Murder at Abu Simbel: A mystery of ancient secrets

Murder at Abu Simbel: A mystery of ancient secrets

by Alain Feld


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Peter Keats, an archaeologist, discovers an unknown woman asleep at the foot of the colossi of Abu Simbel. With no memory of who she is and no ID documents, she quickly appears as a living enigma.
Peter, touched by her plight, asks his friend Kenneth, a psychologist on sabbatical at Abu Simbel to help her. Kenneth doesn't agree with this suggestion, and the stranger recoils at the idea of being treated by hypnosis for her amnesia.
Abdul Arif, the police chief, begins an exhaustive search for the stranger's identity.
Then, an unexpected, brutal murder occurs at Abu Simbel. Soon, confusing parallels between this crime and the amnesiac woman emerge.
While Abdul works to find the murderer, the mysterious woman finally agrees to begin treatment with Kenneth. Under hypnosis, she discloses some disturbing connections between herself and the murder victim.
But do her statements really relate to the murder? Or are they just expressing her internal torment? Or is she traveling back through time under hypnosis, to the Egypt of the Pharaohs and events that happened thousands of years ago?
Reality? Fantasy? Who is this secret woman?
These are the dizzying mysteries that the psychologist and the police chief have to unravel in this multi-layered enigma.


A #1 BESTSELLER IN available in English

La dormeuse d'Abou Simbel was the #1 Kindle bestseller in the Thriller and Suspense e-books category in October, 2013. It remained in the top 100 in these categories for several weeks afterward.

Reader reviews of the French version:
A US reader :
4.0 out of 5 stars-Exciting. It is the first book I read of this author. I liked it a lot. Reading this book, I was again at Abu Simbel.

French readers : (comments on
5* Fascinating. A fascinating story. Even though it's around 300 pages, I read it in one sitting!
4 * Mesmerizing. A magnificent setting. A surprising story that combines a police investigation, hypnosis, reincarnation and characters that have to go beyond their own limits. I dove into this book with a vengeance and didn't put it down until the final page. Recommended!
5* A great book. The description of the heroine's first impressions of Abu Simbel brought back a magical time for me. Don't wait; take off on this beautiful dream of a journey!
5* Excellent. A well-written book (...)
4* Totally unexpected! (...) I read this book in one sitting and loved it!
4* A dream, or reality? You'll be completely absorbed by this book, this story, and the history in them.
5 * La dormeuse d'Abou Simbel, a captivating novel. A great story: part thriller, part love story.

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ISBN-13: 9781519236708
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/26/2015
Pages: 292
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.61(d)

About the Author

Alain Feld is a clinical psychologist, trained in psychoanalysis and hypnosis; his other passion in life is writing. He is the author of several screenplays that have won prizes from in L.A. In addition to Murder at Abu Simbel, his published novels (available in French only) include Star Wars Academy, Requiem en OGM mineur and Delirium Eroticum.
His self-published works (Amazon: Kindle and paperback) include the esoteric suspense novels La Partition oubliée, Madeleine et Proust, and multiple detective novels.
Alain Feld comments that, "I've always been an avid reader, and I discovered that I also had a strong desire to write books."
For more information on Alain Feld's books, visit ( or
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Commissioned by the translation agency, Virtual Words,( Corinne McKay is a French to English translator based in Boulder, Colorado. She holds a Master's degree in French Literature from Boston College and is the author of three business guidebooks for freelance translators. Her previously published translations include Gilbert Legay's Dictionary of North American Indians and Other Indigenous Peoples and Georges Georges' The Harsh Reality of Happiness.

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