Much Ado About Miners

Much Ado About Miners

by Jacquie Rogers


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The fourth novel in the Hearts of Owyhee western romance series!

Cupid's bullet...

Hired gun Kade McKinnon interrupts a bank holdup and is shot by the teller, Iris Gardner, whose victims have a tendency to be the next groom in town. Will he be the groom this time?

Cupid's bow...

Iris Gardner, a smart, independent bank clerk, fell in love with Kade when she was too young to know better. So when he walks back into her life and her bank, it's only fitting that she shoots him ... by accident, of course.

Cupid's blindfold...

Kade doesn't know Iris's company is the one who hired him to escort a bullion shipment, and Iris doesn't know Kade owns the security company, but they both know robbers are on their trail. Which is more likely to be stolen--the silver, or his heart?

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ISBN-13: 9781512311594
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Publication date: 05/21/2015
Pages: 302
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