Much Ado Over Murder: A Hey! No Problem! Mystery

Much Ado Over Murder: A Hey! No Problem! Mystery

by J. J. Brown




Sometimes, what happens backstage outshines what happens onstage......
Alexandra 'Al' Hitchcock works at the Lachesis Theater, a university repertory theater in New York City, as its part-time office manager. She has also been cast in the current production of William Shakespeare's 'Much Ado About Nothing', but learning her lines is not what has her worried.

Enter the Past, Downstage Right.......
Charles Grayson, the show's esteemed director, has a habit of romancing any young actress that crosses his path. Backstage rumor has it that, more than a decade earlier, he had romanced three women in the same show at the same time. One of them later accused him of stealing a play that she had written, but when she couldn't prove it, allegedly killed herself.
Anonymous letters directed at Grayson suggest that she is still alive and holding a grudge. Rather than go to the police, Gavin Fletcher, Al's former professor and board director of the theater, brings in FBI Agent Jack Taylor to look into things in an unofficial capacity.
Jack Taylor, still on leave after sustaining severe injuries on a case that left his partner dead, is also an old friend of Al's. Both hail from the same hometown, but had parted company on bad terms. While she is both glad for his safety and unnerved by his presence, Al discovers that she hasn't quite deciphered her own feelings for him.

Exit Murder, Upstage Left......
As rehearsals progress, Jack and Al cautiously renew their friendship even as tensions among the cast continues to mount. But it isn't until Al stumbles over the body of Charles' latest conquest, that she finds herself asking a troubling question: How far will someone go to hide their secrets?

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ISBN-13: 9781491211137
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/17/2013
Pages: 288
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