Multisensory Control of Movement / Edition 1

Multisensory Control of Movement / Edition 1

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Oxford University Press, USA

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Multisensory Control of Movement / Edition 1

The relationship between perception and action constitutes one of the most interesting aspects of brain function. This book takes a multidisciplinary approach to studying the problems of manipulation, orienting, and navigating in humans and animals. Its premise is that control of movement is based on a configuration of several sensory cues, all providing input. It will be of interest to researchers, clinicians, and advanced students in neuroscience, psychology, and neurology.

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ISBN-13: 9780198547853
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication date: 01/28/1993
Series: Oxford Science Publications Series
Pages: 522
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 9.50(h) x 1.36(d)

Table of Contents

1. Neuronal control of eye movements, V. Henn
2. Representation of eye position in three dimensions, A.J. Van Opstal
3. Three-dimensional anisotrophy of vestibulo-ocular reflex in rhesus monkeys, D. Straumann, Y. Quing, N. Kawachi, and V. Henn
4. Otolith contribution to gaze stabilization, B.J.M. Hess, and D.E. Angelaki
5. Role of the accessory optic system for sensorimotor integration. The problem of reference frames, C. Maioli and T. Oaki
6. Role of the pretectum and accessory optic system in pursuit eye movements of the money, K-P. Hoffmann and U. Illg
7. Convergence of sensory inputs on cortical area MSTI during smooth pursuit, P. Thier and R.G. Erikson
8. Orienting gaze: a brief survey, A. Roucoux and M. Crommelinck
9. Behavioural aspects of cats' saccades, M. Missal, M. Crommelinck, and A. Roucoux
10. Saccade-VOR interaction in orienting gaze, I. Bottemanne, P. Lefevre, M. Crommelinck, and A. Roucoux
11. Parallel architectures of the basal ganglia - collicular relationships, G. Chevalier, and J-M. Deniau
12. Control of gaze by tectal and reticular projection neurones, A. Grantyn, A. Berthoz, E. Oliver, and M. Chat
13. Feedback in collicular control of eye and head movements, O. Hardy, J. Mirenowicz, and J. Corvisier
14. Models of the gaze orienting systems: a brief survey, J.A.M. Van Gisbergen, A.J. Van Opstal, A. Berthoz, and P. Lefeure
15. A neural network model for supracollicular transformations, J.A.M. Van Gisbergen, K.P. Krommenhoek, and A.J. Van Opstal
16. Experimental test of two models for the role of monkey superior colliculus in 3D saccade generation, A.J. Van Opstal, K. Hepp, B. Hess, D. Straumann, and V. Henn
17. The dynamic memory model and the control of fast orienting movements, J. Droulez and A. Berthoz
18. A new eye-head co-ordination model based on gaze velocity feedback to the superior colliculus, P. Lefeure
19. Muscle activation patterns and joint-angle co-ordination in multijoint movements, C.C.A.M. Gielen
20 Planning and control of limb impendance. F. Lacquaniti, M. Carrozzo, and N.A. Borthese
21. Feedback and feedforward mechanisms for the control of multijointed limbs, F. Lacquaniti, M. Carrozzo, and N.A. Borhese
22. Frames of reference used in goal-directed arm movement, S.V. Abeele, M. Crommelinck, and A. Roucoux
23. The role of vision in tuning anticipatory motor responses of the limbs, F. Lacquaniti, M. Carrozzon, and N.A. Borhese
24. Issues in perceptuo-motor co-ordination, P. Viviani, N. Stucchi, and G. Laissard
25. Vestibular contributions during navigations, S.I. Wiener and A. Berthoz
26. Vestibular compensation and its consequences for spatial orientation, C. de Waele, N. Chapuis, M. Krimm, N. Vibert, A. Berthoz, and P.P. Vidal
27. Neural processing of stereopsis as a function of viewing distance, Y. Trotter, Brigitte Stricanne, S. Celebrini, S. Thorpe, and M. Imbert
28. Application of the coherence scheme to the multisensory fusion problem, J. Droulez, and V. Cornilleau-Peres

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