Mount Aconcagua and Mount Rainier Seven Mountain Story: Book III

Mount Aconcagua and Mount Rainier Seven Mountain Story: Book III

by Walter Glover MTS


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The mountains are calling and I must go.

-John Muir

Another in his series of exciting mountaineering stories, senior citizen adventure author Walter Glover continues his quest to climb the world's famed Seven Summit mountains. After reaching Mount Everest base camp, the summits of Kilimanjaro, and the highest peaks in Russia and Australia, the popular series turns to South America. Mount Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the southern hemisphere, its peak reaching 22,000 feet. The expedition is marked by camaraderie and peril. Walter then turns his climbing boots homeward to Mount Rainier to prepare for the Seven's final two peaks. A fall and the discovery of three aneurysms, one which required open-heart surgery, sidelined him-temporarily.

A retired hospital chaplain, reviewers frequently remark that the centerpieces of Walter's books are spirituality and inspiration. Walter's altruistic aim was to raise money with his climbs for children's wellness initiatives-$140,000 to date.

Now more than going high, he goes long trekking the pilgrimage across Spain the Way of St. James, El Camino, and across England. In February 2019, he and friend Nancy Conner and his cousin Pilar French trekked, kayaked, and bicycled across South American Patagonia near Cape Horn.

Book III contains vivid accounts of tumultuous weather, making friends, and unexpected challenges. Walter writes with the warmth of a real person and includes his spiritual journey as well as the physical challenges of high-altitude mountaineering at age 64. His stories are told with a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor as well as with prayers and psalms.

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