Murder At The Corners

Murder At The Corners

by G.B. Ray


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ISBN-13: 9781681790886
Publisher: Wild Horse Media Group LLC
Publication date: 01/04/2017
Pages: 134
Sales rank: 407,716
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.29(d)

About the Author

If you will read one page of this book you will recognize instantly that G. B. Ray is no novice at the writing of history, but is a practiced hand at this most difficult of all lit­erary genres.

A native of that section of Texas which is the setting for this bloody segment of reconstruction history, G. B. Ray knows the gory ground of this feuding, and knows many of the descendants of the families involved on both sides of the struggle. The author has talked with many of these persons, and so has got first-hand information which is passed on to the reader.

The author's skill at this particular kind of writing is nowhere more tellingly revealed than in the chapter headings of the present book, which trace the suspense that is built up in the manner of a good mystery novel. But this is history, not fiction, and it is written with beautiful competence.

Table of Contents

Introduction v
Acknowledgments ix
Prologue - Voice of the Corners x1
Section of photographs between pages xiv and 1
Chapter 1 1865 BOB LEE COMES HOME l
Chapter 2 1866 TURMOIL BEGINS 9
Chapter 3 1867 HIDDEN TRAILS 21
Chapter 4 1868 NO QUARTER GIVEN 31
Chapter 5 1869 BLOOD FLOWS FREELY 47
Chapter 6 1869 ATTACK FROM AMBUSH 65
Chapter 7 1870 DANGEROUS TWILIGHT 77
Chapter 8 1871 FINAL FLASH 89
Chapter 9 1956 REPERCUSSIONS 99
Bibliography 105
Index 107

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