Mummy at the Dining Room Table: Eminent Therapists Reveal Their Most Unusual Cases

Mummy at the Dining Room Table: Eminent Therapists Reveal Their Most Unusual Cases

by Jeffrey A. Kottler, Jon Carlson


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ISBN-13: 9780787978044
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 02/28/2005
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.95(d)

About the Author

Jeffrey A. Kottler is the author of more than fifty books, including On Being a Therapist and The Last Victim: Inside the Minds of Serial Killer, a New York Times bestseller. He is Chair of the Counseling Department at California State University, Fullerton.

Jon Carlson is a Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Counseling at Governors State University, Illinois, and the author of twenty-five books including Bad Therapy and Time for a Better Marriage and editor of The Family Journal. He has also developed over 150 professional and self-help commercial videotapes featuring today's leading experts in their fields.

Table of Contents


1. Jeffrey A. Kottler: The Man Who Wanted His Nose Cut Off.

2. Jon Carlson: The Mummy at the Dining Room Table.

3. Frank Pittman: Buzzy Bee's Oral Fixation.

4. Arnold Lazarus: An Oedipal Dilemma.

5. William Glasser: The Urge to Eat from Garbage Cans.

6. Domeena Renshaw: The Penis That Needed Permission from the Church.

7. Violet Oaklander: Therapy with a Gopher Snake and a Horned Lizard.

8. Harville Hendrix: Getting Rid of Old Junk.

9. Scott Miller: The Terminator Finds Himself on a Mental Ward.

10. Insoo Kim Berg: They Learned to Live with Ghosts.

11. Michael Yapko: The Woman Who Should Have Been Depressed.

12. Albert Ellis: The Woman Who Hated Everyone and Everything.

13. Bradford Keeney: The Medicine Man Who Never Had a Vision.

14. Susan Johnson: The Woman Who Hanged Herself to Check Her Husband's Response Time.

15. Ernest Rossi: The Hip-Nose Doctor Finds the Michael Jackson Tickets.

16. Arthur Freeman: The Lawyer from Hell.

17. Robert A. Neimeyer: Reconstructing the Jigsaw Puzzle of a Meter Man's Memory.

18. Pat Love: An Emergency Hypnosis to Solve the Crime at the Burger Joint.

19. Samuel Gladding: Beauty and the Beast.

20. Gay Hendricks: The Lie That Hid in His Back.

21. Howard Kirschenbaum: The Client Who Wanted His Therapist to Be Someone Else.

22. Joel Bergman: The Bride Wore a Tuxedo, the Groom Wore a Gown.

23. David Scharff: Recovering from Recovered Memories.

24. Howard Rosenthal: Panic Disorder from Sewer Grates, Amusement Parks, and Sex with Ministers.

25. Jay Haley: The Eighty-Two-Year-Old Prostitute.

26. Stephen Lankton: Saved by a Ghost.

27. James F. T. Bugental: He'll Always Be Black.

28. Michael Mahoney: "I Wouldn’t Mind Being That Guy in the Mirror".

29. Laura S. Brown: The Three-Year-Old Who Was an Alcoholic.

30. Donald Meichenbaum: Every Parent's Worst Nightmare.

31. Peggy Papp: The Third Sexual Identity.

32. Len Sperry: The Bird Colonel Who Turned into an Elephant.

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From the Publisher

"The most unusual book about therapy ever written— some of the most bizarre and likeable characters you will ever encounter, treated by some of the world's best therapists, some of whom are a bit bizarre themselves, but eminently likable. No matter what your problems, I guarantee you will feel more normal after reading these amazing case stories."
— William J. Doherty, professor, University of Minnesota and author, Putting Family First

"This is one of those rare and exciting books that reaches deep into the heart of human nature. The reader will never be the same after exposure to these fascinating cases. Looking into the therapy hour at the world's finest therapists and their most unusual cases can change your view of life. Many of the cases are heartwarming while others are beyond belief!"
— Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

"The insights of today's greatest behavioral experts are showcased via their most unusual cases."
— John Gray, author, Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus

"What a wonderful gift. Drs. Kottler and Carlson have collected some of the most unforgettable stories from today's psychotherapy leaders. Each story is told in a lively fashion and offers multiple messages for the reader. From the '82-year-old prostitute' to the '3-year-old alcoholic,' the reader will never be the same."
— Nick Cummings, former president, American Psychological Association and president, Foundation for Behavioral Health

"This is an outstanding book, that I highly recommend. The book provides important insights into the process of psychotherapy from a rich array on internationally known theorists and therapists. It will surely become a classic. A must read for all psychotherapists— old and new will learn something useful."
— James H. Bray, author, Stepfamilies: Love Marriage and Parenting in the First Decade

"Journey into the minds of real people facing life's biggest challenges and the therapists who help them. If you are fascinated by human behavior and the magic of transforming problems into solutions, you are going to love this book."
— Michele Weiner-Davis, author, The Divorce Remedy and Divorce Busting

"Compassionate and witty, the assembled anecdotes illuminate eccentricities of the human condition and offer engaging ways to address them."
— Jeffrey K. Zeig, director, The Milton H. Erickson Foundation

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Mummy at the Dining Room Table: Eminent Therapists Reveal Their Most Unusual Cases 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great and entertaining compilation of therapists' most bizarre cases.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'The Mummy at the Dining Room Table' is a book about some of the most eccentric yet likeable characters you will ever encounter. From a boy who never went to therapy without his pet snake and a woman that had an elective eating disorder and only ate from garbage cans. These patients are treated by some of the world's best therapists that are rather unusual themselves. No matter what your problems are, I guarantee you will feel more normal after reading these amazing yet uncanny case stories. Once you read this book, or even just a story, it changes your view of life because some cases are heartwarming while others are beyond belief. For instance, how a family was so distraught with grief and could not part with their deceased mother they mummified her to be able to sleep, watch television, and eat with her at the dining room table thus where the title of the book derived. This is such a bizarre story no wonder the authors of the book made it the title. I think this was a very good idea on their part because when I first read the title it made my curiosity wander, as I assume it would any other person. It is understandable that a family missed their mother. Nonetheless, how they dealt with her death is what made it an unusual case because normal people would never actually do such a thing. The most common theme exhibited throughout this book is the power of understanding. 'The Mummy at the Dining Room Table' is great for any person of any age because most people can relate to a story or two. For example I thought to myself, 'I wonder what I would do if I were in the therapists shoes ', as I read through the story of the '82-year-old prostitute' and the '3-year-old alcoholicâ¿¿. I remember thinking I would never be the same. Yet, I understood their thinking. Therefore this is why I think this book was written with a healthy dose of wit, sympathy, and belief that a therapist could cure and help a client cope with their bizarre disorder. The only thing I can think of that a reader would not like is there are some stories that have gross humor and are a bit disturbing. However, if you are fascinated with psychology/ behavioral sciences, donâ¿¿t mind crude humor, and wonder how therapists deal with such patients then this is a really good book for you. My overall rating would be five stars out of five.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'The Mummy at the Dinning Room Table' is a book comprised of many different stories put together all in one. This is a book that was written by many different therapists. Some of the most renowned therapists in the world tell their most interesting stories in great detail. The characters in the story have been changed and completely disguised so that patient/doctor confidentiality is kept. The stories in this book are very strange stories, but they are extremely interesting at the same time and you cannot help but keep reading. A major message that this book made me think of was that no matter how bad you think your life is, there is always someone out there that has it worse. There is such a variety of stories in this book that range from a man who is in love with, and has sexual relations with cows, to a family who couldn¿t part with their dead mother so they mummified her and propped her up at the dining room table (thus where the book got it¿s title). The story A Mummy at the Dinning Room Table is such an important and startling story, among many, that the authors decided that this would be the most suitable title. I believe that this story was this most important of all the stories in this book because it showed how some people that do things out of the norm, things that are completely wrong think that there is nothing the matter with them at all, such as mummifying their passed on mother. This is something that nobody in their right mind would do but these people did this out of love and compassion and saw nothing wrong with it at all. Reading this book made me reflect on my own life in many different ways. I liked this book very much and I would recommend it to any one who likes to read. Since this book is about true life it is not just for a specific group of people, anybody can read this book and enjoy it. To tell the truth, there was nothing about the book that I did not like. I think that every one who thinks that their life is not going very well should read this book because it gives so many examples of people¿s lives that are not normal what so ever. I give this book an over all rating of 5 out of 5.