Mr. Corporate

Mr. Corporate

by JA Huss
4.6 8

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Mr. Corporate by JA Huss

Weston Conrad is the best headhunter in the business. That handsome smile goes a long way towards convincing most people to trust him with their future.
I'm not most people. I'm his direct competition. And it doesn't hurt to be just the kind of woman he's been looking for.
I'm gonna flash you these legs, Weston Conrad.
I'm gonna wear low-cut shirts and micro-mini skirts.
I'm gonna dazzle you with wit and conversation and kiss those lips like they're exactly what I've been waiting for.
So don't hate me when you figure out my secret.
You understand, right? You're Mr. Corporate and this is just business.

Mr. Perfect
Mr. Romantic (Releases 6-22-16)
Mr. Corporate (Releases 8-17-16)
Mr. Mysterious (Releases 10-12-16)
Mr. Match (Releases 12-7-16)

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BN ID: 2940158510847
Publisher: Science Future Press
Publication date: 08/17/2016
Series: Mister Series , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 45,988
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Mr. Corporate 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this series. I appreciate the fact that her characters have problems and I even love the fact that they have trouble with the law so to speak, creditability, being innovative and innocent characters make these books so much more then happily ever after .the end . Thank you for your work !
BookwormBrandee More than 1 year ago
And the plot thickens! It's a good thing the next Mister releases in less than 2 months. Mr. Corporate, while answering a few (very few) of my questions about who Weston Conrad is, left me with more questions than answers. And in this way, Huss continued weaving a twisty story around these five friends - one that will probably keep my mind turning over possibilities until the final reveal. As for what I learned about West - well, this boy has some secrets. So many, I'm wondering why he wasn't named Mysterious. ;) Although I guess that's because none of the other Misters knew just how secretive West was being. Despite that, West is a decent guy. Truly. I think. He's made lemonade with the lemons life threw his way and he's built a good life. One he'd like to share with a certain someone. That certain someone who continually walks out on him and who he hasn't spoken to in several years because she stole a contract from him. Or did she? A contract split them up. And a contract is reuniting them. Victoria has been granted the opportunity to compete for a contract that could change her fortune. But she didn't count on it being so important to West. Victoria was rather a hard nut to crack. Although I identified with her on a few levels - wanting to be independent rather than beholden to a man, wanting to make her own way - her hot/cold flip-flops with West kept me unsure where she really stood. And therefore, I was unsure whether or not to side with her. She did, eventually, win me over. And she did this by standing by her man. The questions that arose from the deserted island, the safe room, guns, and explosions - those really have my mind spinning. Huss may have given us a single piece to fit into the puzzle but she threw a hundred more onto the table and I'm still trying to turn them over and spin them around in a fun if vain attempt at figuring out where they all might fit. Mr. Corporate is a well paced and placed building block in the Misters' story. I await Mr. Mysterious with bated breath and hope that the puzzle will begin to come together. I'm eager to see the whole picture.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fantastic series! I just wish I didn't have to wait!
HoBraReader More than 1 year ago
5 stars! *slow claps* Ms Huss has outdone herself my friend. This book has everything in it to make it great. Great plot? Check Complicated characters? Check Romance? Check Suspense? Check Introduction of new and oh so intriguing characters? Check times Five Angst? Check Romance? Deserves another check Strong H & h? Check Naked Man? Check This has been one of my favorite books to read this year. This book reminds me of Guns. Different characters and story, same amazing feeling reading it. Weston Conrad. God help us all. I love a man that knows what he wants. This man is like Shrek, he has layers and layers. I love seeing his layers. Every girl deserves a man like West in her life. Victoria has a lot on her plate. While I wanted to be annoyed with her I wasn't. I couldn't. She kept me on my toes. She's wild and I love her. The supporting cast was phenomenal. I can't wait to learn more. I love JA Huss' original Team, they will always have a special piece of my heart. This new Team though, good god, they have won me over! If you haven't started the Mister books yet don't worry, Mr. Cooperate is a standalone, you can start now!
M_Schaub2527 More than 1 year ago
This is a MUST READ!! Mr. Corporate is the third installment of JA Huss's new series, The Misters. This book is just as amazing as the first 2. West AKA Mr. Corporate, is a ruthless head hunter that seems to succeed in everything he does until he is thrown into a race against the one woman that makes him crazy! Tori is trying to stop her company from failing, while dealing with her sick father, the last thing she needs is to compete for a contract against her ex (and the love of her life). When both of their pasts come back to haunt them, they have no choice but to work together and try to survive. This book was amazingly written and an absolute pleasure to read.
MichellC More than 1 year ago
The Mr.'s are back! And things get more confusing then ever. JA Huss will have you on the edge of your seat. A Hurricane is coming and her name is Victoria. Will Weston be able to weather the storm?!?! I loved the storyline and characters created. The chemistry is off the charts and JA HUSS definitely takes you on a roller coaster ride and will leave you hanging just as the ride is about to drop. And you teeter at the top through the whole book. Tori and Wes collide at every turn they are hot and cold and very steamy throughout this book. I will admit I struggled with the beginning of this book, I couldn't stand Tori she may have been strong and independent but she came across as being a real b*tch. I was screaming in my head for Wes to run and never look back. But about 1/2 way through all that changed and things began to make sense. JA Huss has a way with telling a great story and not giving anything away until the very end and we aren't even close. This is a must read!! Even though it can be read as a standalone I highly recommend you start at the very beginning because they all tie in together. Even though we learn more about Wes and the rest of the Mr.'s we are still left with many more questions then answers.
Xkoqueen More than 1 year ago
Mr. Corporate is another of the infamous, illustrious Misters in J.A. Huss’ Mister series of stand-alone novels. Each book features one of these incredibly intriguing men! Mr. Corporate sounds like a straightforward guy. He comes from a good family. He went to the best schools. His clothes and cars make his wealth obvious. He appears to have come out of the Misters’ scandal unscathed because he has it all. He has everything except the one thing he really wants—the girl he met a couple days before the Misters became infamous for a crime they didn’t commit. Victoria is a hot Latina with killer curves and a prickly personality. She can turn on the charm when she needs to land a deal, but her hackles rise every time some guy tries to insinuate that she’s just a girl who should know her place. She has learned to keep a wide berth from men and their controlling ways. The one person who knows what she’s hiding behind all that prickliness is Weston Conrad, otherwise known as Mr. Corporate. Weston Conrad is my favorite of the Misters so far. He is witholding a lot of information from his friends, so my opinion might change. For now, he is golden. He is a good-looking, self-made man. He is a considerate lover. He is sentimental and thoughtful. When he’s not arguing with Victoria, he is confessing the sweetest, most tender emotions imaginable. He has some pretty handy survival skills too. He is a pretty dreamy guy to get stuck with on a deserted island. Told in dual point-of-view, we get a little bit of the past and the current suspense from both Victoria and Weston. We also get a lot of brick walls from both characters that hide a lot of secrets. The sexual tension and professional competition between Victoria and Weston are palpable. Both gorgeous, both successful, and both desperately trying to hide their damaged side and their harrowing pasts from the world and each other. The best part of this story is their messy, on-off love story. They love to hate each other or hate to love one another—it just depends on the circumstances. You can’t contain that level of passion without risk of combustion. That is the passion of destiny and soul mates. Mr. Mysterious plays a bigger role in this current book. Ms. Huss alludes to the extent of his connections and money, and she puts his character is in question. At times I questioned his loyalty to the group. Paxton Vance’s crazy, over-the-top reputation is balanced with a little regret, a little self-questioning, and a little fear. His story is next up in the series. Unlike Mr. Perfect and Mr. Romantic, there are more questions than answers in Mr. Corporate. There are a few reveals, but mostly there is supposition as to who was behind the Misters’ initial set up, the current attacks, and why the were and are being targeted. I'd like more answers, but I think I’ll have to wait for the final book in the series (Mr. Match) before I get any more of them! Meanwhile, I’m going to enjoy the thrill of this suspenseful mystery. Each of the Mister books so far has had a different tone, and Mr. Corporate is all about secrets.