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State University of New York Press
Mothers, Lovers, and Others: The Short Stories of Julio Cortazar

Mothers, Lovers, and Others: The Short Stories of Julio Cortazar


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ISBN-13: 9780791459553
Publisher: State University of New York Press
Publication date: 12/28/2003
Series: SUNY series in Latin American and Iberian Thought and Culture Series
Pages: 209
Product dimensions: 6.02(w) x 9.26(h) x 0.68(d)

About the Author

Cynthia Schmidt-Cruz is Associate Professor of Spanish and Director of the Latin American Studies Program at the University of Delaware. She is the coauthor (with Frank Sedwick) of Conversation in Spanish: Points of Departure, Sixth Edition.

Table of Contents


Chronology of Cortazar's Stories

1. Introduction: Cortazar's Female Space and the Configuration of Masculinity

Cortazar's Psychological Obsessions: What's Mom Got to Do with It?
It's Not Me, It's My Dream: The Unconscious and the Unraveling of Sexual Identity
The Evolution of Female Space: A Cautious Rapprochement

2. The Personal and Cultural Context

Cortazar and Women, Cortazar on Women, Cortazar's Women
Values Associated with Motherhood

3. The Omnipotent Mother

"La salud de los enfermos": Caring Exquisitely for Mama
"Cartas de mama": Fantasies of Persecution

4. Mothers and Lovers

A Freudian Fallacy
"Historias que me cuento": The Walter Mitty Complex
"Deshoras": Desperately Seeking Sara
Mother's Darling
Love Affairs: Frustration, Betrayal, Violence

5. Defiant Women, or Coming to Terms with Difference

"Cambio de luces": What Does Luciana Want?

6. "Euridice, Argentina": Women and the Guilty Expatriate

The Family Allegory
"El otro cielo": Dispassionate Patriotism
"Cartas de mama": Mama in the Empty House
"Recortes de prensa": Rage and Impotence during the Proceso
"Diario para un cuento": Anabel/Eurydice Shows Orpheus
What a Cad He Was

7. Women and the "Dirty War"

A War Waged on Women's Bodies
"Pesadillas": The Anguished Patria
"Graffiti": The Female Body—Erotic Object versus Cautionary Message
The Politicization of Motherhood
"Recortes de prensa": Frustrated Writers, Juxtaposed Mothers, Guilty Revenge
"Nuevo elogio de la locura": Motherhood, Madness, and Cortazar's "zona sagrada"




Works by Cortazar
Interviews of Cortazar
Studies of Cortazar's Works and Life
General Bibliography


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