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Mudras: Mudras for Weight Loss, Mudras for Awakening Chakras, Mudras for Healing (Mudras - Chakras - Mudra yoga)

Mudras: Mudras for Weight Loss, Mudras for Awakening Chakras, Mudras for Healing (Mudras - Chakras - Mudra yoga)

by Sundar Rushdie


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Ultimate 3-In-1 Box Set! Mudras for Weight Loss, Mudras for Awakening Chakras, Mudras for Spiritual Healing! Start creating a Happy Body, Mind and Spirit Today!

This is the most comprehensive and informative guide about mudras you can find online! We are offering you a practical guide on healing with mudras with detailed descriptions, high-quality photos and spreadsheets - all at an awesome price.
Buying this set of three books, you are getting one book for free! Save your time and money!

Reduce Stress, Lose Weight, Promote Healing, and Create Lasting Inner Peace with yoga mudras!

->Book 1: 23 Mudras for Weight Loss

What you will learn from "23 Mudras for Weight Loss":

• How to prepare physically, mentally and spiritually towards mudra power for weight loss
• How, when and what kind of mudras you should use for the most effective weight loss and health improvement
• Which one of the mudras is most effective for weight loss
• What problems can arise due to improper use of mudras and how to avoid them and much much more.

->Book 2: "23 Mudras for Spiritual Healing"

Many of our diseases are caused by our state of mind. Fear, anger, jealousy, insecurity - all these negative emotions are poisoning our health. Mudras for Spiritual Healing will help you get rid of these negative states and heal your body and spirit.

The book is written in a reader-friendly language. It is backed by the facts and figures from the ancient texts considered to be the gold standard books of the mudras and reliable modern studies, researches and interpretations.

->Book 3: "21 Mudras for Awakening Chakras"

This book comprises of 21 ways of unlocking, awakening and charging your chakras through Buddhist and early Indian yoga techniques to heal and nourish your body and mind. This book explains various definitions of mudras and the essence of chakras in buying a peaceful life.

5 reasons to buy this Box-Set:

• It is written by advanced researcher and practitioner of Yoga Mudras and Ayurveda with vast experiences in subject
• The books provides detailed description of mudras with high quality and clear illustrations
• After regular practice of mudras, described in this books, you will not only lose weight, but also properly configure metabolism and clean your body from toxins
• You will start to control how you feel both physically, mentally, and emotionally
• You will reduce stress and feel more peaceful, happy and confident

Are you ready to start enjoying life enhancing benefits of yoga mudras? Are you ready to achieve emotional and spiritual wellness?

Grab your copy NOW and start to live a balanced, stress-free life, full of physical and spiritual health and happiness!

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