Mount Haven

Mount Haven

by Melanie P. Smith


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When Rowdy Cooper is injured in the line of duty and forced to take a medical retirement from the police force it sends ripples throughout his entire family. His brother Coop, who works for the same department, is questioning the wisdom of remaining on the force. Coop's wife, Maggie is having nightmares and is terrified her husband is going to die an early, violent death. Their son, Bryan, is acting out and fears for his father's safety every time he heads off to work. Rowdy is depressed and struggling to come to grips with the fact he will never be a cop again. The men decided it's time for a change. They relocate their small family to a ranch they inherited in Mount Haven. Rowdy hopes the change will give him the solitude he needs to work out and regain his strength. His brother Coop hopes it will finally help his family heal. Bailey is on the run. So far, she's been able to stay under the radar by working in dives and keeping to herself. The instant she got off the bus in Mount Haven, she fell in love with the tiny town. The people are friendly and the scenery is amazing. Her family would never look for her here. Maybe she can finally stop running and settle down. She is sure that luck is on her side when she lands a waitressing job at the local bar and grill. That luck turns to bad luck when the owner sells the place to a retired, cocky ex-cop. Rowdy makes her nervous. He is too perceptive for Bailey's liking. There go her dreams to end a life on the run. But, when her past catches up with her, the only person that can keep her safe is the sexy ex-cop that has turned her best-laid plans upside down.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781948629010
Publisher: Melanie P. Smith
Publication date: 10/21/2017
Series: Thin Blue Line , #1
Pages: 510
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.25(d)

About the Author

Melanie was born and raised in Utah by a loving LDS family. She attended Dixie College and the University of Phoenix where she received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management. She also earned a Postgraduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Negotiations from the University of Utah. One summer she got a part-time job as a Student Intern for the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office; she never left. In 2016, she retired after serving most of her career in the Special Operations Division. For many years, she was part of the support staff for the SWAT team and responded on call-outs to man the radio in the SWAT Command Post. She was also on the Logistics team of the Child Abduction Response Team and worked closely with Search & Rescue, the Mounted Posse, K9 and the Motor Unit. For years Melanie has used her creative writing skills for office related tasks such as awards programs and web content. Working a forty plus hour week, attending college, and spending time with family left little time for anything else. Then one day, she decided it was time to start writing for fun again. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading about these exciting new worlds as much as she enjoyed writing about them.

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Mount Haven 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I LOVE this book. I am reading it for a second time. There aren't many books out there that I feel compelled to read twice but this book, well, its simply awesome! The story pulls you in right from the beginning. Even though I have already read it, it is just as hard to put down the second time around. I look forward to reading more from this author. I've read all of her books and she always leaves me wanting more.
GetYaWings More than 1 year ago
This book is truly... addicting. When it opens, we meet Rowdy and his brilliant partner and I'm already set on edge wondering if they're both going to get out of the sticking situation that soon arises... I'm later treated to a great cast of brilliantly designed characters who are all not too far into the process of starting over in a small town, and whose paths cross or are... intermingled is more like it. It makes you think "everything happens for a reason" as things just ... coincide. We're also treated to small town life - I absolutely love small towns and the quirky characters that tend to be involved - Mount Haven did not disappoint in this regard. There is suspense and there is romance - and I do not mean together. The budding romance is in the midst of some intense action. The reader is repeatedly treated to the POV of the deranged antagonists in this fun adventure - making it all the more juicy. I highly recommend this read - whatever genre you favor as it's got bits of many going on. Very entertaining and I got sucked in to the point that, I missed it when I had to step away. A really fun read. *I did receive an advance copy for free in exchange for my honest review.