Ms Patriot: Lair of the Dragon (Synne City Super Heroine in Peril)

Ms Patriot: Lair of the Dragon (Synne City Super Heroine in Peril)

by JK Waylon

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Super heroine in peril fiction at its finest!

Ms Patriot is one of Synne City's premier super heroines, and she's set her sights on the evil scientist and arch villain Lady Dragon. The sexy Asian has taken up residence on Ms Patriot's turf, and she is intent on shutting down the wicked scientist's monster breeding program. Come find out what happens when the sexy super heroine enters Lady Dragon's secret lair. While Ms Patriot reign supreme yet again? Or will she end her storied costumed crime fighting career as a bound and helpless brood mare of genetically engineered monsters?

Warning: This is a super heroine in peril, urban fantasy erotica story, so if you are offended by sizzling hot and explicit tentacle sex, monster sex, bondage, forced lactation, and monster breeding all given to a sexy super heroine by an evil scientist, then please find something else to read.

This is a short story of approximately 3300 words. This is a great story if you want a fun erotic super heroine in peril romp.

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"You simple-minded fool," Ms Patriot snarled. "I'm not captured. Far from it. In fact, I will be out of this amateurish trap in short order, and don't expect any mercy from me now."

"Really? Amateurish? Hmm, does this look like amateurish?" Lady Dragon said, holding up a remote. Ms Patriot sucked in her breath. Then the shapely villainess pressed a button and a door began to slide open before Ms Patriot. "My creation. I hope you like it as much as I do." She laughed as a large, greenish-gray creature half crawled, half slithered out. It reminded her somewhat of an octopus, with a multitude of long, thick tentacles. "But I don't think we'll enjoy it the same way."

"Sacred Justice!"

The creature was faster than she initially thought. And craftier. It sent two tentacles at her at the same time, high and low. She batted the high tentacle away, but the other wrapped around her left leg. It proved incredibly strong.

"Let go, you misbegotten creature," she cried, trying to pull the tentacle off her leg. Then a tentacle wrapped around her slender throat from behind. In that instant she realized the main body of the creature was right next to her, with tentacles all around her. "Aack!"

The statuesque super heroine reached for the tentacle around her neck even as she felt another one encircle and capture her right leg. Her long, shapely legs were immediately pulled wide. And worse, her hands never reached her neck, each being captured by more tentacles.

"Sacred Justice! How many tentacles does that creature have? Wait! No! Not my top!" she cried as the creature pulled her patriotically themed bustier top off. Then two more tentacles come from behind her, each with a sucker on the tip. "Oh no! Don’t you dare touch my breasts!"

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BN ID: 2940016237442
Publisher: Smokin' Hot Press
Publication date: 03/06/2013
Series: Synne City Super Heroines in Peril Series , #4
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 214,944
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About the Author

JK Waylon loves to read and write Fantasy and Erotica, and it they are combined, even better. He has a lifelong love of comic books and sexy super heroines, too.

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