Motorcycle Dream Garages

Motorcycle Dream Garages

Paperback(First, Softcover reissue of hardcover)

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ISBN-13: 9780760344224
Publisher: Motorbooks
Publication date: 04/15/2013
Edition description: First, Softcover reissue of hardcover
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 9.10(w) x 10.90(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Born and raised on the banks of the Brill River in northern Wisconsin, Lee Klancher (Austin, Texas) has been chronicling motorcycle and outdoor adventures big and small since the early 1990s. His favorite adventure articles have covered riding the treacherous 300-mile track that crosses the Bolivian portion of the Amazon jungle, scaring himself senseless on Slovenia's Mount Triglav, and crossing the northeast Australian Outback on Honda XRs. Lee's other interests include mountain biking, dive bars, racquetball, and college hockey. His writing and photography appear regularly in Men's Journal, Motorcyclist, and Motorcycle Escape.Kevin Cameron is one of the premier motorcycle writers. His feature stories and monthly column have been appearing in the industry's largest-circulation magazine, Cycle World, for more than 20 years. Kevin lives in Gill, Massachusetts.

Table of Contents


1 Garage Confidential
Hush-hush in Hollywood
2 The Canadian Dream
Sparing No Expense in British Columbia
3 The Presiding Patriarch of Moto Evangelism
Kelly Owen’s Motorcycle Mission
4 Backstage
Jay Leno’s Charismatic Collection
By Rick Schunk

5 Under the Radar
George Hood
6 Rock This Town
Sixth Street Specials in New York
By Mike Seate
7 A Fine Obsession
St. Paul’s Steve Hamel
By Kris Palmer

8 Heaven ’n’ Hell
Mike and Nuri Wernick’s Rising Wolf Garage
9 The Ghost of Villa Park
Tom White’s Early Years of Motocross Museum
10 Spannerland
New Jersey Nocturnes
11 The Heart of Texas
Barry Solomon
By Rick Schunk
12 Brevity
Jeffrey Gilbert’s Carefully Crafted Collection

13 Racer’s Precedence
John’s Cycle Center
14 The Art of Bar Napkin Design
Mark Triebold’s Live-in Shop
15 Yoshi’s Vintage Valhalla
The Garage Company

16 Street of Dreams
Chris Cosentino’s New Jersey Shop
17 The Artisan of Speed
John Hateley


What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

"Motorcycle Dream Garages is a fascinating and beautifully photographed homage to dozens of folks who are obsessed by motorcycles as well as to the spaces they create to house those obsessions. Klancher (along with Kevin Cameron—who wrote the foreword—and collaborators Rick Schunk, Mike Seate, and Kris Palmer) has done an excellent job illustrating these with his excellent photography. In some of the photos, we can almost smell the grease and feel the grit of the parts-packed spaces. Additionally, Klancher manages to capture the character of his subjects with spare and succinct text that both tells us what drives these people as well as keeps us entertained. (His write-up on the secretive Hollywood fellow with the incredible toy collection is a masterful—and funny—portrait in words.)

In the end, this book certainly deserves a space on the garage bookshelf of anyone who has ever longed for a bigger/better/badder barn for their bikes. And yes, the $35 price tag on this tome might be a bit steep to some in this climate, but just think of it as research or inspiration. Someday…someday…" - Friction Zone

Klancher has created a work which is guaranteed to fascinate wrenches of all stripes and make them green with envy at the same time. In fact, when I took the book down to the shop, where I am employed, I almost had to engage in physical combat to regain possession of it from my co-workers. As a long time editor at Motorbooks Klancher has knowledge of his subject matter which is truly impressive, but I never felt like he was beating me over the head with it. It is also obvious that he is a true motor-head and loves sharing his passion and insights with others. If you have ever spent time spinning wrenches on bikes or dreamed of building your own custom garage or shop this book is a must have.”

“… all about the coolest garages in existence. If you’re a garage person or maybe just looking for inspiration to make your own space cooler, this is a must-read.” - Racer X Illustrated


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Name- Joe. Why the fuc do you not know? Its in the heading. Gender-female. I know Jace is a boy name. Dont mess with me. Crush-I do have one.....but i cant tell you. Oh stop complainin that this bio didnt tell you much. God your nosy. Looks-Wavy red hair just below her shoulder blades. A giant snake tattoo on her back. Purple eyes that sometimes flash red. Clothes- Seriously? Like im going to wear the same clothes every day? Usually something black that can show my tattoo and my many sharpie writing. CatchPhrase- Genius Loci which is latin for "The Gardian Spirit of the place."
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