Motivation Marvels

Motivation Marvels

by Dawn Gauvreau


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In today's classrooms, behavior management is critical in order to meet the ever-changing and ever-increasing demands of state and federal requirements that teachers find themselves up against.

Motivation Marvels provides teachers with an easily implemented program that utilizes functional life skills almost every child will use one day. Once behavior is in place, real learning can begin.

This program provides rewards and incentives for students who come to school prepared and ready to learn. It also gives the same opportunity to those unprepared to get on board and experience the excitement of being successful at school.

One of the best features of this program is that it can be tailored to suit any teacher's needs. The specific design for a given room will depend on the needs and conditions of that room and the extent to which the teacher wishes to use the program.

The results will truly amaze you!

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ISBN-13: 9781438978932
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 05/14/2010
Pages: 48
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Motivation Marvels

By Dawn Gauvreau


Copyright © 2010 Dawn Gauvreau
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4389-7893-2

Chapter One

Motivation Marvels

Inside this book, you will find:

* Program Description

* Program Implementation

* Program Modifications

* Philosophy

* Forms:

* Assertive Discipline-Classroom Component

* Class Rules

* Checking Account Reward System

* Parent Sign off form

* Responsibility Report

* Reward Menu (Store List, Ticket Trade-In Chart)

* Weekly Progress Report

* And much more


Webster's definition of motivation: to provide with a motive; instigate; induce

Motivation: the act of motivating or providing an incentive

Motivational Research: in advertising and marketing, the use of sampling and psychoanalytical techniques to find out why people choose or reject a product or idea

Motive: a conscious or unconscious need, drive, etc. that incites a person to some action or behavior; incentive; goal

Motivation Marvels

A positive behavior management system geared to all ages and all levels in grades K - 12 that uses real life skills that encourage and entice students to do their best and reap the rewards of their hard work. This program uses real life tools that no kid can pass up.

The tools in this system are used in every day life. Students will learn life- long skills including check writing, budgeting, and saving.

Implementation and execution is very easy and blends well with just about any behavior system in place in a classroom.

Feel free to share your ideas and changes that work for you!

Thank you for your interest in this program.

For information or questions, contact:

Dawn Gauvreau

What Motivation Marvels is all about

Motivation Marvels provides a way to hook, reel in, and get the results you want in the classroom while teaching real life skills. Motivation Marvels is both a behavior management system and a motivational tool.

The beauty of Motivation Marvels is that it is practical, motivational, functional, and adaptable to any grade or any level in regular education settings as well as most special education settings.

The only limits on this system are those an individual teacher imposes upon it.

The key to this system is the responsibility factor that is built into it. This program requires students to take responsibility for their behavior. If they are doing the right things, they are rewarded for it. If not, they see consequences that directly influence them.

Motivation Marvels behavior management system operates under the premise that in order for learning to take place all students must be actively engaged in the learning process and the teacher must have complete control and attention from the students in the class.

This system provides a quick, easy way to gain and maintain attention from your students while teaching them basic life skills.

Motivation Marvels uses functional life skills to entice students while educating them at the same time.

Motivation Marvels is the brainchild of years of trial and error behavior management. Through experimentation, I discovered some things that truly motivate all kids. I know, first hand, that this system works because I have used it from 4-year-old Language Concepts through high school. I have made some minor changes to meet the needs of the grade levels it was being used for, but everything else in the program remains the same.

As teachers, we are constantly competing for the attention of our students during classes. So many other things occupy their minds that we need to be as creative as we can as we hook and reel them in to what we have to say. Motivation Marvels is a tool that will help you do just that.

This program is user friendly and takes a minimal amount of time to familiarize yourself with the basic premises that govern it. Motivation Marvels comes complete with everything you will need to begin implementation in your classroom or school. Once you begin to use it, you may make changes that are appropriate to your specific setting. This kit allows for much flexibility within all levels from kindergarten through high school.

Why go the extra distance? Why a "stage production"?

Over the years gaining and maintaining student motivation has become increasingly more difficult. Teachers find themselves competing against so many factors such as interest levels, ability levels, outside hobbies/interests, part time jobs, and family obligations. Sadly, education seems to be less of a priority to some students enrolled in schools today.

This leads teachers to do one of two things: just continue doing what they have been doing knowing they will keep getting what they have been getting, or they can go the extra distance and find the one thing that will grab the interest of their class and motivate them to reach their maximum potential. Short of doing a stage show, teachers need to keep it real, lively, and interesting to keep students motivated and actively engaged.

This I know to be true: kids like rewards, kids like edibles, and kids like money. So ...

With an extensive background of over three decades in Special Education, I have become a master of creativity. I was forced to think outside the box long before the box was popular. Thinking outside the box simply translates into "if it isn't working, stop doing it and do something else". The idea here is to let the student's reactions and responses lead your choices. You can quickly assess the success or failure of what you are doing by watching what is going on around you in the classroom.

Being flexible follows on the heels of being creative. If you have to stop doing something, you had better have a Plan B waiting in the wings. Some teachers have a hard time aborting a lesson or program in mid- stream because they think they need to see it through and complete it. Behavior programs/ reinforcement systems once started are often kept in place for the entire year even though they are not yielding the results hoped for at the onset. Even a lesson that is not working as planned should be aborted and something else used to replace it. The worst thing a teacher can do is to continue with a lesson, program, or reinforcement system if they know it is not working. You can be sure that if you can recognize that it is not working, so can those 10 to 20 pairs of eyes staring back at you everyday. Admitting that something is not working and will no longer be used can be a major teachable moment for kids. They can see that you too, make errors, mistakes, and need to sometimes stop, regroup, and try again. After all, isn't that what we tell them all the time? Besides, what better time to discuss the situation and let them know that you are constantly fine-tuning your class to guarantee that they get the best educational program every single day they are there. Depending on the grade level you teach, the explanations can be tweaked to make the most sense to your specific audience. My experiences have been that kids respond favorably to seeing you make a mistake, admit it, and then set about correcting it.

How the System works

Motivational Marvels is predicated on the belief that behavior management is necessary for learning to take place and motivation can inspire any student to behave.

This system incorporates the theory of assertive discipline in the classroom. To this theory, add the motivational component and you have all you need to successfully teach all day long.

There is a philosophy that explains how and why assertive discipline works in the classroom. This system incorporates rules of conduct through a classroom component that details consequences for breaking rules within the class. There can be as many levels as your grade level and students require. A very workable amount is usually between four and six.

The Class Rules and Consequences are posted in the class. Ample time to go over and explain these rules thoroughly must take place on day one. The Consequences are the Classroom Component part of the program. Depending on the grade level of your class, you can post them either way.

The next phase of this program introduces the Phoney Bucks. Phoney Bucks are just what the name implies. They are fake money that the students earn all day, every day. Further explanation for uses of Phoney Bucks will follow.

The Life Skills component of this system comes into play with the introduction of checks and check registers with older classes and basic savings with younger students.

From fourth grade on up you can introduce checks and check writing. Students can only spend their Phoney Bucks by correctly and accurately writing a check. They also must enter all Phoney Bucks deposits on the check registers correctly and accurately. Initially, this is the most time consuming part of this entire system. However, failure to take that time can result in teaching incorrect ways to record deposits and withdrawals as well as incorrect ways to fill out a check that can have devastating effects down the line. This program provides the necessary tools to practice check writing and maintaining a check register. It is amazing how quickly the students will catch on to this. The realistic, life skill appeal of being able to write a check like Mom or Dad is very powerful to students. Students love to go home and tell their parents they have a real checking account at school. I recommend using actual checks (starter checks photocopied) and actual registers so they students will be able to learn and transfer the skills they are acquiring when the have their own real checking accounts.

Lower grade levels can earn "Fun Time" tickets that also need to be saved in order to be redeemed.

High school students will usually use theirs as they earn them. Some like to save them for special rewards. If they do not redeem on the day they are earned, they still must record their deposit in their register in order to be able to spend them at a later date.

It is extremely important that you monitor all deposits and double check the math on both deposits and withdrawals to verify accuracy.

This will become less tedious as you and your students become more adept at working with the system.

Unfortunately, from time to time, you may also come across deposits that were never actually given. Careful scrutiny catches such incidences. This is, however; the exception, not the rule!

Using the Phoney Bucks:

There are no limits to what a student can do to earn Phoney Bucks. Below is just a sample list of the behaviors you can reward with Phoney Bucks:

Positive behavior in classes

Being on time to class

Turning in class work

Turning in homework

Answering questions in class

Bonus bucks for hard questions

Subject matter review

Helping someone without being asked

Returning signed papers/documents

Good behavior for a substitute

Good behavior in hallways, lunchroom, assemblies, etc.

Honor rolls (or any grade improvement)

100% on tests or class work

Being prepared for class (supplies)

Running teacher errands

Meeting goals in class subjects

Working hard/quietly in class

Keeping desk clean

Keeping locker organized

Getting good reports from other teachers

Trivia game review for upcoming tests

And anything else you can think of ...

Suggestions way to use Phoney Bucks to reinforce positive behavior in your classroom:

I can stand in the front of my room, thumb through a stack of Phoney Bucks, and instantly gain the attention of my class. The talking stops and all eyes focus on me. I will often walk around the room and also just start placing Phoney Bucks on the desks of those who are quiet and waiting or quiet and working and within 10 seconds almost everyone else gets the picture and follows suit. I rarely have to say a word to get everyone's attention.

Phoney Bucks are passed out during a class or lesson for anything from good behavior to correct answers. Before the students leave to go to another class, I require they add their money earned into the check register and return their Phoney Bucks to me.

I do this for several reasons. First of all, I only have a limited amount of money. I reuse the dollars and preserve them by making them and then laminating them. They sit in a holder on my table all day. I also make a much smaller amount of $5.00 bills for those rare occasions when I really want to get someone's attention.

I also want them to record the money as they earn it so amounts are not forgotten or changed. If a student opts to do it later, I simply tell them that money not recorded as earned at that time cannot be recorded later. This may sound harsh but unless a situation occurs where there is truly no time, I do not deviate from this rule. My reason is that it is simply too hard to remember how much each person earned and make sure it is correctly recorded later. This system is meant to work with limited difficulty and not to take a lot of class time throughout the day to implement.

The amount of money you give out at any one time is directly related to the rewards you offer and how the students will be able to spend their money. The next section will talk about how students can redeem their Phoney Bucks.

Redeeming Phoney Bucks

The biggest drawback of this program is at the redemption point. If you are clever at getting things free for your class, this is where you will want to use that skill. It is rather expensive to supply the store, but well worth the trade off in expense to get the results you need and want in your class in order to be able to teach all day, every day.

I named my store "G-Mart" because my students call me Mrs. G. At the store students can make daily purchases for items ranging from school supplies to edibles. A copy of the contents of the store and the prices for each item is included in the Forms section. Here is where you would personalize your list to meet the individual needs in your class and within your budget. Some teachers may be fortunate enough to be able to ask for funding for this system and get it. Others just have to be thrifty shoppers; always looking for things on sale. My favorite is to buy items right after a holiday when they are 50 - 75% off! Kids do not mind if Easter was last week. They will still buy a chocolate bunny or jellybeans or a light up Bunny pen.

If you find yourself in a teaching situation where students often do not have classroom supplies, the store serves as a way for the kids to be able to get the pencils, paper, binders, erasers, etc. they need while feeling as if they bought it and not seeing it as a hand out. Again, I buy plenty of school supplies when they go on sale just before school begins each summer and stock up the store for the year. Kids must use their Phoney Bucks if they come to school without necessary supplies to do their job. No excuses, just write the check!

This part of the program really helps students understand the concept of responsibility and having to be prepared for their job every day. I Ànd students are relieved to know that they can get paper, folders, pencils, etc. that they may have forgotten to avoid a detention from a teacher.

It is important to establish a set time to write checks each day, otherwise kids will want to write them all day long. If you only have students for one period, you will need to end class a couple minutes early to allow students to write a check. If you have students all day long, I usually allow twice a day; once before lunch if they want to purchase a snack to take to lunch and once at the end of the day. You will be able to decide what works best for your class. I also impose a dollar amount maximum per day.

Check registers and completely filled out checks must be presented together. Verify the math in the register, then make sure the check is correct. If there are any errors, they are sent back to be corrected first. Remember, without doing this more harm than good can result since they are learning the wrong way to do something that is a life skill.


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