MS 2000: Dreams & Expressions

MS 2000: Dreams & Expressions

by Michael Schenker



A follow-up to his first electric instrumental foray ("Adventures of the Imagination"), this 2001 Shrapnel release reveals a slightly heavier side of Schenker that shred fans should appreciate. Joined by Cosmo Squad rhythm section Shane Gaalaas and Barry Sparks, the talented Mr. Schenker is never forced to slow down on MS 2000: Dreams and Expressions while his musical cohorts catch up. There are no track names (just 20 numbers that correlate to the amount of letters in the record's title, plus one bonus song), so listeners need only punch in numbers four, nine, 17, and 20 (A, D, I, and S, respectively) on their CD players in order to find the record's standout cuts. While some of the material comes across as a trifle undeveloped, all the technical acuity and musical confidence is there to make this a worthwhile offering, recommended especially for fans of Satriani-esque instrumental rock.

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Release Date: 01/23/2001
Label: Shrapnel
UPC: 0026245114425
catalogNumber: 1144


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