Multilingualism and Language in Education: Sociolinguistic and Pedagogical Perspectives from Commonwealth Countries

Multilingualism and Language in Education: Sociolinguistic and Pedagogical Perspectives from Commonwealth Countries

by Androula Yiakoumetti




In today's world - one characterised by globalisation, transnationalism, transmigration and super-diversity - there exists an urgent need to critically examine language in education, language policies, the role of English and linguistic diversity. This volume explores language issues in the linguistically-diverse settings of Commonwealth countries, alongside supporting reports into the way these issues have been addressed in the United States. Countries within the Commonwealth provide some of the most instructive instances of language use as instruments of empowerment and oppression, cultural liberation, religious evangelism, and as a tool to unify, isolate and/or separate ethnic groups.

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ISBN-13: 9781107574311
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 06/25/2014
Series: Cambridge Education Research
Pages: 319
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Table of Contents

Introduction Language policy and practice with a focus on Commonwealth contexts Chapter 1 The sociolinguistic and language education landscapes of African Commonwealth countries Chapter 2 Multilingualism and language in education in Tanzania Chapter 3 Language-in-education policy and practice in Ghanaian classrooms: lessons from School for Life's complementary education programm Chapter 4 Language-in-education policy and practice in India: experiments on multilingual education for tribal children Chapter 5 Multilingual education in Singapore: beyond language communities? Chapter 6 Translanguaging in Singapore: discourse in monolingual versus bilingual classrooms Chapter 7 Home dialect at school: The case of Australian Aboriginal English-speaking students Chapter 8 Schooling within shifting langscapes: Educational responses in complex Indigenous language contact ecologie Chapter 9 School rules: language education policies and practices in the Creole-speaking Caribbean Chapter 10 Minority Languages in Canada in the Context of Official Bilingualism Chapter 11 Trouble on the Frontier: The Perils of Persisting Colonial Language Policies in Canada Chapter 12 Long-term English learners and language education policy Chapter 13 Translanguaging frameworks for teachers: macro and micro perspectives Chapter 14 Rethinking multilingualism: trajectories in policy, pedagogy and research in the UK Chapter 15 Dialects, education and social change in Malta and Gozo Chapter 16 The sociolinguistic and educational landscapes of Cyprus

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