4 pages and small illustrations interspersed between. These pictures guide young readers through Monty¿s progression from insecurity to confidence. My kindergartener loved listening to Monty¿s story. He felt sorry for his self consciousness, was inspired by his creativity, giggled at his silliness, and ultimately was glad for his newly found self confidence. While this book is especially suited for any young school age child who feels different as a result of a medical condition, I highly recommend Hurwtiz¿s latest book to young readers of all kinds. She has created a character that is a joy to spend time with, so much so, that readers will undoubtedly find themselves wanting to read more about Montgomery Morris.