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Multilingual Information Access Evaluation I - Text Retrieval Experiments: 10th Workshop of the Cross-Language Evaluation Forum, CLEF 2009, Corfu, Greece, September 30 - October 2, 2009, Revised Selected Papers, Part I / Edition 1

Multilingual Information Access Evaluation I - Text Retrieval Experiments: 10th Workshop of the Cross-Language Evaluation Forum, CLEF 2009, Corfu, Greece, September 30 - October 2, 2009, Revised Selected Papers, Part I / Edition 1


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The tenth campaign of the Cross Language Evaluation Forum (CLEF) for European languages was held from January to September 2009. There were eight main eval- tion tracks in CLEF 2009 plus a pilot task. The aim, as usual, was to test the perfo- ance of a wide range of multilingual information access (MLIA) systems or system components. This year, about 150 groups, mainly but not only from academia, reg- tered to participate in the campaign. Most of the groups were from Europe but there was also a good contingent from North America and Asia. The results were presented at a two-and-a-half day workshop held in Corfu, Greece, September 30 to October 2, 2009, in conjunction with the European Conference on Digital Libraries. The workshop, attended by 160 researchers and system developers, provided the opportunity for all the groups that had participated in the evaluation campaign to get together, compare approaches and exchange ideas.

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ISBN-13: 9783642157530
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Publication date: 11/04/2010
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science , #6241
Edition description: 2010
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Table of Contents

What Happened in CLEF 2009 Carol Peters 1

I Multilingual Textual Document Retrieval (AdHoc)

CLEF 2009 Ad Hoc Track Overview: TEL and Persian Tasks Nicola Ferro Carol Peters 13

CLEF 2009 Ad Hoc Track Overview: Robust-WSD Task Eneko Agirre Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio Thomas Mandl Arantxa Otegi 36


Evaluating Cross-Language Explicit Semantic Analysis and Cross Querying Maik Anderka Nedim Lipka Benno Stein 50

Document Expansion, Query Translation and Language Modeling for Ad-Hoc IR Johannes Leveling Dong Zhou Gareth J.F. Jones Vincent Wade 58

Smoothing Methods and Cross-Language Document Re-ranking Dong Zhou Vincent Wade 62

Cross-Language Information Retrieval Using Meta-language Index Construction and Structural Queries Amir Hossein Jadidinejad Fariborz Mahmoudi 70

Sampling Precision to Depth 10000 at CLEF 2009 Stephen Tomlinson 78

Multilingual Query Expansion for CLEF Adhoc-TEL Ray R. Larson 86

Experiments with N-Gram Prefixes on a Multinomial Language Model versus Lucene's Off-the-Shelf Ranking Scheme and Rocchio Query Expansion (TEL@CLEF Monolingual Task) Jorge Machado Bruno Martins José Borbinha 90


Evaluation of Perstem: A Simple and Efficient Stemming Algorithm for Persian Amir Hossein Jadidinejad Fariborz Mahmoudi Jon Dehdari 98

Ad Hoc Retrieval with the Persian Language Ljiljana Dolamic Jacques Savoy 102

Ad Hoc Information Retrieval for Persian AmirHossein Habibian Abolfazl AleAhmad Azadeh Shakery 110

AdHoc- Robust

Combining Probabilistic and Translation-Based Models for Information Retrieval Based on Word Sense Annotations Elisabeth Wolf Delphine Bernhard Iryna Gurevych 120

Indexing with WordNet Synonyms May Improve Retrieval Results Davide Buscaldi Paolo Rosso 128

UFRGS@CLEF2009: Retrieval by Numbers Thyago Bohrer Borges Viviane P. Moreira 135

Evaluation of Axiomatic Approaches to Crosslanguage Retrieval Roman Kern Andreas Juffinger Michael Granitzer 142

UNIBA-SENSE @ CLEF 2009: Robust WSD Task Pierpaolo Basile Annalina Caputo Giovanni Semeraro 150

Using WordNet Relations and Semantic Classes in Information Retrieval Tasks Javi Fernández Rubén Izquierdo José M. Gómez 158

Using Semantic Relatedness and Word Sense Disambiguation for (CL)IR Eneko Agirre Arantxa Otegi Hugo Zaragoza 166

II Multiple Language Question Answering (QA@CLEF)

Overview of ResPubliQA 2009: Question Answering Evaluation over European Legislation Anselmo Peñas Pamela Forner Richard Sutcliffe Álvaro Rodrigo Corina Forcscu Iñaki Alegria Danilo Giampiccolo Nicolas Moreau Petya Osenova 174

Overview of QAST 2009 Jordi Turmo Pere R. Comas Sophie Rosset Olivier Galibert Nicolas Moreau Djamel Mostefa Paolo Rosso Davide Buscaldi 197

GikiCLEF: Expectations and Lessons Learned Diana Santos Luís Miguel Cabral 212


NLEL-MAAT at ResPubliQA Santiago Correa Davide Buscaldi Paolo Rosso 223

Question Answering on English and Romanian Languages Adrian Iftene Diana Trandabat Alex Moruz Ionut Pistol Maria Husarciuc Dan Cristea 229

Studying Syntactic Analysis in a QA System: FIDJI @ ResPubliQA'09 Xavier Tannier Véronique Moriceau 237

Approaching Question Answering by Means of Paragraph Validation Álvaro Rodrigo Joaquín Pérez-Iglesias Anselmo Peñas Guillermo Garrido Lourdes Araujo 245

Information Retrieval Baselines for the ResPubliQA Task Joaquín Pérez-Iglesias Guillermo Garrido Álvaro Rodrigo Lourdes Araujo Anselmo Peñas 253

A Trainable Multi-factored QA System Radu Ion Dan Stefanescu Alexandru Ceausu Dan Tufis Elena Irimia Verginica Barbu Mititelu 257

Extending a Logic-Based Question Answering System for Administrative Texts Ingo Glöckner Björn Pelzer 265

Elhuyar-IXA: Semantic Relatedness and Cross-Lingual Passage Retrieval Eneko Agirre Olatz Ansa Xabier Arregi Maddalen Lopez de Lacalle Arantxa Otegi Xabier Saralegi Hugo Zaragoza 273

Are Passages Enough? The MIRACLE Team Participation in QA@CLEF2009 María Teresa Vicente-Díez César de Pablo-Sánchez Paloma Martínez Julián Moreno Schneider Marta Garrote Salazar 281


The LIMSI Participation in the QAst 2009 Track: Experimenting on Answer Scoring Guillaume Bernard Sophie Rosset Olivier Galibert Gilles Adda Eric Bilinski 289

Robust Question Answering for Speech Transcripts: UPC Experience in QAst 2009 Pere R. Comas Jordi Turmo 297


Where in the Wikipedia Is That Answer? The XLDB at the GikiCLEF 2009 Task Nuno Cardoso David Batista Francisco J. Lopez-Pellicer Mário J. Silva 305

Recursive Question Decomposition for Answering Complex Geographic Questions Sven Hartrumpf Johannes Leveling 310

GikiCLEF Topics and Wikipedia Articles: Did They Blend? Nuno Cardoso 318

TALP at GikiCLEF 2009 Daniel Ferrés Horacio Rodríguez 322

Semantic QA for Encyclopaedic Questions: EQUAL in GikiCLEF Iustin Dornescu 326

Interactive Probabilistic Search for GikiCLEF Ray R. Larson 334

III Multilingual Information Filtering (INFILE)

Information Filtering Evaluation: Overview of CLEF 2009 INFILE Track Romaric Besançon Stéphane Chaudiron Djamel Mostefa Ismail Timimi Khalid Choukri Meriama Laib 342

Batch Document Filtering Using Nearest Neighbor Algorithm Ali Mustafa Qamar Eric Gaussier Nathalie Denos 354

UAIC: Participation in INFILE@CLEF Task Cristian-Alexandru Dragusanu Alecsandru Grigoriu Adrian Iftene 362

Multilingual Information Filtering by Human Plausible Reasoning Asma Damankesh Farhad Oroumchian Khaled Shaalan 366

Hossur'Tech's Participation in CLEF 2009 INFILE Interactive Filtering John Anton Chrisostom Ronald Aurélie Rossi Christian Fluhr 374

Experiments with Google News for Filtering Newswire Articles Arturo Montejo-Ráez José M. Perea-Ortega Manuel Carlos Díaz-Galiano L. Alfonso Ureña-López 381

IV Intellectual Property (CLEF-IP)

CLEF-IP 2009: Retrieval Experiments in the Intellectual Property Domain Giovanna Roda John Tait Florina Piroi Veronika Zenz 385

Exploring Structured Documents and Query Formulation Techniques for Patent Retrieval Walid Magdy Johannes Leveling Gareth J.F. Jones 410

Formulating Good Queries for Prior Art Search José Carlos Toucedo David E. Losada 418

UAIC: Participation in CLEF-IP Track Adrian Iftene Ovidiu Ionescu George-Razvan Oancea 426

PATATRAS: Retrieval Model Combination and Regression Models for Prior Art Search Patrice Lopez Laurent Romary 430

NLEL-MAAT at CLEF-IP Santiago Correa Davide Buscaldi Paolo Rosso 438

Simple Pre and Post Processing Strategies for Patent Searching in CLEF Intellectual Property Track 2009 Julien Gobeill Emilie Pasche Douglas Teodoro Patrick Ruch 444

Prior Art Search Using International Patent Classification Codes and All-Claims-Queries Benjamin Herbert György Szarvas Iryna Gurevych 452

UTA and SICS at CLEF-IP'09 Antti Järvelin Anni Järvelin Preben Hansen 460

Searching CLEF-IP by Strategy W. Alink Roberto Cornacchia Arjen P. de Vries 468

UniNE at CLEF-IP 2009 Claire Fautsch Jacques Savoy 476

Automatically Generating Queries for Prior Art Search Erik Graf Leif Azzopardi Keith van Rijsbergen 480

Patent Retrieval Experiments in the Context of the CLEF IP Track 2009 Daniela Becks Christa Womser-Hacker Thomas Mandl Ralph Kölle 491

Prior Art Retrieval Using the Claims Section as a Bag of Words Suzan Verberne Eva D'hondt 497

UniGE Experiments on Prior Art Search in the Field of Patents Jacques Guyot Gilles Falquet Karim Benzineb 502

V Logfile Analysis (LogCLEF)

LogCLEF 2009: The CLEF 2009 Multilingual Logfile Analysis Track Overview Thomas Mandl Maristella Agosti Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio Alexander Yeh Inderjeet Mani Christine Doran Julia Maria Schulz 508

Identifying Common User Behaviour in Multilingual Search Logs M. Rami Ghorab Johannes Leveling Dong Zhou Gareth J.F. Jones Vincent Wade 518

A Search Engine Based oh Query Logs, and Search Log Analysis by Automatic Language Identification Michael Oakes Yan Xu 526

Identifying Geographical Entities in Users' Queries Adrian Iftene 534

Search Path Visualization and Session Performance Evaluation with Log Files Katrin Lamm Thomas Mandl Ralph Koelle 538

User Logs as a Means to Enrich and Refine Translation Dictionaries Alessio Bosca Luca Dini 544

VI Grid Experiments (GRID@CLEF)

CLEF 2009: Grid@CLEF Pilot Track Overview Nicola Ferro Donna Harman 552

Decomposing Text Processing for Retrieval: Cheshire Tries GRID@CLEF Ray R. Larson 566

Putting It All Together: The Xtrieval Framework at Grid@CLEF 2009 Jens Kürsten Maximilian Eibl 570

VII Morphochallenge

Overview and Results of Morpho Challenge 2009 Mikko Kurimo Sami Virpioja Ville T. Turunen Graeme W. Blackwood William Byrne 578

MorphoNet: Exploring the Use of Community Structure for Unsupervised Morpheme Analysis Delphine Bernhard 598

Unsupervised Morpheme Analysis with Allomorfessor Sami Virpioja Oskar Kohonen Krista Lagus 609

Unsupervised Morphological Analysis by Formal Analogy Jean-François Lavallée Philippe Langlais 617

Unsupervised Word Decomposition with the Promodes Algorithm Sebastian Spiegler Bruno Golénia Peter Flach 625

Unsupervised Morpheme Discovery with Ungrade Bruno Golénia Sebastian Spiegler Peter Flach 633

Clustering Morphological Paradigms Using Syntactic Categories Burcu Can Suresh Manandhar 641

Simulating Morphological Analyzers with Stochastic Taggers for Confidence Estimation Christian Monson Kristy Hollingshead Brian Roark 649

A Rule-Based Acquisition Model Adapted for Morphological Analysis Constantine Lignos Erwin Chan Mitchell P. Marcus Charles Yang 658

Morphological Analysis by Multiple Sequence Alignment Tzvetan Tchoukalov Christian Monson Brian Roark 666

Author Index 675

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