Mr Blank

Mr Blank

by Justin Robinson


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Mr Blank by Justin Robinson

Every conspiracy needs a guy like me.

Every conspiracy has one... me.

And now someone's trying to kill me.

When everyone has a motive, everyone is a suspect, and I don't even know who all the players are. It's a race against time to figure out who wants me dead, and why, and how to prevent all the underground conspiracies, aliens, cryptids, and things that go bump in the night from throwing the world into chaos while I'm at it.

Just another normal day at the office, really.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781936460366
Publisher: Candlemark & Gleam
Publication date: 10/28/2012
Pages: 300
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.67(d)

About the Author

Much like film noir, Justin Robinson was born and raised in Los Angeles. He splits his time between editing comic books, writing prose, and wondering what that disgusting smell is. Degrees in Anthropology and History prepared him for unemployment, but an obsession with horror fiction and a laundry list of phobias provided a more attractive option.

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Mr. Blank 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Xleste More than 1 year ago
The main character, whose name I still don't know, is a fascinating character in this clever novel. He works for nearly all conceivable conspiracies, and none, and the way conspiracies are woven together makes my head spin deliciously. The author weaves so many components together into a seamless whole - assassin attacks, aliens, anorexic Los Angeles cults, the Knights Templar, inferences to the Bene Gesserit and a host of other sci-fi/fantasy references (Willow and LotR in the same paragraph) - while unearthing some fundamental human truths. It's a suspenseful detective story, love story, and bawdy comedy rolled into one. I enjoyed reading this enormously, and will do so again just to pick up on the references I missed. Action-packed pacing moves the plot forward (and backwards, and around in circles) crisply.
chavaMT More than 1 year ago
Let us start with our hero. Not that he would think of himself that way, which is part of the charm of Robinson's story. Our multiply-named protagonist is a noir hero - human and fallible. And distractedly charming. A man that you end up cheering for not because "Of course he can win the day" but because you want him to survive. Add to that a cast of supporting characters that are just a tad beyond reality, further tapping into the modern day mythos which Robinson weaves solidly into Mr. Blank. Conspiracy wrapped into myth and twisted out again - the new age stories of our monsters in the dark alleys. All of this is beautifully presented in Robinson's writing. Detail mixed with quick wit and dialogue, characters who are all so different and he manages to give them each a unique voice. Even Servants of the Shub-Internet, the brainwashed Little Green Men, groups that would be so easy to make mono-voiced have discord and interest. Finally, Mr. Blank gives you the best of all possible endings - an end. And yet you want more.
Leila-V More than 1 year ago
If you're at all interested in conspiracies or mysteries, I highly suggest this novel to you. I loved reading about a man who casually performed mundane tasks that included planting envelopes in lockers, moving goats blood, and annoying members of opposing conspiracies on the same day. I'm especially enamored with Mina; it's not very often I come across women characters who are written so well. She's not over-the-top badass with guns/swords blazing, but neither is she damsel in distress. In fact, she does a reasonable amount of ass kicking/ass saving on her own, without being unbelievable. She's silly, but also sexy in a world where 'plus size' is typically an insult. Blank's narration was hilarious, and I loved all of the little references to pop culture and other things. Some references were definitely  lost on me, but I was pleased to catch the Georges St-Pierre mention in the latter half of the book. The end of the book worked really well for me, and although I don't want to give anything away, I will say that it was well done and not many people could have pulled it off the way Justin did. Even if you're not a huge fan of conspiracies or mysteries, I'd suggest reading it purely for the humor and character writing/world building. And now, I find myself wanting to be part of the Knights Templar. Just a little bit. And lordy do I ever wish this was coming to a theater near me.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
coziecorner More than 1 year ago
Justin pens "Mr. Blank" in an original and unique plot filled with mystery, conspiracy with a touch of humor. His characters are fascinating and well developed in this action pack, fast paced book. I totally enjoyed this book and it really wasn't like anything else I've ever read which kept it extremely interesting. Highly recommended for all readers....this is a must read! This review is based on a complimentary copy from the author which was provided for an honest review.
pixieproblems More than 1 year ago
The mystery kicks off almost immediately with an attempted assassination of the main character and the rest of the book is him scrambling to stay alive and figure out who set up the attempt on his life. And it's HILARIOUS. Once you start reading, you will not want to put it down. It's full of pop culture, movie, and conspiracy theory references that, even if you don't really get the reference, it doesn't matter, it's still funny just because of the way it's phrased. I call this a screwball comedy mystery because anything crazy that can happen will and you will love reading every word of it.
JRingo More than 1 year ago
Well, that is the question, isn’t it? Read the book and you’ll find out…maybe. Anyway, this is a great dark comedy. To be honest, I’m not really sure how to describe it…other than to say that it’s unlike anything I’ve read before and I enjoyed the heck out of it. Like the best authors (and directors), Robinson’s vision of Los Angeles remains true to the spirit of what it’s like to live here no matter how fantastical the plot might seem. He clearly knows what it’s like to expect to run into the virgin Connie Swail every time he leaves the house…and I imagine he actually has run into her a few times. Great book.