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Muck Blossoms: A Healing Journey on the Path of Truth

Muck Blossoms: A Healing Journey on the Path of Truth

by Juna Jinsei


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Muck Blossoms is an enthralling account of misery and mayhem that peaks at numerous intervals with riveting excitement--a powerful lesson in cause and effect that depicts the fortitude of human nature at its best. A must-read for those who enjoy descending into the human psyche.

-Anita Jean Blute, author of Survivor by Choice


1835 - Toil and Triumph

Life on the Wyoming prairie was difficult in 1835, when the Jenkins family traveled from Kentucky by wagon train with their infant son, Jake. They settled on a piece of land along the Little Laramie River considered good for raising cattle and lived the simple life of prairie folk that only allowed for the basics, which could be found in abundant supply.

1850 - Love and Desertion

Jake grew into a strong, handsome young man with good morals and manners that mirrored his parents. At the age of eighteen, he married a pretty blonde named Molly, and two years later they were blessed with a baby daughter. She was named Kathleen, which fondly converted into Little Kate by her friends and family.

Little Kate loved her mother dearly and tried hard to imitate the noble values she recognized in her. She grew up healthy and happy in a nurturing well-balanced environment until her destiny delivered a variety of harsh blows. Waves of fear that swelled into panic engulfed her emotional state and darkened her thoughts as she endured unforgettable devastating pain. By the age of fourteen, these heart wrenching calamities had left a gaping hole where she once had peace of mind, causing lovely Little Kate to convert into the unhappy adult, Kathleen.

1875 - Abuse and Disparagement

Kathleen became overwhelmed with responsibilities that filled her emotional emptiness. She dreamt of a better life, but finally gave in to her fate, letting herself become caught up in an existence without ambition, purpose, or passion. Then when she least expected it, someone new entered the picture, flattering and enticing her. Caught off guard, Kathleen was easily baited into submission.

Unaware she had met evil face to face masked by a charade of eloquent deceit, Kathleen permitted it to take possession of her. She pivoted downward into a miserable existence of endless suffering. Destruction, murder, and chaos took over, as this demon in disguise laid waste to anything she had deemed good and worth cherishing.

1882 - Imminent Damnation

As time passed, a wall of hopelessness grew impenetrable around her. Kathleen's pending doom could be felt coming closer with each frightening day. She was held in her purgatory by those she had come to love most, who needed her unflinching courage and what remained of her mental stability. She knew she was their only salvation, and had to make the correct choices, or all would be lost.

Could Kathleen save those she fought so hard to protect? Would she recognize this evil's demonic intentions and her preplanned fate? Would she survive, or finally be butchered and left to fester among the rubble of a barbaric massacre?

About the Author

Juna Jinsei, Ph.D. is a Pastoral Counseling Psychologist who hopes Muck Blossoms will give a better understanding of human nature to create more public awareness and concern for the abused. She believes that by intervening at the onslaught of domestic violence and implementing compassionate remedies, society can alter this cycle of violence and eradicate its negative effects on future generations.

Juna's books include YES, You Can Make It Happen, 100 Worlds to the Inner Cosmos, Enlighten Your Passions, and Transforming Human Awareness. She is the writer and producer of over forty self-help, healing hypnosis, and metaphysical therapy CDs and audio books.

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