Multiple Sclerosis and Having a Baby: Everything You Need to Know about Conception, Pregnancy, and Parenthood

Multiple Sclerosis and Having a Baby: Everything You Need to Know about Conception, Pregnancy, and Parenthood

by Judy Graham

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Multiple Sclerosis and Having a Baby: Everything You Need to Know about Conception, Pregnancy, and Parenthood by Judy Graham

An essential resource for anyone with MS who is considering having a child.

• Firsthand advice from a woman with multiple sclerosis who has successfully borne and raised a child.

• Contains information that can change the lives of many of the 250,000 women in the United States suffering from MS.

• Highly readable format puts the facts at your fingertips.

Diagnosed with MS at twenty-eight, author Judy Graham gave birth for the first time at the age of thirty-eight. Her new book Multiple Sclerosis and Having a Baby provides other women who are considering starting a family with the kind of genuine and useful insight that comes only from firsthand experience. Multiple Sclerosis and Having a Baby makes available not only the medical answers prospective parents need, but also the practical suggestions and sound advice that will help them meet the many unique and sometimes difficult challenges that face couples living with MS.

In this highly informative and readable book, Graham asks and provides answers for nearly every question a woman with multiple sclerosis might want to consider before having a baby. With the latest medical facts and valuable data culled from hundreds of interviews with women who have multiple sclerosis and are currently raising a child, Graham straightforwardly addresses such issues as the possibility of relapse, genetic predisposition to MS, sexuality and fertility, pregnancy, postnatal care, and breastfeeding as they relate to women with MS.

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ISBN-13: 9781594775246
Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Company
Publication date: 06/01/1999
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 192
File size: 512 KB

About the Author

Judy Graham has had MS for more than twenty-six years and gave birth for the first time at age thirty-eight. By following a variety of alternative therapies she has succeeded in stabilizing her condition and continues to work as a writer and journalist. The author of Multiple Sclerosis and Evening Primrose Oil, she lives in London with her teenage son Pascal.
Judy Graham is the editor of New Pathways, a magazine for people with MS, has worked as a TV producer for the BBC and other UK channels, and has written for many newspapers and magazines. She is the author of six books, including Managing Multiple Sclerosis Naturally and Multiple Sclerosis and Having a Baby, and lives in London.

Table of Contents



1 Will I Get Worse If I Have a Baby
2 Can You Pass MS on to Your Child
3 Deciding Whether to Have a Baby
4 Can You Stop Yourself from Getting Worse?
5 Relationships, Sexuality, and Fertility
6 Pregnancy and Prenatal Care
7 Effects of Medications for MS
8 Labor and Childbirth
9 Breast-feeding
10 Getting the Help You Need
11 Fatigue, Depression, and Other Invisible Symptoms
12 Having More Children
13 Adoption
14 Single Mothers
15 Practicla Tips on Looking after a Child
16 Older Children
17 Working for a Living
18 Fathers with MS
19 Being a Parent with MS

Appendix A: Multiple Sclerosis Organizations and Information Services

Appendix B: Useful Books and Publications



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"Graham is qualified to offer answers and comments that are sympathetic, empathetic, supportive and very, very honest. This is a wonderful book."

"This is a comprehensive and useful reference guide offering professional and practical advice on everything you need to know about conception, pregnancy and parenthood in relation to multiple sclerosis. It is useful for health professionals and couples and builds on earlier texts by the same author."

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