Mousepads, Shoe Leather, and Hope: Lessons from the Howard Dean Campaign for the Future of Internet Politics

Mousepads, Shoe Leather, and Hope: Lessons from the Howard Dean Campaign for the Future of Internet Politics

by Zephyr Teachout, Thomas Streeter

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Howard Dean's campaign for president changed the way in which campaigns are run today. With an unlikely collection of highly talented and motivated staffers drawn from a variety of backgrounds, the Dean campaign transformed the way in which money was raised and supporters galvanized by using the Internet. Surprisingly, many of the campaign staff members were neither computer whizzes nor practiced political operatives, even though that is how some of them are identified today. This book allows key individuals in the campaign the chance to tell their stories with an eye to documenting the Internet campaign revolution and providing lessons to future campaigns. Howard Dean's inspirational statement of what it took for his campaign to get as far as it did-"mousepads, shoe leather, and hope"-holds great wisdom for anyone campaigning today, especially the 2008 presidential candidates.

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ISBN-13: 9781317255864
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 12/03/2015
Series: Media and Power
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
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About the Author

Zephyr Teachout is Visiting Assistant Professor of Law at Duke Law School, where she is researching law and political corruption. She was the Director of Online Organizing for Howard Dean’s campaign, the National Director of the Sunlight Foundation, the Executive Director of the Fair Trial Initiative, and a consultant for several new media companies. In 2005–2006 she was a Fellow at the Harvard Law School Berkman Center for Internet and Society. She received her law degree summa cum laude from Duke Law School and holds a master’s degree in political science from Duke University and a bachelor’s degree in English from Yale University.

Thomas Streeter studies the Internet and media at the University of Vermont. His Selling the Air (University of Chicago Press 1996) won the McGannon Award for Social and Ethical Relevance in Communication Policy Research. Other publications include “The Moment of Wired” (Critical Inquiry) and “The Romantic Self and the Politics of Internet Commercialization” (Cultural Studies). He has taught at the University of Wisconsin and the University of Southern California, and in 2000–2001 was a member of the School of Social Science at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey.

Table of Contents

PART I: Overviews Chapter 1: Introduction: Redefining the Possible Thomas Streeter Chapter 2: How the Internet Taught Me That You Have the Power Interview with Howard Dean Chapter 3: Theories: Technology, the Grassroots, and Network Generativity Thomas Streeter and Zephyr Teachout PART II: Stories of the Campaign Chapter 4: How a Blogger and the Dean Campaign Discovered Each Other Jerome Armstrong Chapter 5: Something Much Bigger Than a Candidate Zephyr Teachout\ Chapter 6: Swept Up in "The Perfect Storm" Bobby Clark Chapter 7: A Coder Becomes a Political Activist Aldon Hynes Chapter 8: Blogging for America Matthew Gross Chapter 9: The Meetup Story Michael Silberman Chapter 10: Experiences of a Grassroots Activist Pam Paul Chapter 11: The Lessons of Generation Dean Amanda Michel Chapter 12: Fund-Raising: Hitting Home Runs on and off the Internet Larry Biddle Chapter 13: A Web Activist Finds Dean Nicco Mele Chapter 14: E-Mail: Sign Your Own Name Kelly Nuxoll Chapter 15: Participatory Political Culture: Everyone's a Kingpin If He or She Wants to Be Josh Koenig Chapter 16: An Organizer's View of the Internet Campaign Zack Exley Chapter 17: After New Hampshire Kelly Nuxoll PART III: Reflections Chapter 18: From Media Politics to Networked Politics: The Internet and the Political Process Araba Sey and Manuel Castells Chapter 19: The Legacies of Dean's Internet Campaign Zephyr Teachout and Thomas Streeter Index About the Contributors

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