Murder for Christmas (Mordecai Tremaine Series #2)

Murder for Christmas (Mordecai Tremaine Series #2)

by Francis Duncan


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The first book in a classic Golden Age mystery series perfect for fans of Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot

When Mordecai Tremaine arrives at the country retreat of one Benedict Grame on Christmas Eve, he discovers that the revelries are in full swing in the sleepy village of Sherbroome—but so too are tensions amongst the assortment of guests.

When midnight strikes, the partygoers discover that presents aren't the only things nestled under the tree...there's a dead body too. A dead body that bears a striking resemblance to Father Christmas. With the snow falling and suspicions flying, it's up to Mordecai to sniff out the culprit—and prevent anyone else from getting murder for Christmas.

Murder for Christmas is a festive mystery for the holiday season: mulled wine, mince pies... and murder.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781492651703
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 10/10/2017
Series: Mordecai Tremaine Series , #2
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 108,683
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 6.50(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Francis Duncan is the pseudonym for William Underhill, who was born in 1918. He lived virtually all his life in Bristol and served in the Royal Army Medical Corps in World War II, landing in France shortly after D-Day. After the war, he trained as a teacher and spent the rest of his life in education. He died in 1988.

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Murder for Christmas 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Long, drawn out explanations, too many differing characters with little to remind the reader of who they are make this book ponderous to read.
MaimeosAngelsEL More than 1 year ago
4.5 star review of Murder for Christmas (Mordecai Tremaine) by Francis Duncan Two of my favourite types of reads together Christmas and a murder mystery.   This was a great quirky read which I thoroughly enjoyed; reminding me a little of the works of Agatha Christie.  When amateur detective Mordecai Tremaine arrives in Sherbroome to attend a party hosted by Benedict Grame, he has no idea what is about to happen. Throw in snow falling, mulled wine, tipsy guests, presents under a tree and the scene is set although all is not as it seems as there is an air of tension between the guests.  When a body who looks like Santa Claus is found under the tree Mordecai feels he must investigate before another murder occurs.  The guests are an eclectic group and the police detective, Superintendent Cannock, reminds me of Christie's Inspector Japp.  Murder for Christmas kept me guessing till the end and was extremely well written. I enjoyed the storyline and really liked the characters, particularly Mordecai Tremaine. 
Virginiaw More than 1 year ago
This is the second book in this series but you don’t need to read the first book to enjoy this one. Mordecai Tremaine is invited to a Christmas house party. He shows up and then there is murder. There are many twists and turns within this story. I received a copy of this book from PBpublicity for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.
Buecherwurm161 More than 1 year ago
A Great Mystery Read. 4.5 Stars I was a First Read Winner of this book and I enjoyed it very much. It reminded me of the Agatha Christie books I grew up with, and had me guessing until the end. The perfect Country setting with lots of interesting characters that all seem to have something to hide. Perfect cozy mystery read for a rainy or snowy day in your most comfortable chair in the house. Very entertaining and hard to put down.
WisReader More than 1 year ago
The well described opening chapters of this book are a perfect mix of picturesque Dickensian Country Christmas and doom and gloom waiting-for-the -inevitable suspense of the beloved movie Clue. An odd assortment of characters gathers in the village's Big House. Most of the guests have been there many times before. The host, Benedict Grame, is known for his love of the holiday but also for eccentric behavior, as are the recurring guests. We meet a young woman, a sort of ward of the estate, who seems prepared to get married but who can not get the approval of her guardian. It is hinted that when she gets married there is a diamond necklace of great value to be presented. Is that a clue or a red herring? There are red herrings aplenty, all skillfully placed. This wonderul holiday read will appeal to lovers of British mysteries, especially those set in a more genteel time and place. Classic mystery lovers will delight in revisiting this version.
TheCozyReview More than 1 year ago
Mordecai Tremaine arrives at the country estate of Benedict Grame on Christmas Eve. Soon he discovers that the holiday celebrations are in full swing in the sleepy village of Sherbroome. Yet, as festive as it may seem there is tension between the guests and the host. Benedict loves to set a mood of an older time for his guests, including dressing up as Father Christmas and placing gifts on the tree. At midnight, a scream rings out, and the guests discover that presents aren't the only things nestled under the tree. The body of Father Christmas lays under the tree. With the snow falling and suspicions flying, it's up to Mordecai to find the killer and prevent a murderer from getting away. -- Series: Mordecai Tremaine Mystery - Book 1 Author: Francis Duncan Genre: Cozy Mystery Publisher: Vintage Books Francis Duncan was the pseudonym for William Underhill, who was born in 1918 and died in 1988. Murder for Christmas was the first book in his Mordecai Tremaine Mystery Series. Mr. Underhill was a prolific writer of murder mysteries and was of the same caliber as Agatha Christie. Although this book is not the fast pace style of a Christie novel, it nevertheless intrigues and entertains. Underhill could weave a story that kept the reader guessing until the very end and provided a conclusion to the mystery that fulfilled all the reader’s needs. His stories were well written, detailed and allowed the reader to drift away to a different place and time. Leaving them with the feeling of having actually walked the streets and investigated an old mansion in the heart of England. His writing was never boring. The characters in Murder for Christmas are well rounded with personalities and quirks that make the reader smile and frown. Mordecai Tremaine is a very likable character with a penchant for romance stories. Readers will love his romanticism while staying impersonal and objective. His methods are unique, and his results cannot be argued. The remaining characters, Denys, Roger, Charlotte, and so forth, as well as the killer, are wonderfully written with hints of secrets and motives. The reader will keep changing their mind about who did it as the clues are explained and the questions answered. The final reveal may even have readers stunned by how wrong they were, or congratulating themselves for being right. The setting is picturesque and perfect for a Christmas murder. The reader will have a sense of winter, cold and a touch of holidays the way they used to be. The small village and the residents are described in such a way that the reader is taken back in time. A time when small-town life meant everyone knew everyone else's business and strangers were spotted a mile away but did not remain strangers for long. Mr. Underhill’s books and Murder for Christmas are highly recommended to those who are true murder mystery fans, lovers of Agatha Christie, and those that enjoy a journey through time.
MariWatson1 More than 1 year ago
This book was written in the 1940's but it has a lovely, almost- Victorian turn of phrase. Mordecai Tremaine has a great interest in the study of mankind. His host, who met him at a Party, sent him an invitation to share an old- fashioned Christmas at his home. The Manor House is set in an English Village complete with a set of eccentric characters. Now what could be more perfect for a mystery? Mordecai is a sentimental Man in his 60's who harbors a desire to see romance in the World. That led to his amusing habit of reading Romance Stories. It was quite a new twist for a Detective and he keeps his habit hidden. I had a good chuckle out of it. I happen to be partial to Mysteries of this Era and in particular the English Manor House mysteries. The Characters are a little confusing at first but soon become clear as to their place in the story. So if you like the older Mysteries and I will enjoy this one.