Murder at Sea of Passenger X, Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery #5

Murder at Sea of Passenger X, Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery #5

by Anna Celeste Burke


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Welcome aboard! Georgie Shaw and her handsome new husband, Detective Jack Wheeler, are living it up on Marvelous Marley World's luxurious cruise ship when trouble strikes. "The screaming came in bursts followed by shouts of man overboard, just like in a movie." Who is passenger X? Did he fall or was he pushed? Does it have anything to do with the rash of jewelry thefts or the murdered man found near the spot where Passenger X went overboard?

With a killer on the loose, Georgie and Jack are soon enlisted to help solve the case. It's a non-stop scramble to unravel the mystery before Georgie's eccentric boss, "Mad" Max Marley, arrives in Tahiti demanding answers. That won't be easy since Passenger X isn't the only one with a dubious identity as the list of suspects grows.

That list includes Georgie's old friend Chef Gerard and his striking blond, blue-eyed Sous Chef, Paolo. Masters of five-star cuisine and wizards with chocolate, are they cooking up more than sumptuous feasts and banquets of desserts? How about the guy in the Perroquet suit or "Monster Marston," a standout in the fitness center?

It's all hands on deck to figure out whodunit. Even Georgie's cats get involved in the action on board this cruise that comes with a boatload of mystery!


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ISBN-13: 9781543005646
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/28/2017
Pages: 338
Sales rank: 444,707
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.70(d)

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Murder at Sea of Passenger X, Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery #5 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Dollycas More than 1 year ago
Dollycas’s Thoughts Newlyweds Georgie Shaw and Detective Jack Wheeler have set sail on the high seas thanks to Georgie’s boss, “Mad” Max Marley. Time to relax and enjoy themselves until they hear someone scream “Man Overboard”. When they arrive on the deck they are told someone was now lost under the water but also find a dead body and learn of some jewelry that has been stolen from some passengers. Within minutes Jack is asked to assist the ship’s security and of course Jack and Georgie are a package deal. Hopefully they can solve the case in time to enjoy a little bit of their honeymoon. What an entertaining read! Anne Celeste Burke writes with such detail I felt like I was right aboard the cruise ship. I have never been on a cruise but it is on my bucket list. This virtual cruise was a lot of fun. Jack, Georgie and their two cats have a plush suite with some incredible features. We follow them around the ship to the bars and restaurants and even to the infirmary and the brig. One night the chefs hosted a huge dessert party. I want to climb right into the pages myself. Even murders wouldn’t keep me away from that much chocolate The story is very clever as the suspects are limited to those aboard who had access to certain parts of the ship. There is a twist that takes the suspect list to another level too so while there are about a 1000 passengers certain information is obtained to cut that number down drastically. I enjoyed how Georgie and Jack work together. Smart, insightful, trusting each other thoughts and theories. They also have their funny sides too. They are two people who are very comfortable together and like me share a love for old movies. This is the first book I read in this series. I have wanted to read this author for a long time and I needed a book with an “X” in the title for my Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge so I hopped on this ship headed for Tahiti. I had no trouble at all jumping in at book #5 but now want to go back and get to know Georgie and Jack from the beginning. I also want to learn more about “Mad” Max Marley and his Marvelous Marley World. This was an absolutely perfect escape!
Peggy Hyndman More than 1 year ago
Great Setting and Intriguing Mystery This is the fifth book in Anna Celeste Burke’s Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery series and is a wonderful read. Ms. Burke is a very talented author and her descriptive writing made me feel like I was there, feeling the ocean breezes, tasting the wonderful food, enjoying the antics of her fur babies, and participating in the action as the mystery unfolded. The mystery is well plotted, the characters well rounded and relatable, and the book has enough suspects, twists, and turns to make it hard to put the book down and difficult to figure out whom the killer is. Murder at Sea of Passenger X is a perfect combination of mystery, sweet romance, humor, and action. This is a clean cozy mystery featuring no gratuitous sex, violence, or foul language. Ms. Burke provides enough background information that this book can be read as a standalone. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading a well-crafted cozy mystery. Georgie Shaw and Detective Jack Wheeler are enjoying the first portion of their honeymoon sailing for ten days on Marvelous Marley World’s Fantasy of the Sea. Georgie’s boss, Max Marley’s, wedding gift to the couple, along with ten days on Maui after the cruise, and he even arranged for Miles and Ella, Georgie’s Siamese cats, to go with them. Sadly, the honeymoon is placed on the back burner when Max offers their assistance to head of security, Bill Tate, because a man overboard alert is announced, a man is murdered, another passenger is missing, a murder loose on the ship, and multiple jewelry thefts onboard may be related to the murder. Georgie and Jack are upset about the disruption but neither of them complains as they work together to solve the mysteries. Their investigation reveals multiple suspects, lies, and conspiracy. Passengers are upset with the change in plans and not being able to disembark in Bora Bora, the last port of the cruise but the ship’s staff and crew work hard to make the remainder of the cruise enjoyable. And, as if all of this isn’t enough, Max Marley will be joining them shortly and expects a full accounting of what’s been going on when he arrives. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
rokinrev More than 1 year ago
Murder at Sea of Passenger X (Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery #5) by Anna Celeste Burke [I voluntarily read the ARC of this book after I was given a copy by the author] “This marriage has turned out to be one of my brightest ideas ever, don’t you agree?' Georgie and Jack have tied the proverbial knot and are now on their Honeymoon Cruise. However, how can all be champagne and chocolate with Georgie Shaw around? Jewelry is missing and bodies are appearing. So much for a vacation as both she and her new husband are enlisted in trying to find out just what's going on with the passengers and the crew. Georgie has reconnected with a former culinary chum and wonders if Chef Gerard has anything to do with the mysterious goings on. From the help to the guests, no one is exempt as the puzzle keeps getting more and more convoluted. As usual, this has been a heck of a lot of fun to read. Burke again proves her comedic side while teaching us about some of the behind-the-scenes shenanigans of a luxury cruise. Book 5 continues the traditions of the previous books and gives us a well rounded and filling mystery....although remember to leave some room for dessert! Highly recommended. 5 stars