Mothers and Motherhood: Readings in American History

Mothers and Motherhood: Readings in American History



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ISBN-13: 9780814207383
Publisher: Ohio State University Press
Publication date: 10/28/1997
Series: Women and Health Series
Edition description: 1
Pages: 496
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Mothers, Motherhood, and Historiansxiii
Part 1Social Construction of Motherhood1
1.The Cultural Significance of Breast-Feeding and Infant Care in Early Modern England and America5
2.The Republican Vision of Mary Palmer Tyler31
3.Mother's Love: The Construction of an Emotion in Nineteenth-Century America52
4.The New Motherhood and the New View of Wet Nurses, 1780-186572
5.Constructing Mothers: Scientific Motherhood in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries90
6.Confessions of Loss: Maternal Grief in True Story, 1920-1985111
7."I Wanted the Whole World to See": Race, Gender, and Constructions of Motherhood in the Death of Emmett Till131
Part 2Motherhood and Reproduction171
8."The Living Mother of a Living Child": Midwifery and Mortality in Post-Revolutionary New England175
9."Sally Has Been Sick": Pregnancy and Family Limitation among Virginia Gentry Women, 1780-1830198
10.Motherhood Denied: Women and Infertility in Historical Perspective216
11.Birthing and Anesthesia: The Debate over Twilight Sleep242
12.African American Women and Abortion, 1800-1970259
13.The Alternative Birth Movement in the United States: History and Current Status278
Part 3Social and Cultural Settings293
14.Mothering under Slavery in the Antebellum South297
15."Sweet Good Mothers and Young Women Out in the World": The Roles of Irish American Women in Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Worcester, Massachusetts319
16.Jewish Mothers and Immigrant Daughters: Positive and Negative Role Models334
17.Social, Historical, Political, and Cultural Settings of Japanese American Motherhood, 1940-1990: The Tradition of Amae, Gambare, and Gaman in the American Midwest351
18.Reconstructing Motherhood: The La Leche League in Postwar America362
19.Diversity in Women's Liberation Ideology: How a Black and a White Group of the 1960s Viewed Motherhood389
Part 4Public Policy417
20.Voluntary Motherhood: The Beginnings of Feminist Birth Control Ideas in the United States423
21."When the Birds Have Flown the Nest, the Mother-Work May Still Go On": Sentimental Maternalism and the National Congress of Mothers444
22."Go after the Women": Americanization and the Mexican Immigrant Woman, 1915-1929475
23.Modernizing the Rural Mother: Gender, Class, and Health Reform in Illinois, 1910-1930495
24.Regulating Industrial Homework: The Triumph of "Sacred Motherhood"517
25."Employable Mothers" and "Suitable Work": A Reevaluation of Welfare and Wage Earning for Women in the Twentieth-Century United States539
Bibliography: Selected Further Readings565

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