Mr. Michael Presents the Five

Mr. Michael Presents the Five "S": Expressions of Love for My Wife and Spiritual Secrets of Life

by Mr. Michael


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ISBN-13: 9781450270618
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/03/2010
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.22(d)

First Chapter


By Mr. Michael

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2011 Mr. Michael
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4502-7061-8

Chapter One



In my life, when I married my soul mate, everyday is as follows: whenever I walk into a room full of people and my wife is there, before I do or say anything, I go to her first and greet her with hugs and kisses, conversation, and only then do I converse with everyone else, if I need to. No matter how many people are present she is never far from my arms reach or my eyesight, nor is the sound of her voice. When we are about to sit down at a table I will pull her chair out for her and make sure she is comfortable. If and when she rises from her seat, I stand and pull her chair out for her and wait patiently for her return to her seat, to hold her chair for her again. I also place her food order and/or her beverages.

Whenever we are entering a building, house, car, etc., I open every door for her and close every door behind her. My wife and I have certain code words, meaning if we are at a function and one of us says the word "dyn______", this means to stop and leave right now. The next code words are "el_____ has left the building," meaning in three minutes, we must leave.

If we are talking on the phone, there are code words we use to alert each other that there is eminent trouble. My wife is not my servant. We cook and clean our home together as husband and wife as a team. There are times I will cook for us. I love cooking! There are many times I will call her while I am on my way home from work or just coming home. I will call her to tell her not to cook because I will bring something home with me, or, take her out to eat. I can't tell you how many times I am out and about when I see couples together, walking to their car, and the man never opens the car door for his woman. Most men jump in first then push a button so that his woman is waiting for their car door to unlock, and that she can open the door to get in herself. This is sad and shows no respect for his woman from him.

So many times after grocery shopping, couples will get to their car, and the first thing the man should do is open the door for his woman so that she is safe inside the car; then, start to put their groceries in the car, but time after time, most men will leave their woman standing outside the car while he loads the groceries. Then he gets in the car and pushes that unlock button so that his woman can get in the car herself. These men are "do-do heads!!".

When entering any building, I open all doors for my wife. Entering any elevator, she steps in first. This also goes for any door; she steps in first, and always before me.

Every month, every second weekend, when my wife has to work, I will go to the farmers market where I can buy individual flowers and fillers. I buy four dozen long stem roses, 70cm. I also arrange them myself (with so much love) and after twenty years I have become very good at my arrangements. I have only missed one weekend not buying her roses. All of her customers call my wife the "rose lady". There are so many of her customers that come by just to see the roses. These roses never speak a word, but mean so much not only to my wife, but to so many other people.

No matter where I am or how long my day was, or what I may be doing, I make sure I am at her job when she is closing up at work, I am always there every night.

Making sure she gets to her car safe, I will then follow her from work in my car every night, no exceptions. I am there for her until we both pull up to our home, and we are both safe inside. When my wife and I are just walking anywhere, my wife is on the inside of our walk, and I am on the outside. I see so many couples walking along the streets or in the malls, and the male is walking on the inside and the female is walking on the outside, where there is more danger for her. Once again this shows no respect for this woman and another case of "do-do head males". Even if after a long day, when I get home, this is not a reason for an excuse for not giving my wife all of me, whether this means running bath water for her, giving her a bath, rubbing her feet or back, or just listening to how was her day. "Listening" to her is very important. I already know about my day! Because her opinion is very valuable to me in this marriage, we are as one, we both are equal.

Chapter Two


In most relationships, people feel in order to be as one you have to compromise; meaning you must give up something in order to get along.

But in my relationship with my wife, neither one of us had to compromise anything or lose anything in our lives. There is enough time and room we give to each other so that we only add to each other! It is the sharing and giving to our relationship. You should never have to give up anything just to be in a relationship. No matter when or where my wife and I go, when we are riding in the car the radio is very low and we talk while we are riding to our destination. Once we leave the car, after I always again and again open the door for her, we start walking as we always do and hold hands or she holds on to my arm.

I am my wife's rock and she is my anchor. If I am shopping with my wife, I never rush her on her shopping time. I also at the beginning of each spring, take my wife on a shoe shopping hunt for the new spring shoes!

When I look around at the other couples, they are like two strangers toward each other. They are never holding hands as they walk apart, or setting at a table eating together never talking to each other. While driving at certain times I look in my rearview mirror only to see the couple in the car behind us are not talking to each other.

The woman is sitting so far apart from her male companion it looks like she is sitting on her door! I sometimes even look at couples 'walking down the street and they seem to be forcing themselves to be with each other. I could never imagine not holding my wife's hand as we are walking anywhere. There were many times when my so called boys wanted to hang out, and my answer was "I am going home!" They just laugh and call me henpecked. All I can say to them is "as long as it's by the right hen, then I guess I am henpecked!!!"

At this period in my life, I knew then that my "boys" were not good for me and the price of their friendship was too costly. So now, I only have seven true friends in the world; my wife and the other six are all on the face of green paper.

Their names are as follows: Franklin- $100 bill, Grant- $50 bill, Jackson-$20 bill, Hamilton-$10 bill, Lincoln-$5 bill, and Washington-$1 bill. These are my new homeboys! They never let me down, never laugh at me nor leave me hanging. Always there for me when I say let's roll, they roll right with me.

Because of the way I look, dress, talk, and body shape, most other men are insecure when they are around me with their women. Their insecurity shows more openly as though they have to mark their "property" by kissing their women, or even worse, groping her! What a shame! Yes, I have a witness - my wife. My wife!! This word wife has a strong meaning. She is not just a relationship but is a very important part of you that you can't put a price on her! There have been times I lay awake at night and can't go back to sleep because of my workday or other matters regarding who or what would control my day.

Each time, at that exact moment, my wife reaches over and holds my hand, or caresses her foot with my foot. With her touch it tells me that don't worry my love, everything is going to be alright and she has my back.

She allows me to be me and I don't have to be superman. I can just be her man. I have never felt so free by being with one person I can make mistakes and her eyes are telling me, "Yes my love, you can make mistakes because you are human." I can show my emotions when my eyes fill with water and still this is "ok"!

I enjoy cooking and cleaning our home. I enjoy washing dishes or whatever we do in our home, because we do it together. No one says they're tired of doing all the work around this house. Reason is, we live in this house together, so together we make this house 'our home!'

There's never a day when I don't have time or am too tired for my wife, when she is in need of my "famous" back rub, then the rub is on! When she is lying across my lap and I am rubbing her back, the love my hands feel from this touching no words could ever express this fullness. When she says you can stop when you get tired, she slowly goes off to sleep.

I know that her trust in me is so strong that she can go to sleep knowing I am there with her. There's not a time I can think about not being with her or I am not in her life. No matter how much money I have, without her I could not enjoy this wealth. We have the best bed on the market. The moment I lay down on our bed, within five minutes, I am dead sleep, because my wife is next to me. But if for some other reason she is not there with me, and I lay down, no matter how tired I might be, I can't go to sleep because my wife is this bone that God has put in my life, and that is why I am the man I am today.

There's no question about this matter. My wife is a very strong minded and willed woman. She can do very well without me, but she opened up her life and allowed me to live in her world and now, her world and my world have become "our world!" I owe my success to my wife. When I was running low on myself, she stood up and lifted me up.

She was always there to push me down the road even when I couldn't go any farther myself. When I have thoughts of her I regain my second wind! There have been many days I was sick or hurting, but I still got up and went to work because I couldn't give up on us. Every day I will say the 23rd psalm and it will give me the strength to continue through my day!

The peace of God fills my spirit and I give thanks everyday for my blessings and my wonderful gifts in the human form of my wife, because God and only God could have created this woman for me. There have been many times when we were out and about travelling in the city and people would just stare at us or just start talking as if they knew us. There was this particular moment catching a flight and we were checking our bags with a skycap. We were just being ourselves and at that exact moment the skycap said to us "you guys must have just got married because you are too happy".

Most couples he said he encounters everyday are fighting, arguing, or standing far apart from each other. "Sometimes they never ever talk to each other so you must be newlyweds". We laughed and answered him by saying, "we have been married for 25 years, and you have a very nice day". Another time we were in the mall waiting for the elevator, when the doors opened and a young lady exited while we were getting on. She turned and looked at us to say, " You two look so very happy together" and we said "we are and thank you".

I recall the first time I saw her. I was on my way to work one night and I stopped at this Revco (now CVS) to make a purchase of some breath mints. As I was standing in line at the front of the store to pay for the mints, my eyes were drawn upward to the back of the store to this most beautiful woman I have ever set my eyes on. Emotions were moving inside of me and for the first time in my life, I was spellbound and at a loss for words! So I went on my way, but as I began my night, I could not get her out of my thoughts; thoughts I never knew I had.

Notice I have worked in the nightclub business for over twenty years. So I have seen all the "t & a" any man could see in twenty life times and therefore women were not my weakness. But the next night, I found myself standing in line again at the Revco, looking at "her" again, and after the fifth night (shameful), I said enough is enough. I must meet her.

So the next day I had a prescription for athlete's feet and I went back to the pharmacy. Being that "she" was the pharmacist, I gave her assistant my prescription and waited for it. At this time I introduced myself to "her" and she in return introduced herself. She finally became more than just a beautiful face, but a voice that even today is still the most beautiful sound I have ever heard! So after other excuses and reasons I found myself back in Revco again and again.

We started dating and the rest is 38 years later. I have never had any regrets!! Let my wife tell her side of our meeting, she tells everyone I was stalking her, and this is why this is "Special".

Know this-life is life: as though the world turns from night to day to the four seasons is the reason for our lives. Ask many questions of why? What am I going to do while I am here? Why am I not happy or why I don't enjoy things as I once did? One must understand as we grow older and wiser, our desires change along with our wants and needs. Let's first examine ourselves before we can ask of others to fulfill our needs. Where are you in life at this moment?

Who are you at this time in your life? Do you know where you are going and how are you going to get there? What are your plans & do you know what you need to get there? Questions about you by you every day! Many people spend many years in higher learning, having many titles in front of their names, and many letters behind their names, and we are still feeling empty. All of these achievements/ accomplishments are nothing but fillers from life and when we look at our accomplished lives we still are not full. Reason being these achievements are all manmade and what men overlook is everything manmade soon fades away.

Spiritual secrets for me are my answers. They were here before man and are here for man, that which will sustain him through this life and even beyond, but this spiritual secret will come up later in another chapter!

Socialites - family and friends tell us all how to live, who we should be, how we must look, and pick the right people we live and play with. If at any moment in your life you go against these demons, these people who can't even control their own lives, they get angry. We look through this telescope of life looking for the perfect fit in life so that we can live happily ever after.

But what we don't realize is we first must clean out ourselves, of all doubts, all fears, insecurities, and all of the bad people in our lives. First ourselves! So when the right person comes along, you will know who they are.

They will come from every walk of life also! Because a person swept streets for a living is not the full measure of that person. Most people are always looking in all the wrong places, and never find their true being.

When a person extends themselves beyond what we ask of them, it let's you see this person's true being. When a man places all of his energy into his family, when he turns off the television on the weekends from sports, he tunes into his wife, or woman, and family. Spending warm close moments with them and making a home with them. A place when you need support. A place of love and strength, that only grows, and grows. When a man expresses himself in a loving way his actions will speak loudly and boldly for him and leave no doubts about his meaning. His home goes head first on his day from home, helping him face whatever comes his way because his home gives him his strength. Again, here's this secret energy!

When a man finds his true love, there's nothing or no one in this world that could or would change this love! He will never risk this great lost. Even until the point of dying for or risking his life and limbs. A man's wife is everything (first) to him, not his children, not his monies, cars or boats. What he wants for his woman is to help her grow, grow into the full being of her ability, growing day by day. Her growth is the full test of his love.

In return, she will help him grow by her love for him, which she gives to him in the many ways only she can give. His strength becomes her strength and as nature designs, all their love grows, and grows for the world to see. This is one of God's main gifts to this world. Once a woman realizes with this man is her strength, there's nothing she

and he can't do or even have. Understanding a marriage is a work in progress, meaning everyday you must work on it, not only to make it bigger, but better.


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Table of Contents


CHAPTER ONE: FIRST "S" SPECIAL....................1
CHAPTER TWO: COMPROMISE!....................5
CHAPTER THREE: SECOND "S" - SECURITY....................15
CHAPTER SIX: MONSTER INSIDE....................21
CHAPTER SEVEN: THIRD "S" - SHARING....................23
CHAPTER NINE: MEN! MEN! MEN!....................29
CHAPTER TEN: JUST BECAUSE....................31
CHAPTER ELEVEN: FOURTH "S" - SEX....................33
CHAPTER TWELVE: TOUCHING....................35
CHAPTER THIRTEEN: FIFTH "S" - SAFE....................43
CHAPTER SIXTEEN: "LET'S BLAME GOD"....................61

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