Multichip Modules with Integrated Sensors

Multichip Modules with Integrated Sensors


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Multichip modules (MCMs) with high wiring density, controlled impedance interconnects and thermal management capability are a recent evolution in electronics, addressing the problems associated with manufacturing high-speed, complex devices.
The integration of sensors with high-performance MCM structures represents the trend in intelligent electronics. Advances in such MCM technology are reviewed, including ceramic- based MCM-C, thin film MCM-D and organic laminate-based MCM-L. Sensors based on micromachined silicon structures, thin, and thick film technology are described. Applications of MCM to higher level integration, and sensor integration and reliability impacts are presented.
Developments in materials and processes for both MCM and sensors have led to performance enhancement in smart electronic devices. As the table of contents shows, the book addresses the development of new materials, the characterization of methods, and the high-level integration of sensors into electronic packaging.

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ISBN-13: 9780792341949
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 10/31/1996
Series: Nato Science Partnership Subseries: 3 , #16
Edition description: 1996
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.45(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Preface. Reliability Effects for MCM and Sensors. Thermal Investigations of Microsystems; V. Székely, M. Rencz. Failure Analysis of Migrated Short Circuits in MCMs Using Soldering; G. Harsányi, L. Pércsi. Internal Liquid Cooling of Integrated Circuits and Multichip Modules; G. van Alme, et al. Holographic and Thermal Diagnostics of Integrated Circuits; P.J. Mach. Accelerated Life Tests of Ultrasonic Wire Bonds; J. Urbancík, N. Urbancíkova. Methods of Improving Radiation Resistance of Hybrid Integral Circuits Elements; E.A. Tchornyj, R.B. Bedriy. Wire Bonding to Multichip Modules and Other Soft Substrates; G.G. Harman. MCM-C MCMs for Computers and Telecom in CHIPPAC Programme; J. Joly, et al. Buried Passive Component Realisation in Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic for MCM-C Substrate Applications; R. Doyle, et al. A Novel Transcutaneous Blood Oxygen Sensor Based on MCM-C Technology; G. Harsányi, et al. Advanced Thick Film Techniques for Multilayer Structures and Sensors; S.I. Leppavuori, A.K. Uusimaki. MCM-D/L Some Investigations on Wiring in New Generation Multichip Modules Applied in High Speed Large Scale Integrated Telecommunication Units; P. Philippov, et al. Some Chapters from the COB Technology; B. Rösner. Thin Film Multichip Modules Based on Photosensitive Benzocyclobutene; G. Chmiel, H. Reichl. Sensors. Thin Film Thermal Microsensors; S.J. Osadnik, et al. Electrical Properties of Thick Film PTC Compositions; J. Hormadaly, et al. Current Research on Thin and Thick Film Sensors at the Department of Electronics, University of Mining and Metallurgy in Krakow; T. Pisarkiewicz, A. Kolodziej. Materials and Devices for Fiber Optic Sensors; A. Kikineshy, et al.Integration Techniques for Smart Sensors; R. Dell'Acqua. Micro- Machined Accelerometers for MCM Integration; C.E. Bauer. Research into Novel Sensors on Silicon Substrates; M. Mullins, et al. System Requirements and Integration. From Multichip Modules (MCMs) to Micro System Modules (MSMs); G. Nicolas. Prototyping of Multichip Modules &endash; Theory, Services, and Assessment; J. Dillion. BARMINT Project for Promoting Standards in Microsystem Integration; D. Esteve. A Hybrid Integrated Gassensor on Silicon; A. Van Calster, K. Sabbe. ISHM-Hungary Poster Papers. Investigation of Ultraviolet Laser Induced Conductive Layer of Silver Salt Filled Polyimide Films; Z. Kocsis, et al. 57Fe and 57Co Mössbauer Study of Suppression of Superconductivity in PrBa2Cu3O7-d; E. Kuzmann, et al. Plastic PGA-64 Packages; G. Ripka, I. Hajdu. Analysis of Laser Induced Surface Effects on AlN Substrates; Z. Illyefalvi-Vitéz, et al. Structural and Electrical Characterisation of AIGeNi/n-GaAs Contacts; B. Kovács, et al. Buried Vias in Multilayer Printed Wiring Boards; L. Gál, et al. Surface Pattern Formation and the Volatile Component Loss of Heat Treated Pd/InP and Au/InP Samples; I. Mojzes, et al. Polymer Thick-Film Pressure Sensor; C. Császár. Author Index. Keyword Index.

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