Mr. Darcy's Little Sister

Mr. Darcy's Little Sister

by C. Allyn Pierson


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Pride and Prejudice continues...
Georgiana Darcy grows up and goes in pursuit of happiness and true love, much to her big brother's consternation

A whole new side of Mr. Darcy...

He's the best big brother, generous to a fault. Protective, never teases. But over his dead body is any rogue or fortune hunter going to get near his little sister! (Unfortunately, any gentleman who wants to court Georgiana is going to have the same problem...)

So how's a girl ever going to meet the gentleman of her dreams?

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ISBN-13: 9781402240386
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 09/01/2010
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 448
Sales rank: 1,131,325
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 7.80(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

C. Allyn Pierson is the nom-de-plume of a physician, who has combined her many years of interest in the works of Jane Austen and the history of Regency England into this sequel to Pride and Prejudice. She lives with her family and three dogs in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

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From Chapter One:

To save thy secret soul from nightly fears.
-Thomas Gray, "The Bard, a Pindaric Ode"

Georgiana finished folding her letters and quickly sealed them before she had time to think about them further. Mrs. Annesley, her companion of just over a year, looked up from her book and smiled.

"Are you finished with your letters, Miss Darcy?" Her voice was soft and low, with just a hint of the music of Scotland, although Georgiana would never consider mentioning this linguistic idiosyncrasy to the woman she considered a friend as well as a paid companion. Mrs. Annesley was a native of Derbyshire but had spent a number of years in Edinburgh, where her husband held a minor position as a tutor at the great university there. She called those years "the Babylonian Exile" and felt that the cold, damp winters of Scotland had injured her husband's health and hastened his early death. Not that she talked of these things. Mrs. Annesley would never discuss anything that she felt would cause melancholy thoughts in her charge, and Georgiana generally appreciated her reticence.

"Yes, I am done. I should like to post them before I think of a dozen pages of additional thoughts. If I do they will never reach my brother and his fiancée before the wedding, and I do not want Miss Elizabeth Bennet to think that I do not welcome her into the family."

"I have always found that it is better to post my letters immediately, with the exception of comments which are angry-those it is better to hold until the next day and reread in the cold light of morning before posting."

Georgiana gave her a wide smile. "Well, these hold only happy thoughts. Do you think we could post them yet today?"

The older woman glanced at the watch pinned on her bodice. "It is a pleasant day for a drive and it is only two o'clock; we should easily be able to drive into Lambton and post these and return in time for a cup of tea before changing for dinner. I also need another skein of silk for my embroidery-perhaps we could get that as well. Would you order the carriage, my dear?"

Georgiana flushed slightly and rang the bell. When Smithfield answered, she gravely said, "Please order the carriage, Smithfield. Mrs. Annesley and I are driving into Lambton."

Smithfield bowed with all the solemnity of an archbishop and answered, "Yes, Miss Darcy. Would fifteen minutes be suitable?"

"Quite suitable, thank you, Smithfield."

Georgiana slumped back in her chair with a sigh and a brief frown. "Another comportment hurdle crossed. We shall label this one 'giving orders to servants.'" She sat up abruptly and grinned at her companion. "I know! Let us take Pilot with us. He enjoys a ride in the carriage."

Mrs. Annesley winced briefly as she looked at the gigantic Newfoundland dog who had been the constant companion of Georgiana's father and who was now lying calmly at his mistress's side. "How you can bear to be around that drooling monster, I do not know. As far as the orders to the servants, as you know 'practise makes perfect.'"

"I just wish I could have practised more before Miss Bennet's visit last summer. I did not exhibit stellar comportment on that occasion. The surprise of my brother's introduction of a young lady of whom I had heard not a word beforehand and the gimlet eyes of Miss Bingley watching our second meeting the day after were too much for me to bear with equanimity. But Miss Bennet was lovely, was she not?"

"A very sweet-tempered and well-bred young lady, as well as very pretty. I am sure you will be good friends when you are better acquainted."

"I cannot imagine why Miss Bingley brought Wickham's name into the conversation on that occasion. That was the topic that completely destroyed my composure. You do not suppose she knows about my past indiscretion with Wickham, do you?"

"Well," Mrs. Annesley paused to consider her words and then said, "I suspect that Miss Bingley is jealous of Miss Bennet. After all, Miss Bingley would have been as aware as you were of the significance of your brother introducing you to the young lady." Georgiana gave her a sardonic smile and drawled, "Yeessss, I am quite sure she was."

Smithfield entered and her smile faded, replaced by the austere courtesy which she had been taught to use when interacting with the servants.

"The carriage awaits, Miss Darcy."

"Thank you, Smithfield." She rose and called Pilot, and they left.

- - - -

Two days later, Georgiana was practising a difficult Mozart sonata when she was interrupted by Smithfield, who announced, "Colonel Fitzwilliam, Miss Darcy."

She jumped up and tipped several music books off the pianoforte in her haste. Her face flushed over her clumsiness, but she retained enough composure to bob a quick curtsey to her guardian and say, "Colonel! What are you doing here?"

The colonel, his blue eyes crinkling in amusement, answered, "What a lovely greeting from my little cousin. I could leave if you prefer."

Georgiana could feel her blush deepen. What an idiot you are, Georgiana. Can you not behave with a modicum of poise even with your closest relations? She forced herself to smile graciously and say, "Of course I am delighted to see you, Colonel Fitzwilliam. I am, however, surprised to see you at this time of year. I would have expected you to be off with some of your fellow officers killing birds."

"Your brother has interrupted my pursuit of grouse and eligible young ladies with his wedding plans. He sent me to bring you and Mrs. Annesley to Netherfield. Have you not received his letter?"

Her eyes sparkled at the news and she forgot her pretence of maturity. "Not yet. I sent him one asking to go only two days ago. I see my brother has anticipated me." She suppressed her eagerness and added astringently, "Why did he not just send a servant? I would think a colonel would have better things to do than act as errand boy."

"Undoubtedly, Miss Darcy. However I was already planning to visit Pemberley to check on my little cousin. I am such a responsible guardian. Now, if you will excuse me, I will run upstairs and change out of my dusty travel clothes." He smiled at her and kissed her on the top of her head before heading for the staircase, patting Pilot as he went through the hall. Georgiana noted with a prick of annoyance how similar his attitude was towards her as the dog.

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Mr. Darcy's Little Sister 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
Laurel_Ann More than 1 year ago
It's tough being a teenager, even if you are the handsome, accomplished and wealthy Georgiana Darcy. Your parents are dead and you have dull Mrs. Annesley for a companion. Being painfully shy and having an older brother like Fitzwilliam doesn't help matters much either. His standards are incredibly high. He "cannot boast of knowing more than half a dozen [young ladies], in the whole range of my acquaintance, that are really accomplished." And, then there's Colonel Fitzwilliam. He's your cousin and co-guardian with your brother. He arrives for inspection and departs by patting you on the head like a dog. How can you possibly be the refined, accomplished young lady that your family expects before your presentation to London society when you don't know how to walk with grace, talk with ease and curtsey to the King without wobbling? No wonder you're churlish and're only seventeen! PRIDE AND PREJUDICE continues through the eyes of young, impressionable and insecure Miss Georgiana Darcy as debut novelist C. Allyn Pierson picks up the story right before the wedding of her brother Fitzwilliam to Elizabeth Bennet and continuing through their first year of marriage and Georgiana's presentation at court. From Pemberley to Hertfordshire to London, we follow Georgiana through the trials of teen angst, as she candidly writes in her diary of doubts and struggles universally acknowledged by anyone who has ever been there: Why did I say that? She doesn't like me. Why do they treat me like a child? Does this boy like me? all through her gentle, sweet natured and occasionally brusque manner. Along the way we are privy to the Regency life of the privileged upper class with the trials of shopping, theatre, formal dinners, Balls and London society. With the assistance of Colonel Fitzwilliam's mother Lady Whitwell and Elizabeth Darcy, Georgiana has every advantage a young girl needs, so why is she so nervous, and what man will every want her from more than her dowry? Originally self-published in 2008 as AND THIS OUR LIFE: CHRONICLES OF THE DARCY FAMILY, this sequel has had a major rewrite from its original release. Overall this debut novel is still the sweet story that I had remembered due to Pierson's affable, easy-going style and choice of chaste material. Besides Austen's canon characters, the Darcy's social sphere has expanded to include Colonel Fitzwilliam's parents Lord and Lady Whitwell, a new amiable neighbor Sir Robert Blake, and a few villains thrown in for good measure, ner' do well Jonathan Walker, dissolute George Lewis Winslow Fitzwilliam, Viscount St. George, and the gold digging Comte de Tourney. The pacing was still sluggish through the first 125 pages as not much conflict was presented beyond Georgiana's internal struggles. I would like to have seen more development of the antagonists throughout the entire novel and not just presented in the second half of the story. However, it was rewarding to see Georgiana develop from an anxious teen to a confident young woman with a lovely romance of her own. As gentle natured and accomplished as Miss Darcy herself, his new novel will charm Austen purists and leave them craving more. Laurel Ann, Austenprose
Kimberly_Book_Addict More than 1 year ago
Mr. Darcy's Little Sister by C. Allyn Pierson was first published under the title And This Our Life: Chronicles of the Darcy Family, Book 1. This is the debut novel for C. Allyn Pierson. Mr. Darcy's Little Sister takes a different route than other Pride and Prejudice sequels as it is told through the eyes of Georgiana. Georgiana Darcy is an angst filled teenager. She's filled with all of the confusing feelings that come with your teenage years; confusion about boys, lack of confidence, extreme self-consciousness. She's nervous about her coming out to society in the spring, about meeting her new sisters family, and about boys! In Mr. Darcy's Little Sister you get an intimate view into Georgiana's mind via her diary entries. You learn why she's so filled with anxiety and lacks confidence, but also get to know her inner most thoughts and feelings on her first love. "Since my rescue by my cousin Fitzwilliam I cannot but feel that I should make up for the way I misjudged him for so many years and, most particularly, for my nasty and spiteful tongue during the past few months. He truly does feel strongly about somethings, including his duties to his ward. I wonder how he feels about the girl herself." Georgiana is nervous that she's going to disgrace the family name and fall in love with the wrong sort of gentleman. Shes worried that her brother and Colonel Fitzwilliam will never approve of anyone for her. They both still treat her like a child, especially Colonel Fitzwilliam. Over the course of the novel you travel with Georgiana on her journey into society and into womanhood. It was an absolute joy to read this novel. Georgiana has always been one of those characters that I wished I knew more about. Austen wrote her so shy, naive, and kind, yet full of romantic notions. (Her wanting to believe Wickham and run away to be married) I always wished to get to know her better and Mr. Darcy's Little Sister gave me just such an opportunity. Pierson stays true to Austen's original characters which will delight Austen enthusiasts and purists. The Georgiana that she creates is charming and so easy to relate to! When reading Georgiana's feelings on her first ball it's easy to think back on your first school dance or the first time you danced with someone. While reading Georgiana's feelings on her first love I had the butterflies in my stomach thinking back to mine. Pierson is an excellent writer at conveying the thoughts and feelings of the characters she's writing. I would have liked to see more with the antagonists in the novel. They're introduced for so short a time period that the conflict of the novel feels very short. I've heard that Ms. Pierson is currently writing another P&P sequel book and I can only hope that it's as good as this one. (And that it gets released soon!) Kimberly (Reflections of a Book Addict)
blodeuedd on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I sure like my Austen books, and of course those about Lizzy and Darcy. This book was good because it was about Georgiana, and what happened to her.Lizzy and Darcy are married and it's time for Georgiana's first season. She is really nervous, and she is still very shy. In this book she will find love, and Darcy will have an adventure of his own.I think she did well with portraying Georgiana. She was still that shy young woman from the books, and she has a hard time in this book. And of course we met the Darcy's, in love and happy, Colonel Fitzwilliam his normal smiling self, the Bingley family (Caroline hunting for a husband), Kitty, and some new characters.This book will have a man trying to win her hand, and he is not a nice man. She is trying to figure out what love is, and Darcy is sent to a mission to France. That part we didn't get to read about, and I think it was for the best. Cos I couldn't really see him being sent on any mission.I loved that she got a book of her own, and it only made me want more like this. I do think Kitty deserve a book, she is sure to be very much more well behaved after Lydia is gone.The negative part was also positive. She fell in love, he was in love, everyone was happy, but there was this one thing, I can't say it, you have to read it and see what I mean.All in all a good book, and all my Austen characters were as they should be.Final thoughts: For romance lovers and Austen addicts.
dottyreader on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
A charming and engaging read told from the point of view of Georgiana Darcy. As she struggles to overcome her shyness, with the help of her new sister Elizabeth, Georgiana discovers both strength of character and true love. If you like Austen sequels and retellings then I recommend this to you.
knittingmomof3 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
From my book review blog, Rundpinne....While I tend to be hesitant to read novels based off Jane Austin¿s Pride & Prejudice, I must admit C. Allyn Pierson did her homework when crafting her novel, Mr. Darcy¿s Little Sister. As the title suggests, this novel puts the focus on Georgiana Darcy, a character that I always wished to know more about in Austen¿s novel. Pierson gives Georgiana a decisive voice as she matures and is looking for true love, but can one exist when her well-meaning, loving and over-protective brother frightens away any man she may hope to marry? Mr. Darcy¿s Little Sister is extremely well written in an Austenesque manner, making this a very realistic sequel to Pride & Prejudice. Pierson¿s command of the language, dress, and mannerisms of the time are splendid and her characters shine through her prose. I found myself immensely enjoying learning more about Georgiana and reading again about the Bennets, Bingleys and Darcys along with a very intriguing, page-turning plot twist. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Darcy¿s Little Sister to any reader.
starlitehouse on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Mr. Darcy¿s Little Sister by C. Allyn Pierson is the perfect continuation of a classic tale. Georgiana Darcy finds she must learn to overcome her shy tendencies if she is ever to find love in her family ,friends and possibly a husband. Pierson took great care to keep to true Austen tone we first meet these characters in. I found the book started a little slow but by page 120 I was hooked till the end and would love to read more.One book I am happy to have received from First Reads.
Crystal_Kido More than 1 year ago
This book was a really fun sequel for Pride and Prejudice told from Georgiana's point of view. This book takes place during Georgiana's preparation for and presentation into society and shows how she grows from being nervous about being presented at court and going to balls to becoming a strong and confident young woman and discovering she is in love with her cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam. They are an interesting couple and I have not come across many books about them and I enjoyed watching how Georgiana pursued winning Colonel Fitzwilliam as well as their relationship once it began. While I did really enjoy this book I would have liked an epilogue at the end as well.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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