Mother & Baby: Baby Milestones: Expertise and advice throughout your baby's first year

Mother & Baby: Baby Milestones: Expertise and advice throughout your baby's first year

by Mother & Baby




Bringing your baby home for the first time is such a wonderful feeling, especially after months of preparation for this special new arrival. This first year is so important for your baby's development - from learning to crawl and teething to developing their own personality. Meanwhile, you have to make sure that you are focusing on your own wellbeing as well as your baby's.

All the conflicting advice and information might be intimidating, but now you can feel at ease knowing you have the expertise of Mother & Baby magazine behind you, plus contributions from a wide range of experts - including a GP, a nutritionist, a baby sleep expert and a child development and parenting expert.

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ISBN-13: 9780600633785
Publisher: Octopus Books
Publication date: 04/05/2016
Series: Mother & Baby Series
Pages: 160
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Mother & Baby is the UK's number one Pregnancy, Baby and Toddler magazine - and the home of all the latest expert advice covering every aspect of becoming a mum. Mother & Baby is sold in the UK, Eire, Australia, China, Croatia, Indonesia, Poland, Serbia, Singapore, Turkey, India and beyond.

Table of Contents

Foreword by the Mother & Baby Team 6

Introduction 7

Newborn to Three Months

Chapter 1 A Newborn Baby 10

A new family life

Your first hours together

Going home with your baby

Bonding with your baby

Essentials for your newborn

So, how do I look after a baby?

Feeding your baby

Understanding newborn sleep

In the Mama Zone: Questions you may be asking yourself

Chapter 2 Weeks One and Two 26

Be amazed at his reflexes

Recovering from childbirth

Know the spectrum of poo

Basic baby care

Your baby's crying

Getting to grips with feeding

Expressing your milk

Your baby's weight

In the Mama Zone: When should you go back to work?

Chapter 3 Weeks Three and Four 44

Communicating with your baby

Dressing your baby

Ready for tummy time?

Beginning to socialize with your baby

What is colic?

Staying energized for breastfeeding

Be aware of postpartum depression

Postpartum psychosis

In the Mama Zone: Using your support network

Chapter 4 By Six Weeks 56

Have fun together

Baby massage

Your postnatal check-up

In the Mama Zone: Your sex life now

Chapter 5 By Two Months 62

Making conversation

Out and about with a crying baby

Understanding immunization

Learning through play

In the Mama Zone: Making more mommy friends

Chapter 6 From Three Months 70

Your baby is developing fast

Baby classes

Baby personalities

Choosing childcare

Dealing with colds

In the Mama Zone: How to feel healthier and more energized

Four to Seven Months

Chapter 7 From Four Months 86

She's really communicating now

Teething begins

In the Mama Zone: Your first night out

Chapter 8 From Five Months 92

Baby safety

Travelling with your baby

Baby swimming

In the Mama Zone: Helping your partner and baby to bond

Chapter 9 From Six Months 100

New view of the world

Introducing solid foods

Your baby's first foods

Charlotte Stirling Reed's 5 steps

Embracing baby mess

In the Mama Zone: Managing your new anxieties

Chapter 10 From Seven Months 110

Encouraging your baby to start moving

Illness in the first year

Your family first aid kit

In the Mama Zone: How to be you with a baby

Eight to Twelve Months

Chapter 11 From Eight Months 122

Encouraging her development

Separation anxiety

In the Mama Zone: Your post-baby body is better than you think

Chapter 12 From Nine Months 126

Little cruiser on the go

Learning to chew

In the Mama Zone: How to manage competitive mommy friends

Chapter 13 From ten Months 130

Establishing good eating habits

The foundation of good behavior

Trips to the playground

In the Mama Zone: How can I get a good night's sleep?

Chapter 14 From Eleven Months 138

Understanding your baby's fears

Dealing with bumps and scrapes

In the Mama Zone: How to get your sexy back

Chapter 15 At Twelve Months 140

Reaching key milestones

Toddler tantrums may begin

Managing tantrums

In the Mama Zone: There's no such thing as the perfect mom

Glossary 150

Meet the Experts 154

Further Resources 155

Index 156

Acknowledgments 159

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