Murder for Love!

Murder for Love!

by Sharra M


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ISBN-13: 9781468563085
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 04/25/2012
Pages: 268
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.61(d)

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By Sharra M.


Copyright © 2012 Sharra M.
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4685-6308-5

Chapter One

Present time-


Dating a street hustla is hard work. I love Darvell but his ass is gone make me catch a case if I catch another bitch in his face. He loves me to no end and I know that, but these hoes just disrespectful. Everyone knows that I'm his lady and that I ain't going no where yet hoes still try to push up on him. Just earlier today I had to check a bitch about him. I was meeting him at one of the spots that he's always at and when I pulled up I saw this girl trying her best to get his attention. She knew who I was because she saw me with him a couple times and every time she would look at me and roll her neck and eyes; like I gave a fuck. I let the shit slide because I thought she would get the point. But obviously she didn't get the memo that I am not to be fucked with. Truth be told, I was a bad bitch and I had the baddest nigga in Cali. Darvell had swag that reminded me of Young Jeezy and the women flocked to him. I knew the hoe was jealous of me and I knew she wanted Darvell, so when I saw her this time doing the same shit as before, I knew I had to let the bitch know she was playing with fire and I was gone burn her ass up. She was basically saying 'fuck me' and my patience just ran out.

D was handling business as usual and didn't see me approaching; the hoe didn't see me either because she was trying to work her pathetic magic to get my man. I walked up behind them, "Excuse me!" Everyone's attention was on me as I sized up the hoe. She looked at me and assumed that I was just another pretty bitch who couldn't get down. I was dressed in some white skinny leg jeans with leopard red bottom stilettos, with a leopard designer shirt; all of it was expensive although it didn't look like it. I had to give it to her though; she was pretty, about five feet four inches with a nice weave that I'm sure she didn't plan on getting pulled out. Looking at her, she reminded me of a young Regina King but she still didn't have shit on me. It was time for me to check this hoe and if she starts popping off at the mouth, she's getting chin checked!

"Every time I come around I always see you hanging around D like a little rag doll. I know you're aware that we're together and he's not on the market, but it's obvious that you don't give a damn!" I could tell she was starting to get mad, and that's what I wanted her to do. I knew she would start talking shit sooner or later. And when she does I'm gone beat her ass and not feel bad about it. Darvell started pulling on me trying to get me away from her but I wasn't budging. She finally said "If you know you got him and he aint going nowhere, my being around him shouldn't matter," she started smiling like she had made a valid point and that was the end of it. "So are you scared that he'll leave you for me?" The bitch actually smirked after she asked me that bullshit. "I hate to bust yo bubble hun, but I'm not worried about him leaving me for you. You've been hanging around for a while and he's still with me. So you must be a really dumb, desperate hoe if you can't tell by now that he's just not interested in you." I looked at D then smiled and said "Tell her, so that she'll know that you ain't going anywhere." He told her that he had no interest in her at all, and that she could walk in front of him with no clothes on and he might look but he wouldn't touch her. That didn't sit too well with her and I guess she felt he was just saying that because I was there. "He's only spitting that bullshit because you're standing here. I'm sure he would love a down ass bitch like me because I'm not fake like you," she looked me up and down, moving her hands while she was talking, "blue eye contacts, weave and classless. I would be a much better match than you." I was looking at this chick like she was crazy. Not only did she have weave, but everything about the bitch was fake; and she had the nerve to talk about my weave which was top notch compared to that cheap nine ninety-nine a bag ass weave she was rocking. I started laughing at the bargain town as tramp and that caught her off guard. Laughter wasn't what she expected me to do; she was expecting me to pop off and start talking shit back to her. D and his three friends knew me well and they tried to get the girl to walk away but she was still running off at the mouth. Darvell knew I wasn't about to let the shit she said slide, and he knew he couldn't talk me out of it so he didn't say shit to me. I continued to listen to her talk shit.

"I ain't gotta go no damn where. This bitch aint gone do shit to me. I'll beat her ass and then take her man!" She was so busy talking shit, trying to look hard that she didn't see me step out of my red bottom shoes. Its chin checking and jaw jacking time, I said to myself. I didn't give a damn about the shoes or my outfit at the moment because I was on a mission to fuck this hoe up. Dating a hustla gave me the privileges to buy more and that's what I was gone have to do if I fucked up my shit. I was still laughing when she finally looked at me again. By the time she realized I was out of my shoes, my right fist was connecting to her jaw. I pulled her weave out her head and threw it on the ground as I was landing each punch to her face. I was relentless on her ass as the guys were trying to pull me off her to get her away from me. I yelled as they were pulling her away "Next time you won't be so disrespectful bitch. Don't underestimate me and I better not catch you around here again!"

"Put yo shoes back on ma. You aint have to do all that, you know you da only one for me. Shorty didn't have a chance," Darvell told me. I smiled as I put my shoes back on. He walked me back to my car and I told him "I know she ain't got shit on me and that you didn't want her. The thing is, she needed to know and now I'm sure she does." Darvell was laughing at the situation. "I can't believe you did that but then again I knew you was gone say something sooner or later. These hoes can't do shit for me but get money for me, if they ain't doing that I ain't fucking with em. Now meet me back at the house I gotta have that wett. Seeing you like this turns me on ma." I winked at him and spoke seductively "See you in a bit and don't keep me waiting." He kissed me and said "I'm leaving now ma."

"Darvell!! Oh don't stop. Yes! Yes! Um ... That's my spot baby," I screamed while he had me bent over in doggy style while holding on to my waist. He wet one of fingers and played with my asshole, he knows that always makes me cum hard. "I love you ma, so I gotta give it to you long and hard, just like you like it. And I'm not stopping until you cum hard all over this dick," Darvell told me. "You like it when I hit that spot like this?" He pulled all the way out and slammed back inside my pussy, that's now leaking like a faucet. I was super wet from the major orgasm I had minutes ago when he ate me out like a food buffet and now he's hitting it doggy style, my favorite position. Darvell loved the fact I was so passionate in my love making, always giving all I had to him. "Hell yea! I love it when you do it just like that D," I said breathlessly. The feeling of pleasure started from the bottom of my feet on up to my vagina and I knew I was about to climax. I couldn't hold it anymore, "Oh God D, I'm bout to cum" I screamed loudly while erupting like a volcano. All the nut that didn't land on his dick ran all down my legs. "Ahh shit ma" Darvell said through clenched teeth as my orgasm triggered his shortly after. Every time we had sex I never wanted it to end. After lying on my back trying to catch his breath, he was still breathing hard when he moved off of me, saying "Baby, you gone be the death of me." He was smiling hard showing his beautiful capped teeth. I jokingly said to him "You'll die a happy man." He pushed my hair out of my face to look into my eyes. "Indeed I will ma, indeed I will." We were just lying in the bed quietly when he said "I love you so much ma, why won't you marry me? I really do want to spend the rest of my life with you. You're my other half and I know you were meant for me. I'll murk somebody about you and you know that." "And I feel the same way about you. But let's not talk about that right now." He sighed and gave up the conversation for now, but I knew he was going to bring it up again. "Ok we don't have to talk right now. We could do something more exciting." He's now giving me that dimpled smile while pinching my left nipple, knowing that turns me on. Feeling the tingling again between my legs I knew that I needed to stop him so I could get up and get ready to go out with my best friend. So stopping him I said "I have plans tonight that I really can't break to lie in bed with you and screw all night, plus I need to get up and call Candice." He nodded his head knowing that she loved her best friend and said "To be continued then." You see, Darvell Howard, better known as 'D' to his friends, is a hustla from New York. I met him while I was dating another no good-ass nigga who thought he could run shit and do what he wanted to do.

Back then, I was arguing with my ex who calls himself Key, in front of my apartment, because he told me "I already told you that you aint going no got damn where until you gave me what I want." I gave him the who-the-fuck-you-talking-to look and kept walking. So he followed me outside and grabbed my arm. I yelled at him "Get yo fucking hands off me! I'm not playing with yo ass." He started getting angry. "Lisa, don't make me act a fool outside while people are watching us. You know I don't mind giving these niggas some to see. So bring yo ass back inside now! All you have to do is give me a lil head and some pussy before you go." He got the lil head part right, I said to myself. "I'm not in the mood for this shit right now Key. Get one of yo other hoes to suck yo lil dick!" I held up my thumb and fore finger together emphasizing how little it was. He really wasn't pleasing me sexually and I was tired of faking the funk just for his money. I had become the best orgasm faker in Cali. "Lisa I'm trying to be patient wit yo loud mouth ass. Let's go back inside to talk about this shit. These muthafuckas already looking at us being nosey and shit. And hoe you wasn't saying that shit when I was ramming this dick down yo throat a couple of nights ago." I started yelling once I heard him call me a hoe.

"Nigga I was faking the entire time. I only wanted yo money, stupid ass nigga. But then you go and stay out all night fucking other bitches and then wanna come back to my house like you ain't did shit. At least I was trying to be faithful to ya lil dick ass. And I don't know why since you can't eat pussy right either! What we had is over and I told you I'm gone whether you like it or not. If you don't like it you can kiss my ass and go to hell with gasoline drawers on, or better yet go back to the bitch house that kept you out all night fucking and sucking on yo Johnson. I'm gone and I already told you it's over between us! So when I come back you need to have all yo shit out of my fuckin apartment! If you don't, I'll put the shit in tomorrow's trash on the curb!" He was still holding on to my arm so I snatched my arm away and tried to walk to my car.

He didn't see Darvell walking up behind him when he snatched me by my hair and threw me on the ground hard. I yelled "Ahh!! What the fuck is wrong with you Key?!!" He said "You wanna show yo true fuckin colors outside, so I'm gone show mine too bitch. All you had to do was give me what I fuckin asked you for but naw you had to come out here and talk shit about my dick like I'm fucking short stroking and shit. Bitch!You got me fucked up." He punched me in the shoulder and in the stomach. When he was about to punch me again I kicked him in the leg and got off the ground when he let go of me to look at the damage on his leg as he yelled. "Ahh, so you wanna act hard and kick me hoe, I'm gone beat yo got damn ass!" I took the opportunity to punch him in the head while he was bent down looking at his leg from where my heel scraped it. "Fuck you Key! Don't you ever put yo fuckin hands on me!" He reacted quickly and pushed me back down on the ground. I tried to get up and he was about to punch me again when Darvell grabbed his shoulder, turned him around swiftly and gave him one hard blow to the nose. I heard the bones breaking. Key fell back to the ground and starting yelling again. "You broke my nose! Nigga, do you know who the fuck I am?" Darvell said "Yeah I know who the fuck you are. You're a pussy ass blood who abuses women. Now if you man enough and wanna fight somebody, test yo luck with me and see if you can beat my ass, I guarantee you won't live to see tomorrow to talk about it. So, are you a gambling man?" D paused to see if Key was going to answer to the threat he just made, when he didn't hear anything from Key besides breathing he continued talking. "Now you need to get yo punk ass up and leave the shorty alone, it's obvious she don't want you anymore. Understand blood?" Key stood up, still holding his nose as blood continued to drip from it. He finally recognized the stranger who hit him and didn't want any trouble with the dude. So he said "You can keep the bitch, ya dig. She ain't worth shit anyway." And he walked off and never looked back.

Darvell turned to me and asked "Are you ok ma?" From that point on I loved it when he called me ma; it sounded super sexy. I fell in love with that New York accent and his whole demeanor. I said "Yeah I'm fine. Thank you for what you did. I can't believe he did that shit. And I wasn't gone sit here and just let him beat my ass. I'm all for fighting and I'll bring it to whoever brings it my way. I don't care if it's a man or a woman; I won't back down." He laughed and then he said "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get all up yo business. It just pisses me off when I see fuck niggas who's weak enough to attack women knowing that women don't have a chance in hell at winning a fight against a man. So that tells me that they're pussies and won't step to a man for a real fight." His attitude and swag is sexy as hell, I thought. "He would have whooped my ass no doubt but he would have been fucked up too. Kinda like how Tina had Ike all fucked up in the back of that limo in that "What's Love Got to Do with it" movie. He said "Ok ma, I see you gotta a lil hood in ya. That's sexy." We both were laughing and talking about how we both liked that movie. That same night all Key's clothes were in the dumpster outside. D and I saw each other everyday after that and we're still together today, three years later. Now I'm thinking to myself "Lord I love this man." I got up, put on my robe and called Candice.

"Girl you really need to get yo lazy ass up and come on over here," I said to Candy on the phone. "Why? So you can tell me about how I need a man and try to shit talk me into going out with you tonight," Candice said and started laughing. She knew I wanted to get her out of the house and I was willing to do or say anything to get her to come out with me. "Well I'm just trying to get you to see that there's life outside of work and home. I love you like a sister and we should hang out more." I played the sympathy card because she knew how much I loved her and that I didn't like to go out alone. "Okay Lisa," she said dragging out my name, "I'm getting up right now and I'll be there in about forty-five minutes to an hour." "Don't make me come over there Candy and drag yo ass outta bed. I know you don't want to go. But you may just have a good time and surprise yoself." "Lisa you're slowing me up from getting dressed. So hang up bitch you wasting my time, I said forty five minutes and at this rate it will be an hour and a half." I hung up on Candice and laughed at how easy I could get her going. "Ok. Now that I have Candy up I have to get ready myself." I walked back over to Darvell who was still lying in the bed and kissed his lips. While I was in the shower my thoughts went back to my friend Candy. I love Candice so much just for being true, honest and always there for me when I needed her. Now it's time to get dressed. It's Saturday night and I plan to have a great time. Being a Social Worker at Helping Hands is the best thing I could have done with my life. I love helping kids and families out when they need it most. It brings me joy because I was given up for adoption at birth and didn't get adopted until age six. My parents were great and they loved me like I was their biological child by birth. I'll be forever grateful to Mom and Dad for giving me an opportunity to have a real family of love and respect. Being adopted has made me think about the family I plan on having someday. "I'm not having kids until I'm fucking married!" I said out loud to myself. "And I'm damn sure not giving them up!!" Let me calm down before I get mad all over again. I still turned out just fine thanks to mom and dad. I think that's why Candice and I relate to each other so much. "Ding Dong" (the door bell chimes.)


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