Mouthpiece: The Story of David

Mouthpiece: The Story of David

by John C. Woodcock


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This book belongs with my other autobiographical story, The Imperative. Both books "remember"
the preparation required to shape a suitable mouthpiece for the unknown future. The "destructive" energies that were evoked, along with the wisdom carried by those energies, constitute the inner meaning of a nuclear blast, i.e., from the objective psyche's point of view. If these enormous energies are held "within," i.e., consciously, then the psyche can begin to reveal its deeper telos. This intentionality is explored in depth in The Imperative (see my essay, The Bomb as World Destroyer) while, in this book, I focus on the continuing story of "David" (my literary name), and show how "nuclear radiation" is a way living, autonomous language "speaks" its release from its internment in our fossilized culture of reified abstractions.

This powerful and inceptive language inaugurates a new way of being, as expressed in the unfolding life of David.

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ISBN-13: 9781515129561
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Publication date: 07/18/2015
Pages: 158
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About the Author

John C. Woodcock holds a doctorate in Consciousness Studies (1999). His thesis concerns the theme of "the end of the world", based on his own personal experiences lasting twenty years. At first it seemed to John that he was undergoing a purely personal psychological crisis but over time he discovered that he was also participating in the historical process of a transformation of the soul, as reflected in the enormous, even apocalyptic, changes occurring in our culture. During this difficult period of John's life, he wrote two books: Living in Uncertainty Living with Spirit and Making of a Man.
John's next three books, Transformation of the World, The Imperative, and Hearing Voices, explore the meaning of "the end of the world" more fully. John's following books, including Animal Soul and Manifesting Possible Futures, establish a firm theoretical ground for the claim that the soul is urging us towards the development of new inner capacities that can help us face the uncertainty of modern life and, as well, address the unknown future. His book, Overcoming Solidity, continues this exploration in terms of our current structure of consciousness and its correlative world of empirical reality. His book, Making New Worlds, begins the work of articulating the art form that is emerging in response the soul's intention to incarnate in the real world. He develops this theme more fully in his book, The Coming Guest and the New Art Form. He has also written an unusual book, UR-image, which tells a story of four friends whose lives are interrupted by an intrusion of four possible futures. His latest book, Oblivion of Being, tells the story of three friends, who are each presented with an "inceptive moment", i.e. a moment from the unknown future, that can begin to write a new history.
John currently lives with his wife Anita. in Sydney where he teaches, writes, and consults with others concerning their own journey through the present "apocalypse of the interior", as it has been called, in his capacity as a practicing Jungian psychotherapist. John and Anita also work with couples in a therapeutic setting.
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