Multimedia and Megachange: New Roles for Educational Computing

Multimedia and Megachange: New Roles for Educational Computing

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Taylor & Francis

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Multimedia and Megachange: New Roles for Educational Computing

The use of multimedia strikes at the very heart of traditional teaching and learning methods, and is changing the way educators think about the whole process of teaching and learning. Multimedia and Megachange spurs ideas for the use of interactive technology to revolutionize teaching and learning. It describes and analyzes issues and trends that are currently setting a research and development agenda for educators.

Contributors to this volume explore all fronts on which computer technology are changing the educational process:

  • concept and theory
  • research
  • application
  • design

    Multimedia and Megachange opens up the exciting world of how technology is dramatically changing how teachers teach and students learn. It also highlights spin-off changes for classroom management, greater sources of information, and improved evaluation and grading techniques.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781560246930
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 01/28/1995
Series: Computers in the Schools Series
Pages: 420
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.30(d)

Table of Contents

ContentsIntroduction: Multimedia and Megachange

  • Part I: Theoretical/Conceptual
  • The Parable of the Expensive Ballpoint Pen (Revisited): Implications for Hypermedia
  • The Foundations of Hypermedia: Concepts and History
  • Part II: Research
  • Multimedia, Hypermedia, and the Culture of Schooling
  • The Comparative Effects of BASIC Programming Versus HyperCard Programming on Problem Solving, Computer Anxiety, and Performance
  • Hypermedia in Teacher Education: Development of Course Support Material
  • Decisions in Inferential Statistics With HyperCard: Design and Field Test
  • Cooperative Hypermedia: The Marriage of Collaborative Writing and Mediated Environments
  • A Study of the Effectiveness of Computer-Based Simulations in Teaching Computer Architecture
  • A Comparison of the Language Features of BASIC and HyperCard
  • Novice Linking in Hypermedia-Based Instructional Systems
  • Using Hypermedia to Assist Language Minority Learners in Achieving Academic Success
  • Promoting Learning Through Hypermedia: Local Versus Global Interfaces
  • The Structural Communication Methodology as a Means of Teaching Orwell's Animal Farm: Paper and Computer-Based Instruction
  • Learning by Designing Hypermedia Documents
  • Part III: Applied
  • Enhancing a Multicultural Program Through HyperText Links
  • The Top Five Reasons Not to Use Multimedia
  • Enhancing Hypermedia Through the Use of Templates
  • Hypermedia-Assisted Instruction and Second Language Learning: A Semantic Network-Based Approach
  • An Example of Software Development and Authoring With HyperCard: Creating an Interactive Video Simulation for Teaching Basic Principles of Classroom Management to Pre-Service Teachers
  • Integrating Alternative Input Devices and Hypermedia for Use by Exceptional Individuals
  • The Effects of Visible Link-Types on Learning in the Hypertext Environment: An Empirical Study
  • Part IV: Design
  • Efforts to Improve Computer-Based Instruction: The Role of Knowledge Representation and Knowledge Construction in Hypermedia Systems
  • The Relationship of Learning, Behavior, and Cognitive Style in Hypermedia-Based Instruction: Implications for Design of HBI
  • Reference Notes Included

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