Much Have I Travell'd: A Book of Quotations

Much Have I Travell'd: A Book of Quotations

by Kirsty Crawford (Compiled by)


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Much Have I Travell'd is a hugely enjoyable, wide-ranging book of literary, historical and exploration travel quotations and witticisms spanning the centuries from ancient times to present day.
Here are the most interesting and varied quotations concerning travel in all its guises, from the utterances of pioneers discovering new countries, to historical figures and writers musing upon life, love, death and memory. Quotations from sea, land and space explorers combine with revealing quotes from great figures such as Julius Caesar, Elizabeth I, Napoleon and Winston Churchill. Beginning with the poets and philosophers of the ancients, Much Have I Travell'd serves as an engrossing voyage through history, chronicling the sentiments of explorers, writers and commentators through pithy, poignant and often humorous quotes of the time.
It includes quotes from Homer, Chaucer, Daniel Defoe, Shakespeare, Byron, Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Dickens, Samuel Pepys, Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf and H. G. Wells to G. K. Chesterton, Oscar Wilde, Noel Coward, Philip Larkin, and Alex Garland. With intriguing observations from great travelers, both past and present including Freya Stark, Rebecca West and Sir Edmund Hillary, amongst many others, Much Have I Travell'd will delight both travelers and non-travelers alike.

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Publisher: Cadogan Guides
Publication date: 11/01/2003
Edition description: First
Pages: 256
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